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Everyone loves a good gift; receiving gifts is one of the most special feelings. However, one other thing that brings absolute joy is finding the right gifts for your close people. A perfect gift will serve a useful purpose for the recipient. 

Are you worried about finding a functional gift for that special friend or family? Neon signs can be the solution to your worries! Neon Signs are a great light source and are functional for all settings. These features and many more make them a great gift option. Read more as we discuss this in detail. 

bloom neon light for home decor with pink backing

Why Neon Signs are a Great Choice for Gifts

If you want to give a gift to someone you value, you would certainly ensure that the gift is of great quality. Neon signs are such an item, and they can serve as gifts for people of all ages. Below are some reasons to consider buying a neon sign as a gift

Create Personalised Designs

When you are looking for a perfect gift object for your special person, it may be difficult to find the exact design that you have in mind. However, rather than settle for just anything, you can create the design you have in mind with neon signs. 

Neon signs are flexible, so they can easily be made into different shapes, sizes, and designs—just as you wish. Therefore, use custom neon signs if you want a gift that speaks the language your friend understands best. This is because you can customise your signs in the exact words or colour you want your gift to be. These signs can be their name, favourite phrases, or music lyrics. 

A Long-Lasting Gift

The most meaningful gifts are those that tend to last a lifetime. People appreciate gifts that are durable and have high longevity. Durable gifts help people keep memories as they can serve as a reminder of great moments and feelings. 

Neon signs are long-lasting light pieces. Hence, picking a neon sign as a gift can serve as a reminder of your love and thoughtfulness. Because this light source can be used for a long period, the memory of your will linger for as long as the sign stays up. 

Neon signs are a Trendy Gift Choice

Another reason neon signs are functional gifts is that they are trendy, so everyone loves them. Neon signs are used in virtually all industries and spaces—on streets, offices, and private apartments. 

Hence, it does not matter what job your person does or what area they live in. Your neon sign gift recipient will always find a use for their neon gift. Even children can use neon signs as night lights or decorations in their rooms. Hence, neon signs as gifts are a great option for everyone. 

Top 10 Gift Ideas Using Neon Signs

If you plan to give someone a neon sign, there are thousands of designs to choose from. We have made a list featuring the best neon sign designs that are great for gifts. Let’s look at each of them below. 

Custom Designs

You can either purchase ready-made neon signs or design one by yourself. You can be creative and specific with your needs by making custom neon sign designs. You have the freedom to choose the colour, words, design, and size that you want. This is one of the best ways to make a neon sign gift with a personal touch. 

nursery neon sign

Pillow Talk Neon Sign

This neon sign is perfect for every bedroom. It casts a cool and soft glow on the room when it is on; this light helps to set the mood. If you want that extra touch of luxury in a bedroom, this pillow talk neon sign is the perfect fit. You can gift this to about anyone—your partner or your close friend as it is a functional decorative light for bedrooms. 

Sky Clock Neon Sign

If you have a close friend who just got promoted at work and you are wondering what to gift them, this sign works. This Sky clock neon sign is perfect for office use with its unique design; it can be easily assembled and looks great on walls. You can get this sign in various colours, so it can easily blend with other wall colours. 

Bon Appetit Neon Sign

This neon sign is one of the best kitchen neon signs. It is a great way to illuminate a kitchen or restaurant and be a wall decoration. It is also useful in setting the mood in the kitchen, as everyone can be up for a treat with this sign. It is a functional gift for your lady friends that love their kitchen spaces or for a restaurant owner. 

But Did You Die Neon Sign

Are any of your friends passionate about exercise and bodybuilding? Do they own a gym or have a space where all the physical activities take place? If yes, we have found them a gift they would absolutely cherish—the “but did you die?” neon sign. This sign is great for lighting up a gym and motivating bodybuilders not to quit. 

Mini Robot Neon Sign

Kids are usually fazed by robots, and many of them can’t wait to own one. If you have kids or are an aunt or uncle to some kids, you can make their dreams come true. If you cannot buy them a robot, you can set up one in their rooms with this mini robot neon sign. You can ask them to name their robot neon sign to make this more fun. 

Leaf Painting Neon Sign

This neon sign is a similitude of nature’s beauty and perfection. Its soft green glow brightens up the space with natural beauty. It can be hung in a living room or your bedroom to create a relaxing environment. This sign is a perfect gift for friends who love nature. 

Sleeping Angel Neon Sign

This is another bedroom neon sign that helps to make rooms serene and peaceful. This neon sign shows a sleeping angel and is available in various colour options. It can be a great gift to your partner or your kids. 

Glowsticks LED Neon Light

This glowsticks neon sign is a blend of different stick colours—blue, yellow, green, red, purple, and pink. It is useful for places where you need extra colourful lights, the living room, for example. It is a perfect gift for your friends who have just moved into a new home. 

Aesthetic Face Neon Sign

Aesthetic Face Neon Sign vintage piano flowers

This aesthetic neon sign is a drawing of half a woman’s face. It is a great choice for spaces requiring minimalistic designs due to its warm and inviting glow. This neon sign is a perfect gift for your friend’s beauty outlets like a saloon or makeup studio. 

Final Words

Neon signs are useful for showing love to those you love. Because they are long-lasting, they can help create memories that would last a lifetime. If you are looking for the best gift for that special person, go through the list in this guide for great options. You can also check Echo neon signs for even more ideas.

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