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Are you struggling to decorate neon light signs for bedroom? Then this article is for you!

Decorative accessories undoubtedly serve more purposes than decoration, including inspiration, motivation, vibe setting, and self-expression. Interestingly, neon lights aren’t an exception in this case.

Neon lights are very suitable for the bedrooms. You can use them to add a party feel and make the bedroom more informal and welcoming. Basically, you can design neon tubes into different letters and shapes. This cuts across using several fun words and phrases to make the room décor neon signs for bedroom more beautiful and inspiring.

This article carefully explains the multiple ways you can decorate your bedroom with neon light signs. So let’s get right into it!

First, Why Should You Use Neon Sign in Bedroom

Below are the top 5 reasons for you to consider using neon light signs for bedroom:

1. Gives your Space a Bold/ Visible Lightning

Neon lights add uniqueness to the bedroom design. They provide bold lightning, particularly because they come in several bright colors. The possibility of how you can use it to transform your home is endless. So, add a pop of color to your room with neon lights today!

2.Flexibility: Neon Lights Come in Different Shapes and Designs

Another reason neon light is perfect for your bedroom is that they come in different shapes and sizes. As a result, they can fit into various shapes and designs that best suit your taste or personality.

You will be surprised that you can customize a neon sign with your name, favorite lyrics or quote, or anything that appeals to you.

3. Long Lifespan

If properly built and maintained, neon lights can last up to 12 years and save you money as you won’t need to change them except if you want to redecorate. Compared to other illumination sources, neon lights have a higher life span. As bulbs and other traditional lights have a lifespan of fewer than seven months and sometimes a few years

4. Eco-Friendliness

Neon lights require less energy and are less environmentally harmful than traditional lights. Although neon lights are electric lights, their glow emanates from the gas-discharge tubes containing the neon gas, making them environmentally friendly. Also, because it has a long life span, there is no frequent replacement, and as such, it offers minimal contribution to waste.

5. Energy and Style Improvement

Neon lights improve your energy and style. The lighting in your room can either boost your energy positively or provide a negative vibe. For instance, bright colors might heighten your productivity, while dark colors might make you brood.

Fortunately, Neon lights vary vastly, so there are many colors from which you can choose. Hence. You do not have to decide your decoration based on another person’s room’s appearance. Instead, you pick what best suits your personality and style.

If you choose correctly, your mood will lighten up every time you set your feet in your bedroom, irrespective of your day.

Top 5 Ways to Use Neon Light Signs for Bedroom

After purchasing the neon lights with colors that best suit your personality and style, there is always the question of how to use them to decorate the room. Questions like, what pattern should I follow? What neon signs for bedroom should I use? Etc.

Thankfully, you do not have to worry any further. Here are the top 5 ways to decorate your room with neon lights.

1. Place Neon Light on a Dark Wall

Neon lights usually add personality to dark walls. They look great on them as you don’t need total darkness to see its effect. So, you can paint your room in dark colors and add neon lights to them because while they look good in bright colors, you will need darkness to make the lights stand out.

2.Place It on Your Favorite Items in the Room

Neon Lights are your perfect decoration for spotlighting objects in your room. If you want to draw attention to any object in a room, such as your foot rug or a wall painting, furniture, etc., you can place a neon light under or behind it.

Decorating your bed or bed area with neon lights is one of the best ways to decorate your room, as it makes your bed glow and boosts the overall vibe. If you are the type that likes the lights out while you are asleep, you can switch off the regular lights in your room and leave the neon lights on.

Neon lights are not so bright to disturb your sleep. You can also place a neon light on your room sofa to add life and color.

Essentially, you can make neon lights the centerpiece in your bedroom or make other objects stand out more by placing Neon lights around them.

3. Use Neon Lights as a Sign

Using neon lights as a sign is one of the most popular ways people use them, and you can use them to decorate your bedroom similarly. Growing up, you must have seen Neon lights used as a sign in restaurants and every other place during Christmas!

You could use it as a welcome sign in your bedroom and turn it on whenever you have visitors to draw their attention to it and make them feel relaxed and wanted in your space.

4. Create a Sci-fi Movie Scene

This method will interest you if you are a fan of sci-fi movies. Do you know you can make your bedroom look like a scene from your favorite movie genre? Neon lights will help you achieve this. You can add neon light to your room walls, one or two neon striped pieces of furniture, and some glass panels to top it all. Voila, you have a scene from a sci-fi movie. To get the whole ambiance, add royal and dark blue colored neon lights.

5. Use Reflections

You can also use reflection to give your bedroom a dreamy look. You can do this by placing neon lights opposite a mirror so that it would reflect. For instance, you can set your neon lights around the floor of your room if you have a mirrored ceiling. You can likewise place them opposite your dressing mirror.

Where Else Can You Decorate with Neon Lights?

Asides from your bedroom, there are other places you can decorate with neon lights. This includes:

  • Your living room
  • The nursery
  • Your dining room
  • Your office
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Bars

What Other Type of Light Can You Use to Decorate Your Bedroom?

Here are several other variations of light that you can use to decorate your room:

  • Caged Pendant light
  • Table Lamps
  • Sconce
  • Light Fixture
  • Floor lamp
  • Down Lights
  • Industrial Lights
  • Track Lights
  • Onyx
  • Cove Lights
  • LED lights


Over the years, neon light signs have become trendy, thanks to their ability to serve as a medium of self-expression and portrayal of one’s personality. However, while decorating your room, you need to reconcile with your inner creativity and have fun so that the decoration can suit your personality.

Thankfully, we have helped identify the top 5 ways you can use neon light signs for bedroom, depending on your needs and preferences.

We hope you can go straight from reading this article to sparking your room with beautiful neon designs. If you have suggestions, thoughts, or questions, please share them in the comment section. We will be happy to chat.

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