LED Heart Neon Signs

Heart Neon Lights Are Perfect Romantic Decor Items

Create heartwarming moments with your loved ones using our heart neon signs. The neon signs in this category are designed to display heartfelt texts, images, drawings, and romantic illustrations on the walls of your space.

Our heart neon signs are perfect decor items for romantic events, dinner dates, and weddings. You can even customise a unique heart neon sign for your loved ones. The sign can display the person’s name or initials in vibrant red and white lights to show how much they mean to you.
All our heart neon signs are handcrafted with love to give our customers gift-worthy designs to give your loved ones, so they know how much you love and appreciate them.

Our heart neon signs have an average life expectancy of over 60,000 hours thanks to energy-efficient LED bulbs and a flexible design. We design and light the neon sign inside plastic tubes that weigh less than traditional glass neon. On average, our heart neon sign weighs about 8 pounds.

The signs can be used indoors to decorate your space or outdoors to create awareness. If you’d like to use the heart neon sign outside your home or business place, you should request our special “Splashproof Treatment” so your neon sign is water-resistant.

Each heart neon sign is easy to hang and install anywhere because the acrylic backing of the sign is pre-drilled with holes, so you can easily mount the sign on a wall. If you’d like to create an affectionate atmosphere in your home or business, you should invest in a heart neon sign.

Want something different?

Design A Custom Heart Neon Sign!

    • * Text / logo / art design

    • * Colors and fonts

    • * Any special requirements

    • * How soon do you need the sign?

    Support file types : jpg,jpeg,png,gif,pdf,ai,eps