Best Handmade Custom Neon Signs

LED neon lights offer an exceptional alternative to traditional glass neon. Here at Echo Neon, we specially design and handcraft all custom products to be environmentally friendly, safe for all ages, and incredibly stylish. These modern and custom neon signs offer amazing illumination and style for your home, shop, restaurant, workplace, or as special event decorations. If you love this type of signage or wall art but hate the high costs, break ability, and lack of customization options, you need LED neon from us.

Choose a smart alternative to glass neon tubes that glow brightly in a whole rainbow of colors without potentially hazardous glass and gas. Peruse our collection of predesigned products or make your own custom one. The sky is the limit when it comes to fulfilling your unique tastes with these amazing product options.

Clients & Works

Echo Neon is proud to claim the title of the first LED neon sign and wall art maker in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. For more than ten years, we have been designing, manufacturing, and delivering these unique lights to clients all around the world. Take a moment to look at our project gallery and see some of the amazing options for yourself. Then, get started with your own unique designs in a diverse range of colors, shapes, fonts, and more.


Ready-Made Neon Signs

Every individual design in our extensive selection of handmade LED neon signs are ready for shipping right away. Each of these unique images or words comes in your choice of tube and light colors so you always get the best option for you or the gift recipient. Whether you use them at home, for a party, or a commercial space, these neon lights the last the same brilliance and impact as the first day you hang them on your wall.