We can help you create customised neon lights for your space--office to home to events!

LED neon lights offer an exceptional alternative to traditional glass neon. Here at Echo Neon, we specially design and handcraft all custom products to be environmentally friendly, safe for all ages, and incredibly stylish. These modern and custom neon signs offer amazing illumination and style for your home, shop, restaurant, workplace, or as special event decorations. If you love this type of signage or wall art but hate the high costs, breakability, and lack of customization options, you need LED neon from us.

Choose a smart alternative to glass neon tubes that glow brightly in a whole rainbow of colours without potentially hazardous glass and gas. Peruse our collection of predesigned products or make your own custom one. The sky is the limit when it comes to fulfilling your unique tastes with these amazing product options.

Clients & Works

Echo Neon is proud to claim the title of the first LED neon sign and wall art maker in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. For more than ten years, we have been designing, manufacturing, and delivering these unique lights to clients all around the world. Take a moment to look at our project gallery and see some of the amazing options for yourself. Then, get started with your own unique designs in a diverse range of colors, shapes, fonts, and more.

Shining Bright with Neon

LED Neon Signs are in! Whether browsing through Instagram or looking at your local tattoo parlour, you can locate Neon light signs! We are here to give you a platform to create your own or shop for the most aesthetic neon signs making the headlines out there.

You can browse and shop our awesome range of LED neon lights, and we guarantee you will love them for every space you are looking for, from your room, home, office, parties, and weddings. You name it, and we have the sign for you!

We have neon light signs for every mood and personality! From cool to aesthetic to sexy in every colour you can ask for and any design your mind has…after all, we are your true custom design platform for the best LED Neon signs!

Our colourful LED neon signs are pocket-friendly, lightweight, durable, and energy efficient – it is safe to say that our trendy neon signs tick all the boxes.

Durability: Our LED light tubes last over 50,000 hours
Efficiency: LED light tubes are energy-efficient and eco-friendly
Affordability: We run a price beat program as we offer the most affordable quality neon light
Uniqueness: There are 18 vibrant colours for you to choose from.
Easy installation: Easy install your own customised neon sign.

What’s your sign?

We have all seen LED neon signs from the words ‘OPEN’ to ‘Bar & Grill,’ but they are not nearly as effective as custom neon signs. Custom neon signs can be used anywhere, from home to office. It all depends on your creativity.

Gone are those days when you had to pick from limited options. Today you have millions of designs that can be custom-made for you at a pocket-friendly price with the best technology. Neon signs are fun and expressive. Whether they are added for another source of light or to create a unique Instagrammable moment, LED neon signs are a must-have! Neon signs are a work of art; designed and custom-made, they produce a vibrant picture or quote for you to show at your place of work. Using a range of colours, neon signs for homes and office can be a way to inspire yourself or those around you to be remembered and to make the space a more fun place to be.

Brand Appeal with Neon

In a world where nearly every industry is saturated, you require fresh and innovative ways to make your commercial space appealing and in line with your brand, and what better than custom business neon signs? Powerful branding is one of the most important elements of any company, founding your reputation and where you stand in the market. LED neon signs have come up in the market as the best way to light up your business and brand.

When designing and building your brand, your office must represent your identity. The interior of your structure is the secret to solidifying your brand, and one way to build a visual impact is by using a neon sign. Custom Neon signs for companies can be the perfect solution for visually enhancing the brand.

Reinvent with Neon Decor

From your child’s bedroom to the kitchen walls in your home, utilising customised neon lights can be a fantastic way to open up any space. Not only that, but these choices are an amazing way to light up any nook and corner of the house in the most environmentally friendly way. Neon signs for homes are extremely energy efficient and eco-friendly, so they don’t consume much power for any given usage. This also means these colourful room neon signs are not only stylish, but they are pretty long-lasting as well.

Although many people mainly associate customised neon signs with a cooler look, they can also be customised in different ways to help you celebrate some of the most memorable days of your life. For example, you can place the initials of the family or put your name or a sassy quote with different motifs and designs to give the house a touch of personalisation.

Be Eventful with Neon

From lighting up a flashy new banner for your event to decorating the live bar, event neon signs are ideal for lighting up any occasion, from birthdays to weddings. One of the amazing things about using neon signs in your events is setting the mood of the event, like imagining being in a concert or a dance floor! Customised neon signs can be used to create a soft romantic glow for a wedding or a trance show for those who want to live it up! Neon signs have something for everyone. Another reason to hang up neon signs at events is to gain some limelight, with those attending get the opportunity to use the customised neon signs as backgrounds for their social media and vlogs!

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Ready-Made Neon Signs

Welcome to a brilliant and bright Neon store where we combine decades of experience in the neon sign-making industry to offer your specialised designs. Our custom-made neon signs, neon lights, and neon arts are beautiful, long-lasting, epic experiences.

Our fondness for all things neon arises from our true love of creating amazing, bespoke neon creations. Our personalised and focused approach allows us to deliver a truly stunning service that distinguishes us from our competitors. Moreover, all our creation and manufacture is undertaken in-house, and we work closely with our consumers to ensure that your ideas won’t ever be reproduced as you want them.

Our neon products are furnished for various uses, from everyday life to home decor, branding, events, recreation, gifts, art, and creative use. So whether you are looking to purchase or hire a neon sign, you can rest assured that our neon products will aid in making the occasion more brilliant.

Lune Floor Lamp

The Lune floor lamp is leaning against a wall

Staying awake watching the moon again? Bring the moon into your room and house with our Lune floor lamps. Made with the creativity and the essence of the moon, Lune floor lamps can transform your house into a space where you can relax and get inspired.

Lune floor lamps are aesthetically pleasing yet simple and easy on the eyes! The white glow from the circular LED lamps covered with different coloured reflective sheets can bring an out-of-the-world experience at home! We have made the Lune lamp after understanding the different phases of the moon, and with a simple slide of the two coloured acrylic sheets–you can choose from Sunset (pink & purple) or Moonrise (blue & green) to transform your room just as you want! These Lune floor lamps can add a touch of brilliance to your room with their soft glow!

Lune lamps are available exclusively on our site, and you can pre-order them today!

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Neon Lamp

Neon tube lamps are creating waves in the design world and for a good reason. Since neon tube lamps and colourful bulbs can cast a bright glow onto your walls, they allow you to create a brightly-hued space at home on demand for a fraction of the painting cost. Furthermore, these can be easily installed and are ready to use instantly while being pocket-friendly. As we spend more time indoors, people are looking for ways to reinvent their spaces with bright, colour-drenched lighting for majorly moody looks. Neon tube lamps and neon signs are a creative way to brighten a room and uplift the mood.

Neon tube lamps come in different colours and can create a creative environment by just being placed on the wall, floor, or hung from extensions.

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