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We all know that planning a memorable party can be a daunting task for any event planner. You have to cater for the feeding, guest list, and sitting arrangements among other tasks. Perhaps the most important of these tasks is your party decoration. 

birthday party table decor balloon

If you are also looking for trendy party decoration ideas for your next party, look no further because in this article, we reveal the top five summer party decoration ideas to make your next party pop like never before. We also tell you the best spots to use these decoration ideas in your party venue for the best aesthetic effects. Here we go! 

Top Five Party Decoration Ideas For Your Next Event

Here are the best five party decoration ideas to make your party the talk of the town:

Party LED Neon Sign


Your party decoration isn’t complete without the alluring lights and visual appeal of a party LED neon sign on the wall. Party LED neon signs not only light up your party venue but their trendy displays make them the ideal decor piece to bring life to your event. Party LED neon signs can be used to welcome guests, light up your photo backdrop, and illuminate the dance floor.

Customised party neon signs are also a great option to class up your party. You can design a party LED sign specifically for an event using your preferred colours, shapes, and font. For a birthday party, you can have a customised party neon sign that spells out the name of the celebrant or have the neon sign display a warm-felt message to newlyweds at your friend’s wedding. 

Because party LED neon signs are durable and long-lasting, you can use them for different party themes and events. 

Shimmer Wall/Backdrop

Shimmer wall backdrops are one of the most creative ways to make your next party sparkle. The dazzling effect of a shimmer wall backdrop is guaranteed to give your party a royal and luxurious feel. 

Shimmer backdrops are amazing because they are made up of hundreds of panels that flutter with the wind to make your walls glow and are a unique way to beautify your stage area, party reception, and photo booth. 

Whether you go for the gold iridescent backdrop, the rainbow mermaid shimmer backdrop, or the silver iridescent backdrop, your event is sure to have a luxurious vibe similar to those you see in Hollywood movies. 

Echo Neon Lamps

Give your party a cool and mysterious atmosphere with beautiful LED neon lamps. You can go for the Lune floor lamp or the Reve LED lamp to add an aesthetic touch to your party decor. 

The best part about Echo LED lamps is they are a great fit anywhere in your party venue either on the tables, by the photo booth, or against the walls. You can also sync the LED neon lamps with your music. When in sync, the LED lamps change the glow length according to the intensity of the music. 

Table Decorations 

outdoor party table decor

A plain or boring-looking table is the dread for any event decorator. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that because there are several chic ways to decorate the tables at your upcoming party.  

For a classy appeal at your party, you can install floral arrangements and ice sculptures on the table, or even go for a desert-filled party table. Either of these decor ideas is sure to wow your guests when they arrive. 

You can also light up the party table with LED neon lamps for a truly entertaining visual element or DIY your table decoration for a more hands-on approach. 

Party Balloons

birtday party decor balloon

What’s a party without party balloons? Party balloons are not just a party decor idea but a cost-efficient way to entertain guests and give your event a colourful outlook. Party balloons are a terrific party decor idea because they fit virtually everywhere in your party from the party entrance and photo booth to the stage area and party reception. 

Your choice of balloon colours should reflect the personality of the event. Bright colours like red and white party balloons are ideal for a wedding or celebratory event while subtle colours like blue and pink are ideal for baby showers and naming ceremonies. 

hanging neon light tube interior decor lighting


In summary, party decoration can sometimes be an overwhelming task, so it’s not uncommon to feel stuck or out of ideas once in a while. However, if you ever find yourself in need of party decoration ideas for your next party, the decoration options highlighted in this article are perfect for any event and sure to make your party venue pop. 

Whether you are planning a birthday, engagement, graduation, wedding, housewarming, or corporate party, these decor ideas will come in handy and set your event a level above all others. So, get creative and light up your party with party LED neon signs.

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