Anime LED Neon Signs

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Fans of anime and manga cartoons would love our wide collection of anime neon signs. The neon signs in this category are drawn from Japanese cartoon characters, anime battle scenes, movies, and famous anime phrases.

These signs can be used to decorate your home, office, comic book shop, arcade, and popular hangout spots. You can also use the neon signs for your party and holiday decorations thanks to their multipurpose and family-friendly designs.

Our anime neon signs come in over a dozen available colours, so you can always find a perfect fit for your space. They also feature our newly launched RGB switchable colour and RGB dynamic colour that allow you to pick from different light display modes for the neon sign. We can also provide you with a remote control dimmer that controls all the functions of your anime neon sign.

We use low-energy LED bulbs that consume at least 95% less energy than other light sources to light the neon signs instead of neon gas.

Also, we enclose the neon design and LED bulbs in flexible plastic tubes that weigh far less than glass neon. The back of our anime neon sign is covered with contour-cut high-grade acrylic backboards drilled with holes to make hanging and mounting easier.
Our manufacturing process ensures all the anime neon signs are safe, ultra-durable, and lightweight. The signs don’t emit heat or generate noise, making them ideal for any space.

If you want a playful way to add fun and excitement to your space, especially for kids, you should invest in an anime neon sign. The creative designs and vibrant colours will give your space a fun and energetic vibe.

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    * Text / logo / art design
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    Support file types : jpg,jpeg,png,gif,pdf,ai,eps