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Neon signs have been used for commercial enterprises for more than 100 years, but today’s custom LED neon brings something new and more accessible to even small retail establishments. These affordable, efficient, and impressive neon lamps, led neon lights signs, novelty lights, or wall decor art make the best impression on every customer for a variety of reasons. These sales benefits brought to you by custom neon signs translate into greater recognition for your brand, increased traffic through your establishment, and a much greater chance of profit, and success now and in the future.

1 – Let Shoppers Know You Are Open With Neon Sign

Small businesses need to make a point of opening their doors and displaying an open sign during operational hours. This will allow customers to feel welcome, and it will also help your business to stand out from others. A sign that is not lit or not clear enough will often deter potential customers from entering a store. When deciding to shop at a store, shoppers often take into account various factors which they find most appealing to them. One of these elements is aesthetics, and if they are not pleased with the appearance of the exterior, they will likely turn around and head to a different shop or establishment.

A business may seem to be closed if the windows look empty or dark, but a brilliantly illuminated open sign keeps the customers coming in. An open sign can drive traffic not only because it signifies the store is still open, but also because it makes the empty store window appear less vacant and uninviting.

2 – Use Custom Neon Sign to Make Your Brand Identity Stand Out

Handmade Neon signs are an excellent way to make your brand stand out when you do not have a huge advertising budget. Affordable neon sculptures for room decor and business signage are universally recognizable and people will notice them immediately, making them the perfect way for small businesses to create a brand identity that stands out. Many small businesses do not have the financial resources for large marketing campaigns, so they often resort to less expensive methods of promotion. When you choose safe and efficient PVC and LED neon, you do not have to break the bank to make a big impact in your shop, restaurant, or office, or home bar.

Custom neon signs or Neon bar signs usually make the world seem like a more exciting place, but they also help businesses to be recognized by their customers. So, why not use them to promote your businesses? When you choose neon lights for your company, you are going to be able to provide your customers with an amazing experience, which means more repeat business for you, and a little extra income each time they visit your business. It also helps you to get your message across to every customer more effectively.

Brand recognition and reputation management are about ensuring that your business is viewed positively by your customers. It is not about making you look better or worse than your competitor. It is about ensuring that your business is perceived in a good light by your customers. Modern apple pay diners, on-trend glass neon tubes, colorful table lamps, and bright neon signs for room decor do exactly that.

3 – Neon Light Signs Announce Sales and Special Offers

The bright and eye-catching sight of a neon sign is an undeniably effective way to announce sales. Whether you are announcing a new coupon or special offer, doorbuster savings, or simply that it is time for happy hour, neon signs offer instant visibility and recognition that will help your business. These bright LED lights are an effective marketing tool. They are also a fun and modern way to market new products and discounts on older ones. Most of the time, These custom, light-up messages are used for decoration with a side focus on advertising.

What is the easiest and most affordable way to choose the best l neon to announce a new product or sale? With Echo Neon Studios customization options, you can easily design a brand-specific “Sale” or “New” sign. Hang this anywhere inside your shop and move it around from rack to rack as your offers change. Of course, you can also get something specific to a product or service that is sure to attract a lot of attention.

4 – Keep a Strong Traffic Flow Through the Store

People are attracted to light in color. Although this seems extremely simplistic as a commercial marketing technique, it holds true for almost any type of establishment. If people see glowing neon light signs on the far wall or in a back corner, they are much more likely to make the effort to head in that direction and check out what you have to sell. Things like rack, shelving, or table placement matter when it comes to in-store traffic flow. However, you can make a big difference by enticing people to places that may not get as much attention on their own.

Of course, a hanging “Open” sign or some other colorful logo or motto also increases traffic flow into your store, restaurant, club, or other business. These signs vary in size and shape but their main goal is to catch the eye of passersby with their bright colors and stylish design. You do not have to spend a lot to make an amazing upgrade to your commercial space with safe, long-lasting, and impressive LED neon.

5 – Improve the Overall Look and Feel of Any Commercial Space

Neon signs for home decor do double duty when it comes to marketing any commercial space like a boutique, café, pub, service company office, or showroom. They simply look impressive and capture attention as no other signage or display can. Whether you choose a simple open sign, a graphic that matches the theme of your company, or has a custom design created pacifically focused on your brand, everyone who sees it will get a boost in mood. This translates into more positive impressions of your company overall. LED Neon signs are a must-have feature of modern commercial spaces.

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