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The vibrant glow, cursive font, and lively display of LED neon signs make them a perfect fit for the leisure industry. Whether you want to decorate your space, attract customers, or give your leisure business an exciting uplift, LED neon signs have got you covered. 

This post reveals the top 7 ways and places to use LED neon signs in the leisure industry. Let’s dive in.

How To Use LED Neon Signs In The Leisure Industry – Top 7 Places

Here are the top 7 places to use a leisure neon sign in the leisure and entertainment world:

1. Game Houses and Arcades

LED neon signs are more than welcome in game houses and arcades. The animating glow, cool colors, and frisky designs of leisure neon signs are loved by video and arcade game enthusiasts. 

Whether inside the game house or at the entrance of your arcade, a LED neon sign could be that elusive decor item that takes your space to the next level. 

LED neon signs are safe to use in public and crowded spaces because they are made from recyclable materials like high-grade PVC and acrylic backboards. Also, the signs don’t generate heat or make noise so you have nothing to worry about. Check out this amazing collection of cool neon signs fit to use in an arcade.

2. Cinemas and Theaters

Cinemas and movie theaters are ideal places to use leisure neon signs. You can use a LED neon sign to pass information and indicate where the viewing rooms are. You can also use neon signs to light up the lobby area, concession stand, and waiting areas thanks to their cool cursive fonts and an RGB dynamic color switch with over 150 color effects. 

LED neon signs can complement any theme in your cinema and bring visual excitement to the walls. Check out this collection of Anime neon signs for your cinema. If you wish, you can have a neon sign custom-built for you. It could be a neon sign inspired by the name of your cinema or from a popular movie. 

3. Gyms and Sport Complexes

Leisure neon signs can be used in gyms, sports complexes, and recreation centers to add graphic details to the environment. You can hang text-based neon signs with positive messages on the wall of your gym to keep people going. 

You can also use sport-based neon signs to complement the theme in playing courts like this basketball hoop neon sign perfect for an indoor basketball court. If you wish, you can request the neon sign to be made with our splash-proof feature so it is water-resistant and fit for exterior spaces. 

4. Clubs and Hangout Spots

If there is anywhere to use a neon sign in the leisure industry, it’s in the club. Night clubs, bars, pubs, and public hangout spots are great places to hang a leisure neon sign. The cool glow and design of the neon sign will illuminate the space and create a terrific backdrop and lighting for your photos and videos. 

Adding a leisure neon sign to your club and hangout spots will create a visual decoration that will match the music and vibe of the place. You can hang the sign on the roof, entrance, or interior of the clubhouse to give guests an amazing atmosphere that will keep the party going all night. 

The best part about leisure neon signs is that they are created from different colors and have different designs so you can always find a neon sign for just about any type of party. Whether you want a Christmas tree neon sign for your Xmas party or a Halloween neon sign for your spooky night party, you’ll find a neon sign that will keep your guests entertained. 

5. Amusement Parks

Leisure neon signs are perfect for amusement parks, resorts, and funfairs. The rides, games, and indoor activities would look more fun and inviting if a vibrant neon sign is hung on the wall. 

You can use a superhero-inspired neon sign like this Deadpool neon sign or a movie-inspired neon sign like this Friends neon sign to thrill the guests and create excitement.

6. Spas

People go to spas to relax and get diverse skincare treatments and you can use a leisure neon sign to make your spa look and feel more soothing. The impressive range of neon colors means you can always find a neon sign to match the interior decor of your spa regardless of your taste. Since LED neon signs don’t generate heat or cause noisy disturbances, there is no risk to customers or your spa. You can go for this TikTok neon sign or browse from a wide collection of minimalistic neon signs fit to use in any saloon, spa, or relaxation spot. 

7. Pubs and Bars

Neon signs are also great additions to pubs, liquor stores, and bars. The LED glow of the neon signs have a nice way of bouncing off wine bottles and glasses to create the most beautiful and eye-catching light display in the bar. 

You can also use neon signs to decorate the entertainment section of your bar by hanging them around the pool table or foosball table. A neon sign can complement the music in your bar and create a visual attraction for guests. Check out this collection of stylish cafe and bar neon signs

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are common questions about using LED neon signs in the leisure industry:

Are LED Neon Signs Safe For Public Spaces?

LED neon signs are safe for public spaces, recreation areas, and crowded spots since the signs don’t contain any toxic gas or generate heat. Also, LED neon signs are handcrafted using flex plastic tubes and wooden boards. As such, there is no risk to public safety when you use a leisure neon sign. 

How Much Does A Leisure Neon Sign Cost?

Leisure neon signs often cost between $200 and $1000 but you can enjoy cheap prices, discounts, and slashed sales at Echo neon. They have some of the cheapest leisure neon signs in their collection for you to choose from and if you don’t like any of the signs displayed, you can request one to be custom-made based on your requirements. 

Final Words

In summary, LED neon signs are a fit for just about any leisure business due to their playful display and cool colors. If you want to beautify your leisure space and make it more inviting to customers, neon signs are the answer. You can even request a custom-made neon sign be created from your design if you want a personalized or unique feel. 

Neon signs can help your leisure brand stand out, especially at night. So, buy a leisure neon sign today and transform your leisure space!

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