Party Decoration Ideas

@Echo Neon | Aug 31, 2023 | 10 minutes read

We all know that planning a memorable party can be a daunting task for any event planner. You have to cater for the feeding, guest list, and sitting arrangements among other tasks. Perhaps the most important of these tasks is your party decoration. 

birthday party table decor balloon

If you are also looking for trendy party decoration ideas for your next party, look no further because in this article, we reveal the top five summer party decoration ideas to make your next party pop like never before. We also tell you the best spots to use these decoration ideas in your party venue for the best aesthetic effects. Here we go! 

Top Five Party Decoration Ideas For Your Next Event

Here are the best five party decoration ideas to make your party the talk of the town:

Party LED Neon Sign


Your party decoration isn’t complete without the alluring lights and visual appeal of a party LED neon sign on the wall. Party LED neon signs not only light up your party venue but their trendy displays make them the ideal decor piece to bring life to your event. Party LED neon signs can be used to welcome guests, light up your photo backdrop, and illuminate the dance floor.

Customised party neon signs are also a great option to class up your party. You can design a party LED sign specifically for an event using your preferred colours, shapes, and font. For a birthday party, you can have a customised party neon sign that spells out the name of the celebrant or have the neon sign display a warm-felt message to newlyweds at your friend’s wedding. 

Because party LED neon signs are durable and long-lasting, you can use them for different party themes and events. 

Shimmer Wall/Backdrop

Shimmer wall backdrops are one of the most creative ways to make your next party sparkle. The dazzling effect of a shimmer wall backdrop is guaranteed to give your party a royal and luxurious feel. 

Shimmer backdrops are amazing because they are made up of hundreds of panels that flutter with the wind to make your walls glow and are a unique way to beautify your stage area, party reception, and photo booth. 

Whether you go for the gold iridescent backdrop, the rainbow mermaid shimmer backdrop, or the silver iridescent backdrop, your event is sure to have a luxurious vibe similar to those you see in Hollywood movies. 

Echo Neon Lamps

Give your party a cool and mysterious atmosphere with beautiful LED neon lamps. You can go for the Lune floor lamp or the Reve LED lamp to add an aesthetic touch to your party decor. 

The best part about Echo LED lamps is they are a great fit anywhere in your party venue either on the tables, by the photo booth, or against the walls. You can also sync the LED neon lamps with your music. When in sync, the LED lamps change the glow length according to the intensity of the music. 

Table Decorations 

outdoor party table decor

A plain or boring-looking table is the dread for any event decorator. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that because there are several chic ways to decorate the tables at your upcoming party.  

For a classy appeal at your party, you can install floral arrangements and ice sculptures on the table, or even go for a desert-filled party table. Either of these decor ideas is sure to wow your guests when they arrive. 

You can also light up the party table with LED neon lamps for a truly entertaining visual element or DIY your table decoration for a more hands-on approach. 

Party Balloons

birtday party decor balloon

What’s a party without party balloons? Party balloons are not just a party decor idea but a cost-efficient way to entertain guests and give your event a colourful outlook. Party balloons are a terrific party decor idea because they fit virtually everywhere in your party from the party entrance and photo booth to the stage area and party reception. 

Your choice of balloon colours should reflect the personality of the event. Bright colours like red and white party balloons are ideal for a wedding or celebratory event while subtle colours like blue and pink are ideal for baby showers and naming ceremonies. 

hanging neon light tube interior decor lighting


In summary, party decoration can sometimes be an overwhelming task, so it’s not uncommon to feel stuck or out of ideas once in a while. However, if you ever find yourself in need of party decoration ideas for your next party, the decoration options highlighted in this article are perfect for any event and sure to make your party venue pop. 

Whether you are planning a birthday, engagement, graduation, wedding, housewarming, or corporate party, these decor ideas will come in handy and set your event a level above all others. So, get creative and light up your party with party LED neon signs.

gold shimmer wall balloon party backdrop

Glowing into Summer: 3 Useful Decor Ideas to Host the Best Bash of the Season

@Echo Neon | Aug 24, 2023 | 10 minutes read

Summer means longer days, basking in the warmth of the sun and the summer breeze calling you out of the house for a day full of fun. Tis the season to get your party planning hats on and throw a summer bash that all your friends will remember for years to come. So whether you want to organize a poolside fiesta or a beach bash, we’re here to help.

Get ready to make your party the talk of the town with these three fabulous decor ideas.

1. Go for Gold with a Shimmer wall

gold shimmer wall balloon party backdrop

Just imagine you’re sipping your favourite tropical drink, surrounded by friends, and posing against a gorgeous backdrop for the most Instagram-able pictures That’s where this gold shimmer wall comes into play! This glittering wonder is just the way to add a little glamour and some drama to the party

The shimmer wall is not only a striking focal point but also makes an excellent backdrop for photos. It reflects the light in the most enchanting way, making every snap Insta-worthy! Place it near the entrance to have guests stop for a mini photoshoot when they’re looking their best. They’ll thank you, trust me!

This gold iridescent shimmer wall is long-lasting and extremely user-friendly, available in two size options – consisting of 25 panels and 49 panels. Pick one based on your preferences and go wild with it!

2. Neon Signs to Fit Every Theme

As the sun goes down, the neon lights come out and light up your party, taking it to another level. Neon signs are the best kind of neon lights you can find and there’s a neon sign for every occasion. Whether it’s a photo wall, a dessert bar or the DJ station, neon signs can instantly elevate any space. Here are some neon sign ideas that I think would be perfect for your summer extravaganza.

Mermaid Magic

It’s time to channel your inner Ariel and bring the ocean to your party with a mesmerising mermaid neon sign. Transport your guests to an underwater wonderland with a mermaid-themed bash. I’m thinking mermaid tails, seashell jewellery, lots of glitter and vibrant colours, there’s no better theme for a beach bash than this.

Moreover, mermaid-themed neon signs are incredibly versatile and can be incorporated into various party elements. Hang it up above the dessert table full of treats inspired by the ocean like sea-themed cupcakes, shell-shaped cookies, and sparkling blue beverages. The mermaid neon sign will add that extra touch of magic to the treats, making them even more irresistible.

Barbie Dreams

The summer spotlight shines on the Barbie movie, making a bold Barbie neon sign the ideal thematic choice. Embrace the iconic Barbie aesthetic and channel her pink-tastic style for a fun summer soirée.

Surround the neon sign with decorations that exude glamour and glitz just like Barbie. Cover tables with pink sequin tablecloths and tableware, fit for a Barbie princess. Sprinkle confetti and glitter throughout the venue, adding a lot of sparkle to the festivities.

Malibu Vibes

Surf’s up, my friend! Take your guests to the sun-soaked beaches of Malibu with a neon sign that truly captures the essence of the coast. Imagine a palm tree gently swaying in the breeze – that’s the vibe this sign exudes. The Malibu neon sign brings the laid-back beachy aura straight to your party, making it an instant hit among everyone craving for a taste of the seaside.

To complement this neon sign, embrace a beachy-chic décor theme that embodies the shoreline’s spirit. Think sandy-toned linens, driftwood accents, and surfboards propped against walls. Scatter beach towels and beach balls around the venue for an added playful touch.

Ice Cream Delights

You cannot possibly envision summer without thinking of the cool and sweet taste of ice cream on a scorching summer day. So why not bring the nostalgia to your summer bash with an ice cream cone neon sign? This colourful neon sign exudes with summer energy and is just the fit for your poolside bash. 

For an immersive ice cream experience, consider setting up an ice cream bar stocked with an array of delectable toppings and flavours. Let your guests unleash their creativity, crafting custom sundaes and ice cream sandwiches. Offer an assortment of cones and cups to cater to every preference.

3. Light up the Night with LED Neon Lamps

gold shimmer wall barbie themed party pink aesthetic

As twilight falls, it’s time to let LED neon lamps take the spotlight. These gorgeous, luminous creations come in several colours, enabling you to craft a personalized ambiance that goes with your party’s theme. For your poolside extravaganza, I suggest the pink, blue, and dynamic rainbow lamps.

Hang these neon lamps from trees, along fences, or by the pool for an ethereal glow that sets the perfect mood. With over 120 lighting modes, there are plenty of options to choose from depending on the mood. What’s more, is that they’re energy-efficient and don’t emit heat, so no worries about your guests getting too hot under the neon glow.

But the best part is that these LED neon lamps come with a sync with music-feature. They have a built-in mic which means that the RGB neon tube in the lamp can sync your music and change the glow length according to the intensity of the music!

Get Your Party Planning Hats On!

And there you have it, three decor ideas that will catapult your summer bash from ordinary to extraordinary! The gold shimmerwall infuses a touch of elegance, while LED neon lamps drape the night in a captivating glow. Of course, the neon signs steal the show, offering an array of themes like mermaids, Barbie, Malibu, and ice cream, guaranteeing a poolside experience unlike any other.

So, unleash your creativity and commence planning your summer extravaganza. With the help of these decor concepts, your party is destined to be the most awaited event in town. Here’s to a summer of unforgettable festivities!

hanging neon light tube interior decor lighting

LED Neon Lighting: The New Style Home and Abroad

@Echo Neon | July 20, 2023 | 10 minutes read

LED Neon lights are fast becoming the biggest lighting trend. You can walk into any random building, and you are sure to find LED neon lights in various shapes and colours. This light source is the new style and has got everyone talking. However, how many of the things being said are true?

This guide will introduce you to LED Neon lighting—the truths and the lies. We will also show you trendy ways to incorporate this lighting into your everyday lifestyle. Follow us as we explore this new LED neon lighting style. 

The Truths About LED Neon Lighting

Before LED neon lighting was developed, the common light sources were traditional neon lights. The traditional lights had several faults, which made many people discontinue their use. Many people make the mistake of attributing the characteristics of traditional neon lights to LED neon. 

The truth is that LED neon lights are produced with more advanced technology. The health, safety, and satisfaction of consumers are also a priority. The features of LED neon lights contrary to general beliefs are discussed below. 

Myth 1: Neon Signs are expensive

The truth is that the price of neon light signs is lower relative to other light sources. Although the prices of these light sources vary based on size and design type, it does not cost so much to get a neon light. 

Neon gases, which are the primary components of this light source, are easily accessible, so no outrageous pricing is needed. LED neon lights also require minimal maintenance or no maintenance at all. Hence, you can use the money you would otherwise have spent on maintenance on other projects. 

Myth 2: LED Neon signs are unsafe

Many people wrongly believe that LED neon lights can cause harm to users. Hence, they are termed unsafe. However, the truth is that LED neon lighting runs on gases like Neon and Argon, which do not harm people’s health. These gases are naturally present in our air; hence, they do not cause havoc. 

Also, unlike traditional light sources, LED neon lights do not heat up with continual usage. So they do not burn your skin when you touch them. They are also not made of glass, so they are shatter-free and cannot cause injuries. These qualities mean these signs are safe for humans and the environment. 

Myth 3: LED Neon signs can only be used outdoors

Neon signs’ popularity has extended from being outdoor advertising signs alone. They are now being used in different spaces—indoors and outdoors. LED neon signs are used indoors for various functions; they help provide illumination, beautify spaces, and create a mood. 

Because these signs are durable and can last for thousands of hours with continuous use, they are a great investment in every indoor space. 

Myth 4: LED Neon Signs consume electricity

Another wrong notion many people have about LED neon signs is that they use a lot of electrical power. However, the truth is that LED neon signs are energy efficient. That is, they operate with little energy consumption. 

LED neon signs do not raise your electricity bill compared to traditional neon lights. This feature makes them an economical choice for lighting up your space. 

Trendy Uses of LED Neon Lighting

As previously mentioned, aside from using LED neon lights for outdoor advertisements, there are other trendy ways to use these lights. We will discuss some common uses of this light source indoors and outdoors. 

Home Décor

One of the best investments you can make is to use LED neon lighting in your home. Walking into a well-lit, beautifully designed room is one of the most amazing feelings. Great home décor helps you feel more at home and relaxed in your space. 

You can use this neon light in your bedroom, living room, dining area, dark areas, or hallways. There are different colours, so you can pick the one that fits your space best. 

Social Media

LED neon signs extend even beyond physical use; these lights are as popular in virtual spaces. You may have scrolled through social media platforms and noticed the use of LED neon signs. They are mostly used as logos for online publicity or as a backdrop for social media content creators. 

Hence, if you are a dedicated social media user, this is a sign to join the trend. 

Business/office use

Do you feel your office is missing a final piece to make it look finished? Then your office needs a LED neon light as it can help add the final touch to your office space. This lighting can also help improve concentration and thus boost productivity in your workplace. 

Many businesses use these neon lights to increase the visibility of their brands and attract more customers. This is done by placing these signs in strategic places where they can be easily noticed. 


LED neon lights are also commonly used at parties and other events. Examples of such are birthday events, wedding ceremonies, and Christmas events. Because these lights are colourful, they can add to the decorative items used at these events. They can also be used to communicate important information at these parties. 

Leisure spots

Neon signs cast a soft glow on the environment where they are used. Since these lights are not harsh on the eyes, they are best used in leisure places like the spa, libraries, or yoga studios. These leisure locations are places where people relax, and these LED neon lights help make relaxation even easier. Imagine the peace and tranquillity you feel when soft light rays surround you. LED neon signs can make this possible.

Bathroom/personal spaces

The bathroom and self-care spaces are also fast becoming corners for beautiful LED neon signs. Many people use these lights in their personal spaces to motivate themselves and make their spaces look beautiful. You can walk into your bathroom and have a great cleansing time because your bathroom looks good!

Final Thoughts

LED neon lighting has become quite popular recently because they are affordable, easy to use, and energy efficient. There are many false thoughts about how these neon lights operate, so this guide answers some pertaining neon light questions. 

You can incorporate this LED neon lighting into your day-to-day activities by following the trend and using them for indoor and outdoor spaces. LED neon lighting is the new style, join the train and use aesthetic neon signs to make your spaces beautiful. 

pink neon sign on the flower wall

Make Your Party Memorable With Neon Signs

@Echo Neon | Jun 8th, 2023 | 10 minutes read

Are you planning a party or a special event and want it to be an unforgettable experience for you and your guests? A great way to get this done is to invest in amazing décor. The right decoration items at a party can help build the guests’ mood and create a space where everyone has fun.

Whether it is a party for kids or an adult party, your choice of decorative items is important. Hence, it must be well thought-out and should be theme-inspired. Read on to find out more about party decoration ideas.

What to Consider When Choosing a Party Décor Item

pink neon sign on the flower wall

With every party decoration choice, the aim is to choose objects that help to improve your party experience. To achieve this goal of making your party lively, you have to consider some important factors before making your choice.

1. Uniqueness:

Everyone wants to throw a unique party that brings unforgettable memories. As much as the activities at the party greatly contribute to this effect, there are other influences. The designs you choose for your party decoration can effectively create great memories if they are unique.

Hence, consider unique options for your party decorations. You do not have to follow the norm, so you can get creative and use atypical items that will get results.

2. Party Theme:

Imagine walking into an engagement party and seeing the walls filled with décor items that are better suited for a different event. No matter how great the designs look, such a sight will not sit well with you. It is possible to feel off and be out of tune with the rest of the event, and no one can blame you.

It could seem like a tiny detail, but the event’s theme is an important factor. And you must consider this when choosing décor items. If it is a kids’ event, let that reflect in your décor. If it is a colour-themed party, ensure your décor items blend with the chosen colour.

3. Durable items:

Another factor you should consider is the durability of the party décor items you want to purchase. Your décor items should last as long as your event lasts, with little/ no maintenance. You do not want any of your decorations coming off during the party and creating a mess.

Hence, make sure that you choose durable items that are long-lasting and require little or no maintenance. You can even keep these items for future events if they are long-lasting.

4. Space:

This factor is important and must always be considered when searching for your party décor items. The decoration you put in should not obstruct movement or cause blockage. All the guests should be given a chance to witness all activities at the event without struggle.

This would mean that if you use large decorative items like large flowers, you should place them where they would not be a problem. And if your event location is not so large, go for smaller objects instead.

Neon Signs as Party Décor Items

Neon signs are useful for all kinds of parties. They are beautiful light sources, performing dual functions for your events. Party neon signs help to provide illumination, especially in dark party locations, and they are also colourful lights. Hence, they can improve the look of your party. You can integrate neon signs into your party in several ways and turn up with amazing results. For instance, you can;

  • Place them on walls to remind guests of the party theme.
  • Use them as informative signs. For example, to show directions at the party, like where the kitchen/ food service point is located.
  • To create a focal point at the party. This can be where the celebrant is staying or where gifts are to be assembled.
  • Use neon signs to set up a backdrop for amazing pictures. Neon signs can also help provide enough lighting to improve pictures.
  • Use neon signs to highlight other decorative items so they are more visible.

Neon Signs for Adult Parties

alexis water girls night

Party neon signs can be used by people of all age groups and for different events. Hence, if an adult party is coming up, you should consider using neon signs for your décor. Some ideas are discussed below.

Let’s party neon sign:

This neon light is a perfect option to light up your event. The let’s party neon sign brightens your space, whether at the club, outdoors, or inside your house. It also helps everyone get their groove mood on. Just hang it on your wall, and everyone can have so much fun.

Better Together Neon sign:

The better together neon sign is a great choice for parties that show the power of togetherness. It is useful at engagement parties, wedding after-parties, or wedding anniversary get-togethers. This neon sign is not only great for lighting, but it also helps to communicate the theme of the party.

Spooky Halloween neon sign:

If you want creative freedom, decorating a Halloween-themed party is one of the ways you can achieve this. You can use this Halloween neon sign to boost the guests’ mood at the party. This red and orange neon light can transform the look of your party while sticking to the theme. It is a fun neon sign and can be reused every year.

Neon Signs For Kids Parties

Children love colours and images. So, if you are planning a party for a young child, you should incorporate pictures and colours into the décor to make it fun. Neon signs are colourful and are available in various shapes and designs, so they are great for kids’ party décor.

Showman Neon Sign:

The showman neon sign is a colourful light piece that can help to add vibrance to your kid’s event. The image of the showman is intriguing, and your kid and their friends will absolutely love looking at the sign. The neon sign does not get hot, so it is safe around kids.

Castle Neon Light:

Almost all kids have fantasies about building and living in a castle. With this castle neon sign, you can help to bring their fantasies alive. This neon sign is child-friendly as it does not break or harm kids. So, it is a great way to keep kids entertained at their parties.

Christmas Tree Neon sign:

This neon sign is a perfect décor choice for Christmas parties. It helps light up your space and puts everyone in the right mood for Christmas.

Final Thoughts

Neon signs can help spice up your parties in multiple ways. You can purchase  ready-made neon signs by choosing one of the options from Echo Neon signs. Alternatively, you can create a custom neon sign to help your party location look great.

bloom neon light for home decor with pink backing

Neon Signs—The Perfect Gift for Your Loved Ones

@Echo Neon | Jun 8th, 2023 | 10 minutes read

Everyone loves a good gift; receiving gifts is one of the most special feelings. However, one other thing that brings absolute joy is finding the right gifts for your close people. A perfect gift will serve a useful purpose for the recipient. 

Are you worried about finding a functional gift for that special friend or family? Neon signs can be the solution to your worries! Neon Signs are a great light source and are functional for all settings. These features and many more make them a great gift option. Read more as we discuss this in detail. 

bloom neon light for home decor with pink backing

Why Neon Signs are a Great Choice for Gifts

If you want to give a gift to someone you value, you would certainly ensure that the gift is of great quality. Neon signs are such an item, and they can serve as gifts for people of all ages. Below are some reasons to consider buying a neon sign as a gift

Create Personalised Designs

When you are looking for a perfect gift object for your special person, it may be difficult to find the exact design that you have in mind. However, rather than settle for just anything, you can create the design you have in mind with neon signs. 

Neon signs are flexible, so they can easily be made into different shapes, sizes, and designs—just as you wish. Therefore, use custom neon signs if you want a gift that speaks the language your friend understands best. This is because you can customise your signs in the exact words or colour you want your gift to be. These signs can be their name, favourite phrases, or music lyrics. 

A Long-Lasting Gift

The most meaningful gifts are those that tend to last a lifetime. People appreciate gifts that are durable and have high longevity. Durable gifts help people keep memories as they can serve as a reminder of great moments and feelings. 

Neon signs are long-lasting light pieces. Hence, picking a neon sign as a gift can serve as a reminder of your love and thoughtfulness. Because this light source can be used for a long period, the memory of your will linger for as long as the sign stays up. 

Neon signs are a Trendy Gift Choice

Another reason neon signs are functional gifts is that they are trendy, so everyone loves them. Neon signs are used in virtually all industries and spaces—on streets, offices, and private apartments. 

Hence, it does not matter what job your person does or what area they live in. Your neon sign gift recipient will always find a use for their neon gift. Even children can use neon signs as night lights or decorations in their rooms. Hence, neon signs as gifts are a great option for everyone. 

Top 10 Gift Ideas Using Neon Signs

If you plan to give someone a neon sign, there are thousands of designs to choose from. We have made a list featuring the best neon sign designs that are great for gifts. Let’s look at each of them below. 

Custom Designs

You can either purchase ready-made neon signs or design one by yourself. You can be creative and specific with your needs by making custom neon sign designs. You have the freedom to choose the colour, words, design, and size that you want. This is one of the best ways to make a neon sign gift with a personal touch. 

nursery neon sign

Pillow Talk Neon Sign

This neon sign is perfect for every bedroom. It casts a cool and soft glow on the room when it is on; this light helps to set the mood. If you want that extra touch of luxury in a bedroom, this pillow talk neon sign is the perfect fit. You can gift this to about anyone—your partner or your close friend as it is a functional decorative light for bedrooms. 

Sky Clock Neon Sign

If you have a close friend who just got promoted at work and you are wondering what to gift them, this sign works. This Sky clock neon sign is perfect for office use with its unique design; it can be easily assembled and looks great on walls. You can get this sign in various colours, so it can easily blend with other wall colours. 

Bon Appetit Neon Sign

This neon sign is one of the best kitchen neon signs. It is a great way to illuminate a kitchen or restaurant and be a wall decoration. It is also useful in setting the mood in the kitchen, as everyone can be up for a treat with this sign. It is a functional gift for your lady friends that love their kitchen spaces or for a restaurant owner. 

But Did You Die Neon Sign

Are any of your friends passionate about exercise and bodybuilding? Do they own a gym or have a space where all the physical activities take place? If yes, we have found them a gift they would absolutely cherish—the “but did you die?” neon sign. This sign is great for lighting up a gym and motivating bodybuilders not to quit. 

Mini Robot Neon Sign

Kids are usually fazed by robots, and many of them can’t wait to own one. If you have kids or are an aunt or uncle to some kids, you can make their dreams come true. If you cannot buy them a robot, you can set up one in their rooms with this mini robot neon sign. You can ask them to name their robot neon sign to make this more fun. 

Leaf Painting Neon Sign

This neon sign is a similitude of nature’s beauty and perfection. Its soft green glow brightens up the space with natural beauty. It can be hung in a living room or your bedroom to create a relaxing environment. This sign is a perfect gift for friends who love nature. 

Sleeping Angel Neon Sign

This is another bedroom neon sign that helps to make rooms serene and peaceful. This neon sign shows a sleeping angel and is available in various colour options. It can be a great gift to your partner or your kids. 

Glowsticks LED Neon Light

This glowsticks neon sign is a blend of different stick colours—blue, yellow, green, red, purple, and pink. It is useful for places where you need extra colourful lights, the living room, for example. It is a perfect gift for your friends who have just moved into a new home. 

Aesthetic Face Neon Sign

Aesthetic Face Neon Sign vintage piano flowers

This aesthetic neon sign is a drawing of half a woman’s face. It is a great choice for spaces requiring minimalistic designs due to its warm and inviting glow. This neon sign is a perfect gift for your friend’s beauty outlets like a saloon or makeup studio. 

Final Words

Neon signs are useful for showing love to those you love. Because they are long-lasting, they can help create memories that would last a lifetime. If you are looking for the best gift for that special person, go through the list in this guide for great options. You can also check Echo neon signs for even more ideas.

love you neon signs

Show Your Love With Love Neon Signs

@Echo Neon | May 24th, 2023 | 10 minutes read

Love is an important emotion that rules the world. Love can heal, motivate, and build up strength. A mother feels love immediately she sets her eyes on her newborn baby. It is also the strong bond that is formed between two people who have vowed to stay together till eternity.

More than words can describe, love is only received when it is first expressed. There are several ways you can express love to your friends and family. If you are wondering how to tell your “person” you love them, this guide will show you how to—with love neon signs.

love you neon signs

Explore All Forms Of Love With Neon Love Signs

Love is a broad topic, and it stems from individual love to broader forms of love. You can spread the gospel of love with simple gestures such as running errands for your friends or getting them a functional neon light. Let’s see how you can express love with your neon signs.

Self-Love With Neon Signs

The best form of love is to love one’s self truly. Self-love stems from deep regard and appreciation for oneself, demonstrated in words, thoughts, and actions. One of the actions you can take is to do things that make you happy. For example, you can purchase love neon signs that are enlightening and inspiring, so they can help brighten up your mood. You can also harness your creative energy to make yourself a neon sign, which can bring excitement and fulfillment.

love neon sign

Love Neon Sign Gift Options

Many people say that gift-giving is a type of love language, and nothing could be truer than this. You can tell your friend or partner that you are thinking of them by gifting them love neon signs. Neon signs are useful for illuminative purposes and can help pass the message across that they mean so much to you. You can make your signs in shapes or quotes that are meaningful to the recipient.

Romantic Gestures Using Neon Signs For Love

Love neon signs are efficient for all kinds of love settings. There are loads of romantic activities you can do with neon signs. Examples are; an evening dinner in a garden, a proposal by your favourite beach, or a movie night with your best person. You can set up neon signs in love shapes or with love quotes to set the mood for the occasion. For instance, you can make the words “will you marry me?” with your neon sign for a proposal.

Words Of Encouragement With Love Neon Signs

Has someone ever said a word to you that brightened up your day? Or have you ever received an inspiring message that energised you to get things done? Everyone appreciates a little word of encouragement. So, if you are wondering how to express your love, you can make inspiring words with neon signs. Set up the signs in their spaces and let them wake up to great words each morning. They would absolutely love it!

love never fails neon sign

Top Ideas For Your Neon Sign For Love

Neon signs are flexible and versatile. Therefore, you can have them in different designs and forms to suit your needs. You can make custom designs by yourself. Or you can choose your neon signs for love with phrases, quotes, or love shapes. Let us explore these options below!

Neon Sign Shapes

These love neon signs are made in simple shapes and designs. They are a great idea for a minimalist setting. You can also have them in various colours. Some examples are:

1. Hearts Neon Sign:

The heart shape is a common symbol of love. Hence, the hearts neon sign is a great choice for a love neon sign. You can hang it in your bedroom as a reminder to love yourself every morning.

2. Pet parent paws neon sign:

The pet parent paws neon sign is another type of love neon sign shape. This is a great sign if you love animals or own a pet. You can also get this sign if you have recently lost one of your fur animals. The sign can be used to keep their memory. Place it in your bedroom or close to your pet’s sleeping area as a great sign of support.

3. Sleeping Angel Neon Sign:

This lovely sleeping angel neon sign can be a breathtaking view on your walls. It’s a great love sign if you want to set up a peaceful and serene environment in your room. You can use it in your newborn’s bedroom to add a lovely charm. It’s also a beautiful gift idea for a friend who just had a baby.

4. LOVE Neon Sign:

Do you need a little love in your room? Then try this LOVE neon sign. It is a unique design that can help to make your room more inviting. Its minimalist design makes it perfect for your office or workplaces too. It’s a great option to help brighten a rather dull day.

5. Mother’s Hug Neon Sign:

There is a famous saying that nothing beats a mother’s love, and we agree! This mother’s hug neon sign is inspired by the purest form of love mothers show to their babies. It shows a mother holding her baby tight to her chest while casting a warm glow on the surroundings. It is a wonderful gift idea for all mothers and is perfect for nursery use.

Neon Sign Quotes/Phrases

You can get more expressive with how you love by using love neon sign quotes or phrases. There are thousands of designs to choose from. And if you have a favorite love saying, you can create a neon sign with it.

1. What if you fly neon sign:

Hanging the “what if you fly” neon sign on your wall can be a daily reminder to soar even when you do not feel like it. This is a perfect neon sign for some self-love and inspiration. The quote says, “what if I fail; Oh, but my darling, what if you fly.” You can use this sign in your bedroom or in your private place where you make your affirmations.

2. There’s no place like home LED neon sign:

This LED neon sign is great for showing how much you love being home. It is available in different colours—red, blue, pink, etc.; so it fits perfectly with the colours of your walls. You can use this neon sign in your bedroom, Livingroom or as a gift to your family when you are far away.

3. La vie en rose neon sign:

Designed after the popular French song, la vie en rose, this neon sign literally means “life in rosy hues.” The la vie en rose neon sign simply says to see life from an optimistic point of view. This sign is a great reminder to do things that make you happy and do things that you enjoy without worry. It is perfect for your bedroom walls and therapy spaces.

4. Be My Valentine Neon Sign:

This sign is for that special season when everyone is about making their partners happy, you can put this sign up to make yours smile. It is available in various colours and can be used in almost all settings—dinner, dates, or an evening together.


Love is special, and you can celebrate love on all occasions. Use love neon signs to show yourself and those you care about some love today. You can purchase ready-made signs or make a custom love neon sign today.

custom neon sign home bar

Why Neon Signs For Bar Lighting is A Great Idea

@Echo Neon | April 20th, 2023 | 10 minutes read

You must have noticed a common trend among popular bars: the use of neon lighting. Have you really walked into a bar if you do not find eye-catching and bright neon signs? Neon signs are light sources that provide illumination in various colours.

They are common in bars because they draw customers’ attention to the establishment. You can use neon bar lights in various ways—as decorative lights or as advertising lights. Let us explore the various benefits of neon lights and various ideas for your bar.

Neon Lights Vs. Regular Lights For Bar Lighting

Neon lights are made with narrow, flexible PVC tubes that are bent into different shapes and colours. However, regular lights are light sources commonly known to produce white light. One prominent example of regular lights is the fluorescent light bulb. Many bars utilize neon lights more than regular lights, and below are some reasons why.

High Visibility

One of the major advantages of using bar neon signs rather than regular lights in an establishment is to improve visibility. Neon signs are more attractive and eye-catching; hence, they can easily be the focus of an environment.

This characteristic feature of neon signs makes them great for advertising signs inside or outside the bar. Customers can easily see them from a distance, so your bar name can be well displayed far or near. You can also use neon signs to convey messages to your customers about special offers in the bar.

Decorative Light Source

Regular lights produce white lights, mostly. In comparison, neon signs produce a range of colours—blue, green, or red, depending on your preference. This feature makes it possible for neon bar signs to serve decorative functions. If used strategically, your bar neon signs can transform your bar to look more attractive.

Unlike regular lights, you can make your neon signs into various shapes and designs, providing you with enough creative freedom. Hence, using the right colour, shape, and design choice, neon signs can help decorate your bar.

Creates a Fun Environment

Having only regular lights in your bar makes the space boring, as these lights do not enhance your bar space. However, led neon bar signs are a great way to make your bar look more interesting. When you place these signs strategically, they can help your customers feel the liveliness of the space.

The more interesting your bar looks, the easier customers can loosen up and have fun. You can spice up your bar with the right colours, words, or shapes. For example, you can use neon bar signs with funny quotes or create catchy phrases that customers would love.

Energy Efficiency

Unlike traditional light sources, neon signs do not consume so much power to keep running. Hence, they are a great option for a business because they are cost-effective. You are least expected to spend a fortune on electricity to keep your bar running with neon signs.

Also, neon bar signs can be used for hours without posing a threat to the environment or the ecosystem. You can keep your neon signs on for as long as you want, and it does place a dent in your finances.

Great for Nighttime Use

Nighttime is a period when bars are mostly busy. As a bar owner, you tend to have more customer influx at nighttime. It will be a shame to cast these customers into utter darkness or to provide a light source that hurts their eyes. Neon signs are a better option than regular lights at nighttime because they cast a softer and gentler glow.

With neon bar signs, your customers can easily see their surroundings at night and are not blinded by light rays.

Neon Bar Sign Idea For Your Bar—Create A Pleasant Ambience

You can use led neon bar signs in several ways to make your bar look great. You can purchase readymade neon signs or create custom designs using an idea you have in mind. Whatever option you choose, the essential thing is always to consider the purpose of the neon sign. See some neon sign ideas for your bar below.

LED Cocktail Bar Neon Sign

This cocktail bar sign shows a martini glass in soft colours. It is a great choice for mini bars in homes, offices, or cocktail lounges. It gives off a calming effect and is perfect for bar spaces with little noise.

Hence, this neon sign is the best idea if your bar is suitable for quiet thinking while holding a glass. It is also useful for parties and other special events where assorted drinks will surely be served.

Coffee Menu Neon Sign

Bars that serve coffee are practically lifesavers for coffee lovers. The coffee menu neon sign is one of the bar neon sign options you should consider having in your space. It shows a list of the most-liked coffee drinks, so, it is not only useful for illumination. This neon sign also helps your customers make their choices.

It is lightweight, so it can be moved around easily, and installation is easy. It is perfect for occasions when people need to know their options before ordering a coffee—for instance, a business meeting where coffee drinks are available.

Open Neon Sign

One of the functions of neon signs for businesses is to provide high visibility and increase client reach. This open neon sign is one of the best bar sign options to help achieve this. With its eye-catching colours, it can easily catch the attention of potential customers, making them know you are open for business.

You can place this sign both outside your establishment and inside. If it is used outside, it is for visibility, while inside, it helps to add to the ambience of your bar space.

Bar Neon Sign Quotes

Aside from bar neon signs with shapes, you can have quite neon signs in your bar. These quote signs are an effective method of setting up the mood for your bar. For instance, a bar neon sign that says “my happy place” or other funny quotes is great for your bar.

You can create your own catchphrases or quote or use common ones like hakuna matata for your neon sign. However, the key thing to note is that your quotes should be short and quick so customers can easily read them.


Bar lighting is an important discussion you should have as a bar owner. The kinds of lights you use in your bar can greatly influence how customers see your business. This is why neon bar lights are preferred to regular lights, as they are more attractive, informative, and creative. There are several neon sign options to choose from for your bar. Choose the one that best fits and make your bar look pleasant.

custom pink neon name sign for your home room decor

Neon Signs for Wall Arts—Upgrade the Look of Your Walls

@Echo Neon | April 13th, 2023 | 10 minutes read

Decorating your home can be a long and tasking process as it involves trying to find what works. A challenge that many homeowners face is trying to convert a dull space into an attractive sight. One of the things that have always worked is to make use of your walls!

Decorating the walls in your home is similar to adorning your body with beautiful pieces. If you want your rooms to look great, use wall art. Your wall art can be as simple as an upgraded child’s painting. This guide will show you various wall art ideas and how wall neon signs can improve them. Read on; let’s explore creativity!

Why Are Wall Arts Important For Home Décor?

Wall arts help to bring life to your home. With a burst of colours and designs, they help to show visitors your standards as a homeowner. It is essential that you invest in wall art, this is because they are an important piece that completes the look of your room. Some other reasons why you need wall art as part of your home décor are;

Wall Arts Encourage Creativity

Everyone has their creative side, whether as a professional artist or just an art lover. Wall arts are one of the ways you can show forth your creativity. This is done in your choice of design, colour, and fitting of wall art.

The way you combine your wall art colours with the colours of your wall to ensure they are complementary is an underrated level of creativity. You can also make your wall art by yourself.

Wall Arts Boost Moods

The things you surround yourself with can influence your mood or emotions. Wall art can help uplift your mood and make you feel calm and at ease. Many institutions use artworks as a means of self-therapy and healing. Great artwork can influence the release of happy hormones that can help boost your mood. Hence, incorporating this in your home is a way to stay mentally fit.

Wall Arts Show Your Personality

Your wall arts have a way of reflecting your personality. This is because your choice of wall art shows a part of who you are. It is also the case with wall art designs you make yourself. Creating wall art is a way to tell a story that depicts your true self.

For example, if you love the beach or watersides, you can show off this interest by purchasing or creating wall art with these themes.

Wall Arts Add Dynamics To A Room

Have you ever been to a room and everywhere looked just bland? This is common for walls with monochrome colour schemes or when everything in the room has the same texture. A solution can be to repaint the room or to change certain materials.

However, a simpler and less expensive solution is to use wall art. You can use wall art to change the dynamics of a room and add a different texture. If you have all-white walls, use brightly coloured wall art, this will completely transform the room’s look.

Great Wall Art Ideas For Your Home

The good thing about wall art is that there are no rules; you can use just about anything to decorate your walls. Something as simple as a kid’s painting can be made more attractive by framing it, and then you can hang it on your wall. Let’s discuss some other wall art decorations below.

  1. Framed Family Pictures:

This is an inexpensive way to adorn the walls of your home. Not only does it beautify your space, but it’s also a great option to keep memories. You can get this done by framing pictures of every family member and uniquely arranging them on the wall.

  1. Nature pictures:

You can integrate nature’s calmness into your home by putting pictures of natural sceneries on your walls. Some examples are pictures of animals in groups, like Lions, Birds, or Wolves. You can also have aquatic animals or images of blooming flowers in their habitats.

  1. Use Faux green grasses:

If you have ample space in your home, like your Livingroom, you need wall decor to occupy such a large space. Artificial green grass for your wall is a brilliant idea! It is a unique choice for your interior decoration and can be used along with other décor items. For example, you can use this faux green grass with neon wall light signs. These two items can make your room look great.

  1. DIY projects:

Another way to explore your creativity and have great wall art is to embark on DIY projects. You can do this alone or have your friends or family work with you. All you need is a wall art design in mind; you can check out different media spaces for inspiration. Watch videos, gather your materials, and create an art piece to hang on your wall.  

  1. Neon signs:

Neon signs are also an excellent choice for your wall art projects. Neon sign wall arts are attractive signs that can transform your room into a relaxed and fun area. Your neon signs can be in various shapes and colours, and you can use them in various ways to decorate your walls. You can also hang neon signs on your wall to add a finishing touch to your room.

Adding Aesthetics To Your Wall Art With Neon Signs

Aside from using neon signs alone for wall décor, you can use them with other wall art to improve your wall’s aesthetics. Neon signs are flexible and can go with any design you have on your walls.

If you want a modern look or are more of a vintage lover, neon wall signs are perfect for both settings. Below are some ways to use neon sign wall décor to add aesthetics to your wall art.

  • You can use colourful neon signs to add colour to your monochrome wall art. This helps to make them look more attractive. For example, add a coloured neon sign to your white and black painting to make it more beautiful.
  • You can also surround your framed pictures or wall art with neon signs. This can help attenuate your wall art, making them the focus of the room. Hence, your artwork can easily grab visitors’ attention when entering your room.
  • Another idea is to create beautiful shapes with neon signs to complement other wall art shapes on your walls. These signs can either be the same colour as other wall art. Alternatively, you can complement the colours of your wall art with the colours of neon signs.


Your walls are an essential part of your home; they are surfaces that can be well utilized for beauty and self-expression. Wall arts are common wall décor materials and consistently deliver outstanding results when used appropriately.

Wall arts are a great way to beautify your home. However, you can add more aesthetics to your wall art using neon wall signs. Whether it’s a faux green grass wall, a framed picture, or a DIY wall art, light them up with some neon signs.

melt neon sign

How to DIY Your Neon Lights

@Echo Neon | April 6th, 2023 | 10 minutes read

Do it yourself (DIY) is a common social media trend in various industries and settings. DIYs for home care products, DIYs for clothing options and repairs, DIY for fixing a garden. If you can DIY everything, why not DIY your own neon lights?

Neon lights are a must-have in every home; they provide high visibility and increase the attractiveness of every space. These lights are common and can be easily purchased in any store. However, you may prefer to DIY your light for any reason. Find out how to get this done below!

Why Should You DIY Your Neon Lights?

You can get ready-made neon lights directly from manufacturers or at retail stores. Then why should you choose to make your own neon light? There are many reasons why you can choose to DIY your neon signs. Let’s discuss some of these below.

Creative Freedom

If you are creative, you tend to derive satisfaction from creating functional pieces rather than buying them. DIY neon signs are one of the ways you can get that satisfying feeling when you make one sign from scratch. Each time you see this sign on your wall, it brings you a sense of fulfillment.

Aside from satisfaction, making your neon signs yourself means you create as you want without following any creative rules. You can design with varying shapes or with a combination of colours. You have the freedom to create as you will.

Saves Costs

Making a neon sign by yourself is a way to save costs. This is the idea behind most DIY projects; it is an easier and cheaper option to get things done. Getting a neon sign made by professionals would cost quite a sum. But with a DIY neon sign, you may not spend half as much as you would if you had to buy one.

Unique Designs

Everyone likes to have something that no one else has in their space. Clothes, wall art, bags, and even neon lights! Imagine creating a piece that you are sure looks nothing like the regular neon signs; it is one of the best feelings.

You can create custom neon sign designs that are specific to your taste. This is one of the reasons why making your own neon sign is a wonderful idea. If you have a mental picture of how you want your neon sign, get your materials ready, and be ready to create.

Improves Your Mood

DIY projects are great at making people feel energised and happy. Making your own signs which will be helpful to light up your space, can take your mood to a new level. Studies have shown that working on creative projects can help increase dopamine levels, a hormone that boosts happiness.

Hence, it’s time to hop on a DIY project if you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed. And what better one than providing beautiful lights for your space?

An Avenue For Bonding

Are you looking for an avenue to spend bonding time with friends or family? Why not connect with your close circle over a DIY neon sign project? This is an excellent idea as the work gets done faster with more hands on deck. It is also a great avenue for everyone to learn some new skills.

The best way to make a neon sign with some friends and family is to assign a task to everyone. This is to ensure that no one is left behind. Get all your materials in one place and be ready to create great memories.

How To DIY Your Neon Sign?

There are two options for making personalized neon signs. The first option is to design your sign yourself and send your designs to professionals to complete the process. Secondly, you can make your own neon signs and have them look professionally done. Follow the steps below on how to make neon signs. 

Before you begin your process of making a neon sign, make sure that you have all of the materials ready. These include:

  • Acrylic sheet
  • Pencil or any drawing object
  • Saw
  • Soldering iron
  • Wires for connection
  • Clips
  • Screws
  • LED neon flex light
  • Hot glue gun
  • Tube cutters


  1. The first thing to do is to draft your design. Do this with a pencil and a piece of paper, and make sure it is the exact shape you want. The design should also be in the same proportion as you would like the finished piece.
  2. Next, place your acrylic mount against the paper where the draft was made. Cut out the acrylic sheet to the precise shape of the design using a saw. This will form an outline of your design
  3. You will then add clips to your outline. These clips will help hold the LED neon in place. Drill holes in the acrylic sheet with a drilling machine and use screws to keep them over the acrylic.
  4. It is time to place your LED neon flex light (this can be any colour that you desire). Trace the design with this LED light, and ensure you do not miss any curves. You can use a tube cutter to cut the LED neon strips into your desired shape.
  5. Solder the LED neon strips with a soldering iron and connect wires through drilled holes. The wires should be passed to the back such that it is not visible from the front of the sign.
  6. Your sign is ready for use! Drill the wall where it is to be placed and screw your sign into the wall.

Where Can You Use Your DIY Neon Signs?

Neon lights are perfect for every location and event. Hence, you can use your DIY neon signs in every setting—your workplace, bedroom, party, or other celebratory events. Here are some ideas of where to hang your custom-made neon signs

  •  In your bedroom:

Imagine waking up each morning to your beautiful neon sign creation. What better way to set up the mood for the day than that? You can place your neon sign in your bedroom to remind you of your creativity and skill level.

  •  A gift idea:

Who says you have to enjoy a gorgeous creation all by yourself? You can share your creative signs with others as a gift. It is a more memorable gift as it was handmade by you. Everyone loves a thoughtful handmade gift. You can give it to your friend who just moved into a new home or a family member that just got married.

  • Outside your home:

Show forth your beauty to the world! You can also hang your neon signs outside your buildings, and they can provide illumination when it gets dark. It is also a great way to beautify the outside of your home. You can use the sign on your porch, garden, or backyard.


Neon lights top the charts as one of the most efficient decorative light sources. You can purchase a neon sign from any lighting store. However, if you are particular about the costs and uniqueness of your designs, you can DIY your neon lights by following the steps in this article.

Light Up Your Homes and Offices With Echo Neon Signs

@Echo Neon | March 29th, 2023 | 10 minutes read

What do you think about having a workshop that solves all your lighting needs in the UK? A great idea, yes! Lights are an important determinant of the quality of office, home, and commercial spaces. In addition to aiding visibility, lights help users improve their moods and lead a healthy, happy life.

Neon lights are a great example of light sources that serve important functions. Echo neon is a neon sign workshop in UK that provides quality neon lights. This guide will introduce their fantastic products and how they can help improve visual performance in your homes and offices.

About Echo Neon Studio

The increasing popularity and, thus, demand for neon lighting in the UK means that more companies need to meet this need. It is essential that the neon sign industry provides quality neon light for this purpose.

Hence, as a UK Neon sign company, Echo neon uses superior technology and innovation to meet all lighting needs. For over a decade, Echo neon has ensured that beautiful light sources are available in homes, offices, and outdoor spaces. Here are the ways Echo Neon makes this possible.  

  1. Light sources are durable:

Neon lights are made of high-quality raw materials that ensure that they do not wear out quickly. Your echo neon light will stay strong even under harsh conditions like rain or sunshine.

  1. Light sources are unique:

You can have light sources with unique designs and colour options when you check out Echo neon studio. These lights are suitable for different uses as there are different shapes and sizes.

  1. Easy to install and use:

Another reason Echo neon lights stand out is that they are user-friendly. You do not need a whole team at your residence to help you install your neon lights. As long as you stick with the guidelines, installing and using your lights is a walk in the park.

  1. Safe and environment-friendly:

 Against the wrong beliefs about neon lights, Echo neon only provides light sources that are safe for use in all spaces. This is possible because all raw materials, including gases, are non-toxic. They do not harm the environment in any way.

  1. Functionality:

If you ask me about lights that are functional yet efficient, I will point you in the direction of Echo Neon lights. These neon lights are functional as they are designed for use in different settings with different lighting needs. However, these functions do not diminish efficiency, as neon lights are one of the most efficient light sources.

Echo Neon Products—How To Use Them

While neon signs are the famous types of neon lights, they are not the only lighting sources for light needs. Echo Neon produces different kinds of neon lights, so you have varying options.

Aside from Neon signs, you can have neon lamps or tubes. These light sources by Echo Neon have great designs, are affordable, and are perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces. Now, let’s explore each of them!

Neon Signs

Echo Neon Studio provides neon signs in the UK that are useful for everyday life. They are flexible designs of neon lights that you can use to decorate and improve the look of your spaces. These signs are available in several sizes, colours, and designs.

You can choose unique readymade designs on Echo Neon’s website. The signs produced by this company are of top quality and are hard to find elsewhere. Alternatively, if you have some designs or specifications in mind, you can work with our team. We will bring your desired custom neon sign idea to life.

You can use Echo Neon signs in your home, bedrooms, personal spaces, office, and business. Here are some ideas to try with neon signs;

  • Use neon signs to serve decorative functions as wall art or to attenuate other artworks in your home or office.
  • Neon signs to improve productivity in office spaces.
  • Neon signs to beautify outdoor spaces like patios or gardens.
  • You can also use neon signs in private areas like libraries or bathrooms to elevate your mood.
  • Neon signs are also great for your business as they can attract customers.

LED Neon Tube Lamps

LED neon tube lamps by Echo Neon studio are the perfect combination of LED and Neon to create long-lasting lights. They are long tubes of colourful lights that are lightweight and easy to use. You can easily lay them against the wall in your rooms or commercial spaces, and they produce a beautiful light reflection.

With several colour options that Echo neon provides, this light source is perfect for creating an artistic environment. This is a functional light source as it is bright yet comfortable for the eyes and does not flicker.

This neon light is suitable for use in outdoor and indoor spaces. Here are some options you can try out;

  • Place an LED lamp in the Livingroom to add colours and brightness. You can hang this light on the wall or rest it against an object.
  • Use this light in your game room to provide illumination. They also help to improve gaming sessions.
  • Use LED neon tube lamps in dark spaces like hallways to provide enough lighting at nighttime.
  • This LED lamp also works for parties and other events in bars or club areas. It gives the best type of light that help set the mood for fun.
  • You can also use this light source in your bedroom.

Lune Floor Lamp

Many of our customers love this neon light due to its creative design. This light source gives a natural look and is aesthetically pleasing. The lune floor lamp was designed after the moon’s reflectance. So, it is perfect for relaxation and comfort purposes. This light source is similar to letting the moon light up your space.

The setup of this light source is easy to use. It has two acrylic sheets and one circular LED lamp. You can shift between sheets to transform your room between phases like the moon. Another great thing about this floor lamp is that it does not generate heat that can make one’s space uncomfortable. Hence, you can enjoy all activities peacefully with this light source without breaking a sweat.

This floor lamp is perfect for your evening functions. Here are some ways to use it;

  • This light source is an excellent idea for your yoga/meditation studio. Its soft and natural glow makes your sessions amazing.
  • To light up your relaxation spaces like spas or gardens.
  • It’s also a great gift idea for yoga lovers, ballet dancers, or anyone who loves how the moon works!

Final Thoughts

Echo Neon, a Neon sign workshop in the UK, creates and manufactures unique designs of neon lights. For more than ten years, Echo Neon has satisfied the lighting needs in the UK with quality lights. These neon lights are designed to suit various needs by providing illumination, beauty, and style to different personal and commercial areas.

Echo Neon has products like neon signs, LED neon lamps, and Floor lamps. These light sources are available in great designs, shapes, and colours. Hence, check out Echo Neon if you want unique designs to light up your home, office, and outdoor spaces.