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Neon signs are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their in-trend designs and eye-catching colors but can you give out a neon sign as a gift? If so, when can you gift out LED neon signs and where can you get the best neon signs to give out as gifts?

This post reveals reasons why LED neon signs are the perfect gift item and the best time of the year to give out LED neon signs as gifts. So, let’s dive in. 

Why Choose LED Neon Signs As Gifts?

Here are reasons to choose an LED neon sign as a gift for your friends and family:

1. Neon Signs Are User-Friendly

LED neon signs are the perfect gift item because they are user-friendly and have low maintenance and running costs. 

The LED signs come with a built-in dimmer and remote control that allows you to switch between different colors and display modes with just the push of a button. You also get a complete installation kit and the backboard of the signs is drilled with holes for easy installation and hanging.  

LED neon signs also don’t generate heat or make noises like traditional neon signs that make “humming” noises. LED neon signs are designed with low-energy LED bulbs that consume six times less energy than your average lightbulb so the sign wouldn’t spike electric bills either. 

Whoever you give a LED neon sign to would love it since they can just sit back and enjoy the beautiful glow and display that the sign brings to their space without worrying about maintenance or running costs. 

2. LED Neon Signs Are Beautiful

Another reason to gift out a LED neon sign is that it is aesthetically pleasing. LED neon signs are very beautiful and attractive which is one of the reasons they are so common today. Whether the aesthetic neon sign is used indoors, outdoors, in the home, office, or business place, it will beautify the space with its unique display of colors and trendy design. 

3. Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Love Neon Signs

If you want to gift an entrepreneur friend or business owner, you should gift them a LED neon sign that represents their business or brand. This is a great way to show support for their business and they would surely love it. 

You can even get the neon sign custom-made to display the person’s business logo or brand name. This will set their business apart from others that offer similar services and they can hang their gift outside their store to attract customers. You can customize a LED neon sign for your friend’s business at Echo Neon. Our team of experts is readily available to assist you from the design stage to delivery.

4. LED Neon Signs Are Ultra-Durable and Safe

LED neon signs would make a perfect gift item because they are durable and safe. The signs are designed from sturdy and eco-friendly materials like high-grade PVC, LED bulbs, and acrylic backboards that make them last longer than regular neon signs. 

So, if you give someone a LED neon sign, you are giving them a decor item that will stand the test of time and, everytime they see the sign, they remember who gave it to them.

5. LED Neon Signs Are Not Gender or Age Specific

LED neon signs are for anybody and everybody. This is another reason why they are a great gift item. Whether you want to gift a kid, adult, man, or woman, you’ll find a LED sign that will be perfect for the occasion. 

You can shop from the widest collection of neon signs to pick the perfect gift for your loved one. Love neon signs, cute neon signs, kid neon signs, sports neon signs, cool neon signs, and lots more are available for you to choose from. 

6. LED Neon Signs Aren’t Expensive

Contrary to popular opinion, LED neon signs aren’t expensive products. While some rare signs can cost well over $500, you can still get beautiful neon signs that will make perfect gifts for less than $300 at Echo Neon. We even have LED neon signs that cost less than $150 like this Christmas neon sign that would make a great Christmas present or this romantic neon sign that would make a perfect valentine’s present. 

7. Neon Signs Aren’t Common As Gifts

Yes, you read that right! LED neon signs aren’t a common gift item and this just adds more value to the sign when it is given as a gift. Since the recipient is sure not to get such a present from anybody else, your gift will be the best they receive on their special day. So, shop now!

When Can You Give Out A Neon Sign As A Gift?

You can give out a neon sign as a gift on different occasions. The list includes Christmas parties, New Year, Thanksgiving, birthdays, business and brand openings, housewarming parties, weddings and anniversaries, reunions, and lots more. The best part is there is a neon sign for every occasion at Echo Neon so all you have to do is shop from the category of the occasion. 

To make the neon sign a perfect gift, you can customize it for the occasion. For instance, if you want to give out a neon sign as a gift for your friend’s wedding, you can customize the names of the newly-weds in a beautiful cursive font and have it lit with the most beautiful colors. This gift would be loved by the couple and would be an ideal decor item even after the wedding. 

Likewise, if you want to give out a neon sign as a gift for your friend’s birthday party, you can have their name or new age customized as a LED neon sign so it’s a perfect fit for the occasion. 

Final Words

In summary, LED neon signs would make the perfect gift item for any event. This is because they are affordable, user-friendly, beautiful, and they last for several years without any sign of damage. You can either shop from an existing collection or have a LED neon sign custom-made for you. So, shop now and get the best gift for that special someone. 

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