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Have you been searching for ways to make your home look more fancy and unique? Neon signs are one of the wonders of interior decorations. They have advanced from mere light sources to a creative advantage that every home requires.

Neon signs allow you to appreciate your space even more as they transform dull and plain rooms into lively, fun, and adventurous spaces. With different designs, shapes, and colours, neon signs allow you to express your creativity in your home.

You can follow the trend by using these signs in various parts of your home—including your bathroom and dining room. Read on to discover several ways to use neon signs to brighten your home!

Why You Should Consider Neon Signs for Your Home

Aside from being an option for decorations, there are several other reasons why you should consider getting neon signs for your home. Below are five reasons.

  1. Add a bit of colour:

Dull rooms or spaces tend to affect people’s mood and productivity levels. It is well known that colours help make people feel better and gear them to be productive. Neon signs are colourful light sources. Hence, they can help turn your home into bright spaces that are great for your mood. You can check out several neon sign colour options and decide which fits your room best.

  1. Match the vibe:

Neon signs are versatile and can be used in many spaces. In the past, people majorly used neon signs outdoors for advertisement purposes. However, neon signs are now commonly used in homes and other indoor spaces, and they still look great!

That is, neon signs are decorative pieces that can match the vibe of whatever space you place them in. If you would like your room to look artistic, neon signs work. Neon signs also work if you want a décor that allows you to be expressive. Whatever outlook you want for your home, neon signs can match the vibe.

  1. Visibility purposes:

As light sources, neon signs are bright and bold. This is a great advantage for home spaces with limited sunlight exposure. Neon signs can help brighten dark areas in your homes to assist with easy navigation and improved visibility.

  1. Energy efficiency:

There has been a global switch from traditional light sources to energy-efficient lighting. Energy-efficient lights use a minimal amount of electricity to generate light. This is a great benefit for homeowners as you can light up your home with less money compared to traditional lighting.

Neon signs are energy-efficient light sources. Hence, you can have bright and well-lit spaces in your home without worrying about your electricity bill.

  1. A burst of creative energy:

You should use neon signs if you love trying out new things and switching up your home to make it more creative. Neon signs are flexible, coming in several colours, shapes, and sizes. Due to this, you can come up with various creative ideas for your rooms, and neon signs will help you bring them to life.

You can make anything with neon signs—your name, favourite quotes, catchphrases, or a shape you love. Hence, you only need to think of something you want for your home and make them with neon signs!

How to Use Neon Signs for Your Home Décor

There are thousands of ideas on how to use neon signs for your home. It depends on your taste, personality, and preference. Neon signs are useful in all your home spaces, like the kitchen, bathroom, backyard, or front porch. Here are some excellent ideas to go with these spaces!

Living Room

A living room is usually visitors’ first contact with many homes. The look of your Livingroom can help people decide your personality types. Hence, it is vital to keep the Livingroom cozy for visitors. You can use home décor neon signs in your Livingroom to add colour and give a nice appeal to visitors. Here are some of the ways to go about it.

  • Choose colourful neon signs to match your Livingroom’s neutral look.
  • Place a neon sign on the wall that speaks to your visitors. An example is a quote that expresses a view that you have.
  • In the Livingroom, you can hang neon signs on trees and other home decoration items.


Your bedroom is your personal space where you can express your creativity as you desire. Neon signs for room can help you explore several creative options in your space. You can go as creative as using several neon lights for the bedroom to give a burst of colour. Here’s how to do it.

  • Place a neon sign on the wall above your bed space.
  • Hang neon signs of your favourite music lyrics and quotes on your bedroom walls.
  • Add a unique pop to your room with bright neon sign colours.


If you are thinking of adding a twist to your home décor, then don’t leave out your bathroom! You can give your bathroom a more modern and chic look by hanging neon wall signs on the walls of your bathroom.

Neon lights in the bathroom will help create a unique look and feel for your bathroom, making your self-care routines more satisfying. Imagine yourself having a bubble bath under the soft glow of neon lights.

  • Choose soft colours for your bathroom walls.
  • Place the neon sign at an angle that allows you to see well into the mirror for your daily routines like makeup application.
  • The reflections of neon signs in your bathroom, especially when placed opposite a mirror, can help give a dreamy look. This is usually great for video content and pictures in the bathroom.

Kitchen/Dining room

Your kitchen or dining area can enjoy a touch of neon lights too. Spice up your kitchen and dining space with some neon signs. While this may sound quite odd, the result is usually satisfying and unique.

  • Use food images for your kitchen and dining room neon signs.
  • You can use other food-related neon signs like quotes from a renowned chef or a chef hat. 
  • Simple colours and designs work perfectly well with kitchen/dining spaces. Use calm colours like white or grey for your neon signs.

Nursery/Kids’ Room

The nursery or your kid’s room is another place where neon lights for room can serve their purpose. They are a great idea because of their soft glow and the beautiful effects they have. Children love colours and lights; hence, let their spaces reflect that.

  • Place a neon sign above your child’s bed.
  • Write your child’s name with a neon sign. This can also be your child’s favourite singer.
  • You can hang neon signs as a night light for your kids that do not like the dark.

Front Porch

Many people love to spend their evenings on the front porch of their homes. Neon signs can help make your time more enjoyable by providing a light source that is not too bright to distract your meditation. Yet, this light source provides enough illumination and adds beauty to your porch.

  • Use neon lights to attenuate certain features around your porch, like a plant stand.
  • Line up your stairway with neon signs to provide illumination and beauty.
  • Use neutral colours to give a soothing effect during nighttime.


Neon signs have become more popular over the years. This is because they serve as a medium for self-expression and creativity. The remarkable features of neon signs make them one of the best home décor options for many homeowners. You can use neon signs for your bedrooms, kitchen, Livingroom, and front porch. Enjoy the best lighting with neon signs for home.

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