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Everyone could use some motivation, and with our motivational phrases neon signs, you can both motivate and adorn. Use the motivational neon sign in any area of your business, home, workplace, or event.

You probably don’t want another sign with your company’s name in neon if you already have one for your company. If you don’t want to add another framed print to your bedroom’s decor, you might be searching for a fun alternative.


LED quote neon signs are a fantastic way to give your wall some personality. You don’t have to stick with a simple logo or business name for your bar, company, or café. Any setting can benefit from having a quote displayed in neon lights to add humor, mystery, or intrigue. You can use it to set the mood for a gathering or your day.


We make custom neon signs at Echoneon that can say anything you want. The font, color, and design are all customizable, but what you want your neon sign to say is frequently the hardest choice for customers.


You can create a pleasant atmosphere with our “What If I Fly” neon sign or other amusing quotation signs. Use a “Nothing is impossible” or “Do what you love” sign to motivate your staff and clients. An inspirational message always uplifts people’s spirits, and a neon light inspirational quote allows you to add a little extra brightness.


For your ease, we have put together a list of the top LED neon sayings you can use for your sign. To see how you can use each quote in various contexts, we’ve also divided them by category. Look at the sayings below for some ideas for your unique neon sign.


You can choose from various quotes to put on your neon sign. How do you decide which sayings are appropriate for your restaurant, bedroom, or office? We’ve compiled lists of the best-LED neon quotes for your inspiration.


Neon Sign Sayings for The Office

Neon signs for your company or workplace are a fantastic way to liven up your conference rooms or motivate and inspire your staff. They might be useful for a party or corporate event as well.


Keep things straightforward and traditional while thinking about quotes for your office. It would be best if you didn’t employ a lot of slang or lengthy quotations. The goal is for customers and staff to quickly recognize it and better understand your business’s character and values.


See the quotations below for some inspiration for neon signage for your workplace. Not interested in quotes? We also have some more suggestions for your company here.


  • Your future is what you make of it.
  • Nothing is impossible.
  • Consider novel ideas.
  • Work hard, play hard, 
  • pursue your passions, 
  • and maintain humility.


Neon Sign Quote for Bedrooms

Every bedroom has its neon sign, including nurseries, college dorm rooms, apartment rooms, and master bedrooms.


You can start each day with the correct attitude by putting a motivating neon phrase on your walls like “what if I fly” because neon signs are difficult to overlook. Pick a statement that has personal value for you, encourages you, or serves as a reminder of your daily affirmations.


Check out a few of the neon sayings you can use through our customized option for any bedroom:


  • My sunlight, you
  • Today, you appear wonderful.
  • Hello, lovely
  • All of it was a dream.
  • When you were made to stand out, why try to fit in?
  • Be your authentic self.
  • Life in Roses
  • There is no place like home until the end of time.
  • Stay sassy


Neon Wedding Sayings

Since neon signs are an easy way to add decor that sticks out, celebrates your love, and looks amazing in pictures, they have grown in popularity for weddings.


YOU may use many neon sign styles at weddings, but quotes are still among the most creative because they can say whatever you want. You and your partner can decide on a saying or quotation that has special value for you both, complements your wedding’s theme, or even serves as a rallying cry for the wedding party.


The best part is that you may utilize your quotation neon sign as home décor after your wedding, turning it into a priceless souvenir.


Here are some suggestions for wedding-related neon quotation signs:


  • A happy ending
  • Insanely in love
  • It only takes love to last
  • until death separates us.
  • Better together since the beginning
  • Drunk in love.”


Quotes in Neon for Bars

Since bars and pubs frequently have darker interiors, neon quotes signs like “this must be the place” look fantastic there. As a result, any neon quote you put there will stand out.


Some establishments use a straightforward neon sign, such as a beer glass, wine bottle, or even their name. However, a quote is more enduring and participatory since your customers will enjoy taking pictures of your sign and posting them online.


It’s advisable to pick a humorous, young, brief quote for bars. Nobody wants to read an entire neon novel after a few drinks!


Restaurant Quotes in Neon

Like bars, a statement on the wall of your restaurant can significantly influence the mood. It would help if you focused your remark on cuisine or a particular dish you serve, as opposed to the bar quotes, which tend to be more focused on drinks.


Try to choose a quote like “Bon Appetit” that is both pertinent to your particular restaurant and not overly general when selecting one. Since food is on the menu at every restaurant, using a quote or punthat alludes to the cuisine or specialties of your establishment will make it more memorable for your customers.


You can use the following quotations in your restaurant as examples of neon:


  • Good appetite
  • No harm in having dessert
  • Give me tacos and tell me I look good.
  • Everything is solved by ice cream.
  • a pleasant mood and delicious food
  • sleepy brunch face
  • Love is food


Cafe Neon Quote Signs

Everyone enjoys visiting fashionable coffee shops, but they enjoy them, even more when they feature a lovely Instagrammable quote.


Coffee lovers take their passion for the beverage very seriously. Giving them a striking neon sign to use as a backdrop in your café for their daily cappuccino will help you draw in more customers when those images are shared on social media.



When it comes to LED neon sign quotes, the possibilities are endless. Although, in general, we advise keeping your quotes concise and to the point, there is no reason you can’t use anything longer if you have a lot of room to fill.


We can make any personalized statement or sign you want at Echoneon. So, if any of the quotations on this list have inspired you or if you have a fantastic idea for another one, get in contact, and we’ll work with you to make it a reality. Asking for a quote is free, so don’t be reluctant to do so! Additionally, you can experiment with our interactive online customizer to see how your text might appear.

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