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Summer means longer days, basking in the warmth of the sun and the summer breeze calling you out of the house for a day full of fun. Tis the season to get your party planning hats on and throw a summer bash that all your friends will remember for years to come. So whether you want to organize a poolside fiesta or a beach bash, we’re here to help.

Get ready to make your party the talk of the town with these three fabulous decor ideas.

1. Go for Gold with a Shimmer wall

gold shimmer wall balloon party backdrop

Just imagine you’re sipping your favourite tropical drink, surrounded by friends, and posing against a gorgeous backdrop for the most Instagram-able pictures That’s where this gold shimmer wall comes into play! This glittering wonder is just the way to add a little glamour and some drama to the party

The shimmer wall is not only a striking focal point but also makes an excellent backdrop for photos. It reflects the light in the most enchanting way, making every snap Insta-worthy! Place it near the entrance to have guests stop for a mini photoshoot when they’re looking their best. They’ll thank you, trust me!

This gold iridescent shimmer wall is long-lasting and extremely user-friendly, available in two size options – consisting of 25 panels and 49 panels. Pick one based on your preferences and go wild with it!

2. Neon Signs to Fit Every Theme

As the sun goes down, the neon lights come out and light up your party, taking it to another level. Neon signs are the best kind of neon lights you can find and there’s a neon sign for every occasion. Whether it’s a photo wall, a dessert bar or the DJ station, neon signs can instantly elevate any space. Here are some neon sign ideas that I think would be perfect for your summer extravaganza.

Mermaid Magic

It’s time to channel your inner Ariel and bring the ocean to your party with a mesmerising mermaid neon sign. Transport your guests to an underwater wonderland with a mermaid-themed bash. I’m thinking mermaid tails, seashell jewellery, lots of glitter and vibrant colours, there’s no better theme for a beach bash than this.

Moreover, mermaid-themed neon signs are incredibly versatile and can be incorporated into various party elements. Hang it up above the dessert table full of treats inspired by the ocean like sea-themed cupcakes, shell-shaped cookies, and sparkling blue beverages. The mermaid neon sign will add that extra touch of magic to the treats, making them even more irresistible.

Barbie Dreams

The summer spotlight shines on the Barbie movie, making a bold Barbie neon sign the ideal thematic choice. Embrace the iconic Barbie aesthetic and channel her pink-tastic style for a fun summer soirée.

Surround the neon sign with decorations that exude glamour and glitz just like Barbie. Cover tables with pink sequin tablecloths and tableware, fit for a Barbie princess. Sprinkle confetti and glitter throughout the venue, adding a lot of sparkle to the festivities.

Malibu Vibes

Surf’s up, my friend! Take your guests to the sun-soaked beaches of Malibu with a neon sign that truly captures the essence of the coast. Imagine a palm tree gently swaying in the breeze – that’s the vibe this sign exudes. The Malibu neon sign brings the laid-back beachy aura straight to your party, making it an instant hit among everyone craving for a taste of the seaside.

To complement this neon sign, embrace a beachy-chic décor theme that embodies the shoreline’s spirit. Think sandy-toned linens, driftwood accents, and surfboards propped against walls. Scatter beach towels and beach balls around the venue for an added playful touch.

Ice Cream Delights

You cannot possibly envision summer without thinking of the cool and sweet taste of ice cream on a scorching summer day. So why not bring the nostalgia to your summer bash with an ice cream cone neon sign? This colourful neon sign exudes with summer energy and is just the fit for your poolside bash. 

For an immersive ice cream experience, consider setting up an ice cream bar stocked with an array of delectable toppings and flavours. Let your guests unleash their creativity, crafting custom sundaes and ice cream sandwiches. Offer an assortment of cones and cups to cater to every preference.

3. Light up the Night with LED Neon Lamps

gold shimmer wall barbie themed party pink aesthetic

As twilight falls, it’s time to let LED neon lamps take the spotlight. These gorgeous, luminous creations come in several colours, enabling you to craft a personalized ambiance that goes with your party’s theme. For your poolside extravaganza, I suggest the pink, blue, and dynamic rainbow lamps.

Hang these neon lamps from trees, along fences, or by the pool for an ethereal glow that sets the perfect mood. With over 120 lighting modes, there are plenty of options to choose from depending on the mood. What’s more, is that they’re energy-efficient and don’t emit heat, so no worries about your guests getting too hot under the neon glow.

But the best part is that these LED neon lamps come with a sync with music-feature. They have a built-in mic which means that the RGB neon tube in the lamp can sync your music and change the glow length according to the intensity of the music!

Get Your Party Planning Hats On!

And there you have it, three decor ideas that will catapult your summer bash from ordinary to extraordinary! The gold shimmerwall infuses a touch of elegance, while LED neon lamps drape the night in a captivating glow. Of course, the neon signs steal the show, offering an array of themes like mermaids, Barbie, Malibu, and ice cream, guaranteeing a poolside experience unlike any other.

So, unleash your creativity and commence planning your summer extravaganza. With the help of these decor concepts, your party is destined to be the most awaited event in town. Here’s to a summer of unforgettable festivities!

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