Neon Signs for Kids

Imagine the look of an amazing kid’s room, childcare center, classroom, or birthday party with the added impact of a custom LED neon signs for kids. These types of venues need affordable and 100% safe products that cannot break and will last a very long time. Echo Neon has the perfect solution. Our products are manufactured with sturdy PVC tubing and the longest lasting LED bulbs on the market today. You never have to let the kids down if their favorite novelty light burns out or breaks. Instead, you just get high impact and great style all the time.

What do your children love the most? Chances are we offer a piece of neon wall art perfect for their tastes. With a dimmer switch installed, they also make excellent nightlights for kids who like a little bit of illumination after the sun goes down. Scroll through our selection of cute animals, fun toys, sporting goods, and other unique designs.

Transform a room or special event into an amazing space they will love to show off to all their friends. Affordable LED neon wall art provides an easy and affordable way to get amazing decorations. We offer gentle tones and sweet styles suitable for infant rooms all the way up the boldest colors and trendiest options for teenagers. Everyone can find their favorite style at Echo Neon Studios.