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Love is an important emotion that rules the world. Love can heal, motivate, and build up strength. A mother feels love immediately she sets her eyes on her newborn baby. It is also the strong bond that is formed between two people who have vowed to stay together till eternity.

More than words can describe, love is only received when it is first expressed. There are several ways you can express love to your friends and family. If you are wondering how to tell your “person” you love them, this guide will show you how to—with love neon signs.

love you neon signs

Explore All Forms Of Love With Neon Love Signs

Love is a broad topic, and it stems from individual love to broader forms of love. You can spread the gospel of love with simple gestures such as running errands for your friends or getting them a functional neon light. Let’s see how you can express love with your neon signs.

Self-Love With Neon Signs

The best form of love is to love one’s self truly. Self-love stems from deep regard and appreciation for oneself, demonstrated in words, thoughts, and actions. One of the actions you can take is to do things that make you happy. For example, you can purchase love neon signs that are enlightening and inspiring, so they can help brighten up your mood. You can also harness your creative energy to make yourself a neon sign, which can bring excitement and fulfillment.

love neon sign

Love Neon Sign Gift Options

Many people say that gift-giving is a type of love language, and nothing could be truer than this. You can tell your friend or partner that you are thinking of them by gifting them love neon signs. Neon signs are useful for illuminative purposes and can help pass the message across that they mean so much to you. You can make your signs in shapes or quotes that are meaningful to the recipient.

Romantic Gestures Using Neon Signs For Love

Love neon signs are efficient for all kinds of love settings. There are loads of romantic activities you can do with neon signs. Examples are; an evening dinner in a garden, a proposal by your favourite beach, or a movie night with your best person. You can set up neon signs in love shapes or with love quotes to set the mood for the occasion. For instance, you can make the words “will you marry me?” with your neon sign for a proposal.

Words Of Encouragement With Love Neon Signs

Has someone ever said a word to you that brightened up your day? Or have you ever received an inspiring message that energised you to get things done? Everyone appreciates a little word of encouragement. So, if you are wondering how to express your love, you can make inspiring words with neon signs. Set up the signs in their spaces and let them wake up to great words each morning. They would absolutely love it!

love never fails neon sign

Top Ideas For Your Neon Sign For Love

Neon signs are flexible and versatile. Therefore, you can have them in different designs and forms to suit your needs. You can make custom designs by yourself. Or you can choose your neon signs for love with phrases, quotes, or love shapes. Let us explore these options below!

Neon Sign Shapes

These love neon signs are made in simple shapes and designs. They are a great idea for a minimalist setting. You can also have them in various colours. Some examples are:

1. Hearts Neon Sign:

The heart shape is a common symbol of love. Hence, the hearts neon sign is a great choice for a love neon sign. You can hang it in your bedroom as a reminder to love yourself every morning.

2. Pet parent paws neon sign:

The pet parent paws neon sign is another type of love neon sign shape. This is a great sign if you love animals or own a pet. You can also get this sign if you have recently lost one of your fur animals. The sign can be used to keep their memory. Place it in your bedroom or close to your pet’s sleeping area as a great sign of support.

3. Sleeping Angel Neon Sign:

This lovely sleeping angel neon sign can be a breathtaking view on your walls. It’s a great love sign if you want to set up a peaceful and serene environment in your room. You can use it in your newborn’s bedroom to add a lovely charm. It’s also a beautiful gift idea for a friend who just had a baby.

4. LOVE Neon Sign:

Do you need a little love in your room? Then try this LOVE neon sign. It is a unique design that can help to make your room more inviting. Its minimalist design makes it perfect for your office or workplaces too. It’s a great option to help brighten a rather dull day.

5. Mother’s Hug Neon Sign:

There is a famous saying that nothing beats a mother’s love, and we agree! This mother’s hug neon sign is inspired by the purest form of love mothers show to their babies. It shows a mother holding her baby tight to her chest while casting a warm glow on the surroundings. It is a wonderful gift idea for all mothers and is perfect for nursery use.

Neon Sign Quotes/Phrases

You can get more expressive with how you love by using love neon sign quotes or phrases. There are thousands of designs to choose from. And if you have a favorite love saying, you can create a neon sign with it.

1. What if you fly neon sign:

Hanging the “what if you fly” neon sign on your wall can be a daily reminder to soar even when you do not feel like it. This is a perfect neon sign for some self-love and inspiration. The quote says, “what if I fail; Oh, but my darling, what if you fly.” You can use this sign in your bedroom or in your private place where you make your affirmations.

2. There’s no place like home LED neon sign:

This LED neon sign is great for showing how much you love being home. It is available in different colours—red, blue, pink, etc.; so it fits perfectly with the colours of your walls. You can use this neon sign in your bedroom, Livingroom or as a gift to your family when you are far away.

3. La vie en rose neon sign:

Designed after the popular French song, la vie en rose, this neon sign literally means “life in rosy hues.” The la vie en rose neon sign simply says to see life from an optimistic point of view. This sign is a great reminder to do things that make you happy and do things that you enjoy without worry. It is perfect for your bedroom walls and therapy spaces.

4. Be My Valentine Neon Sign:

This sign is for that special season when everyone is about making their partners happy, you can put this sign up to make yours smile. It is available in various colours and can be used in almost all settings—dinner, dates, or an evening together.


Love is special, and you can celebrate love on all occasions. Use love neon signs to show yourself and those you care about some love today. You can purchase ready-made signs or make a custom love neon sign today.

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