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As you may have guessed, we at Echo Neon are big fans of neon signs, neon lights, and all things related to custom neon. We believe that custom neon signs are the finest method to brighten up any area of your life! But Neon lights are not only good for you they are also great for others! A custom neon sign adds excitement and light to everything it touches so we believe they make the best present!

Things to consider when buying a Neon sign as a present.

There are many things to consider when buying a Neon led light as a present. First of all, if you are planning on giving the neon sign away with no surprise or reveal make sure it is something they need or can use regularly. Is there an area in their house that really needs lighting up, would they benefit from having this beautiful light source?

Neon signs for room lighting

Neon signs are very versatile. They can be mounted or hung on any type of surface, they can even stand-alone to provide hours of beautiful illumination. The best place for a neon sign is where it will bring the most light and life to its surroundings. And would you believe that custom neon can not only shine bright but also be easily customized to fit your friend or loved one’s personality?

Style and Taste

Make sure the custom sign you are buying matches the style of the person to whom you are buying it for. If you have a friend who is super modern and artsy then go artistic and wild with the neon sign! If you have a friend that loves their dog then a canine-themed custom neon sign could be just what they need. With our statement signage wall art, the possibilities are endless. We have many categories in our online shop that you can check out. You only have to think about your friend, their hobbies, their likes and create something that will be unique and personal to them.


Consider the size of the Sign when buying for someone else. Remember they are going to have to find a place for it so make sure you have the right size.

Boost their mood with colour

The neon light is an exciting way to bring life and colour into your friends home or workplace. It can be used as task lighting, ambient lighting, or even mood lighting. Neon lights enhance moods with their vibrant, colourful nature so add a bit of colour and excitement to someone’s life today and give them a custom neon sign as a present!

All you have to do now is find the ideal custom neon sign, in the right hue for their room, whether it’s an energetic orange or a relaxing blue. Our selection of Led neon comes in a variety of hues, shapes and sizes, making it easier to pick the perfect colour for your friends’ space.

Office signs to keep you motivated while working

If your friend has an office job then why not add statement signage to their office wall! Working long hours in drab space can be demoralizing so why not brighten up their office with some motivational words to inspire them during the day. Talk to our creative team who can help create a personalised piece to add character and charm to their office space.

Wedding gifts

It goes without saying that a custom neon light would be a great gift for any occasion but a wedding party or event is a great time to give a truly special gift. Our wedding signs are both beautiful and colourful, a perfect way to brighten up the venue and make the event even more memorable. You can use them to sign the way to the garden, the bar, or make for a really Instagram photo opportunity! At Echo Neon we can create any kind of custom neon sign at an affordable price for you, you can call our online shop to discuss design and the process at any time and our team of customer service representatives will be more than happy to help with your request!

Not just wall accessories

Our lights are not just limited to wall use. You can choose from a variety of floor lamps and other light options that will shine just as brightly. There are also desk lamps that can be used to create statement lighting in the workplace. Our floor standing neon lights have a stable base with a sturdy design so they can be placed anywhere. Our lights are the perfect gift for any occasion and will light up a room in a way that no other present can!

By far the best benefit of buying a Led neon light as a present is that whenever your friend looks at the soft glow of neon and gets that warm fuzzy feeling they will be thinking of you!

Echoneon UK offers bespoke neon signs at the touch of a few buttons! With more options available soon, all you need is an account login and you can get creative. As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of neon Led lights, we offer a wide range of colours and styles to cater for all tastes. Choose from classic tube lighting, contemporary LED neon signs, or statement signage to liven up your space!

We also have a large collection of options for special occasions! Our range includes custom wedding neon signs, baby shower signs and birthday signs.

We have competitive prices and offer superior quality items. It is easy to open an account and simply log in to get started!h4

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