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You must have noticed a common trend among popular bars: the use of neon lighting. Have you really walked into a bar if you do not find eye-catching and bright neon signs? Neon signs are light sources that provide illumination in various colours.

They are common in bars because they draw customers’ attention to the establishment. You can use neon bar lights in various ways—as decorative lights or as advertising lights. Let us explore the various benefits of neon lights and various ideas for your bar.

Neon Lights Vs. Regular Lights For Bar Lighting

Neon lights are made with narrow, flexible PVC tubes that are bent into different shapes and colours. However, regular lights are light sources commonly known to produce white light. One prominent example of regular lights is the fluorescent light bulb. Many bars utilize neon lights more than regular lights, and below are some reasons why.

High Visibility

One of the major advantages of using bar neon signs rather than regular lights in an establishment is to improve visibility. Neon signs are more attractive and eye-catching; hence, they can easily be the focus of an environment.

This characteristic feature of neon signs makes them great for advertising signs inside or outside the bar. Customers can easily see them from a distance, so your bar name can be well displayed far or near. You can also use neon signs to convey messages to your customers about special offers in the bar.

Decorative Light Source

Regular lights produce white lights, mostly. In comparison, neon signs produce a range of colours—blue, green, or red, depending on your preference. This feature makes it possible for neon bar signs to serve decorative functions. If used strategically, your bar neon signs can transform your bar to look more attractive.

Unlike regular lights, you can make your neon signs into various shapes and designs, providing you with enough creative freedom. Hence, using the right colour, shape, and design choice, neon signs can help decorate your bar.

Creates a Fun Environment

Having only regular lights in your bar makes the space boring, as these lights do not enhance your bar space. However, led neon bar signs are a great way to make your bar look more interesting. When you place these signs strategically, they can help your customers feel the liveliness of the space.

The more interesting your bar looks, the easier customers can loosen up and have fun. You can spice up your bar with the right colours, words, or shapes. For example, you can use neon bar signs with funny quotes or create catchy phrases that customers would love.

Energy Efficiency

Unlike traditional light sources, neon signs do not consume so much power to keep running. Hence, they are a great option for a business because they are cost-effective. You are least expected to spend a fortune on electricity to keep your bar running with neon signs.

Also, neon bar signs can be used for hours without posing a threat to the environment or the ecosystem. You can keep your neon signs on for as long as you want, and it does place a dent in your finances.

Great for Nighttime Use

Nighttime is a period when bars are mostly busy. As a bar owner, you tend to have more customer influx at nighttime. It will be a shame to cast these customers into utter darkness or to provide a light source that hurts their eyes. Neon signs are a better option than regular lights at nighttime because they cast a softer and gentler glow.

With neon bar signs, your customers can easily see their surroundings at night and are not blinded by light rays.

Neon Bar Sign Idea For Your Bar—Create A Pleasant Ambience

You can use led neon bar signs in several ways to make your bar look great. You can purchase readymade neon signs or create custom designs using an idea you have in mind. Whatever option you choose, the essential thing is always to consider the purpose of the neon sign. See some neon sign ideas for your bar below.

LED Cocktail Bar Neon Sign

This cocktail bar sign shows a martini glass in soft colours. It is a great choice for mini bars in homes, offices, or cocktail lounges. It gives off a calming effect and is perfect for bar spaces with little noise.

Hence, this neon sign is the best idea if your bar is suitable for quiet thinking while holding a glass. It is also useful for parties and other special events where assorted drinks will surely be served.

Coffee Menu Neon Sign

Bars that serve coffee are practically lifesavers for coffee lovers. The coffee menu neon sign is one of the bar neon sign options you should consider having in your space. It shows a list of the most-liked coffee drinks, so, it is not only useful for illumination. This neon sign also helps your customers make their choices.

It is lightweight, so it can be moved around easily, and installation is easy. It is perfect for occasions when people need to know their options before ordering a coffee—for instance, a business meeting where coffee drinks are available.

Open Neon Sign

One of the functions of neon signs for businesses is to provide high visibility and increase client reach. This open neon sign is one of the best bar sign options to help achieve this. With its eye-catching colours, it can easily catch the attention of potential customers, making them know you are open for business.

You can place this sign both outside your establishment and inside. If it is used outside, it is for visibility, while inside, it helps to add to the ambience of your bar space.

Bar Neon Sign Quotes

Aside from bar neon signs with shapes, you can have quite neon signs in your bar. These quote signs are an effective method of setting up the mood for your bar. For instance, a bar neon sign that says “my happy place” or other funny quotes is great for your bar.

You can create your own catchphrases or quote or use common ones like hakuna matata for your neon sign. However, the key thing to note is that your quotes should be short and quick so customers can easily read them.


Bar lighting is an important discussion you should have as a bar owner. The kinds of lights you use in your bar can greatly influence how customers see your business. This is why neon bar lights are preferred to regular lights, as they are more attractive, informative, and creative. There are several neon sign options to choose from for your bar. Choose the one that best fits and make your bar look pleasant.

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