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LED Neon lights are fast becoming the biggest lighting trend. You can walk into any random building, and you are sure to find LED neon lights in various shapes and colours. This light source is the new style and has got everyone talking. However, how many of the things being said are true?

This guide will introduce you to LED Neon lighting—the truths and the lies. We will also show you trendy ways to incorporate this lighting into your everyday lifestyle. Follow us as we explore this new LED neon lighting style. 

The Truths About LED Neon Lighting

Before LED neon lighting was developed, the common light sources were traditional neon lights. The traditional lights had several faults, which made many people discontinue their use. Many people make the mistake of attributing the characteristics of traditional neon lights to LED neon. 

The truth is that LED neon lights are produced with more advanced technology. The health, safety, and satisfaction of consumers are also a priority. The features of LED neon lights contrary to general beliefs are discussed below. 

Myth 1: Neon Signs are expensive

The truth is that the price of neon light signs is lower relative to other light sources. Although the prices of these light sources vary based on size and design type, it does not cost so much to get a neon light. 

Neon gases, which are the primary components of this light source, are easily accessible, so no outrageous pricing is needed. LED neon lights also require minimal maintenance or no maintenance at all. Hence, you can use the money you would otherwise have spent on maintenance on other projects. 

Myth 2: LED Neon signs are unsafe

Many people wrongly believe that LED neon lights can cause harm to users. Hence, they are termed unsafe. However, the truth is that LED neon lighting runs on gases like Neon and Argon, which do not harm people’s health. These gases are naturally present in our air; hence, they do not cause havoc. 

Also, unlike traditional light sources, LED neon lights do not heat up with continual usage. So they do not burn your skin when you touch them. They are also not made of glass, so they are shatter-free and cannot cause injuries. These qualities mean these signs are safe for humans and the environment. 

Myth 3: LED Neon signs can only be used outdoors

Neon signs’ popularity has extended from being outdoor advertising signs alone. They are now being used in different spaces—indoors and outdoors. LED neon signs are used indoors for various functions; they help provide illumination, beautify spaces, and create a mood. 

Because these signs are durable and can last for thousands of hours with continuous use, they are a great investment in every indoor space. 

Myth 4: LED Neon Signs consume electricity

Another wrong notion many people have about LED neon signs is that they use a lot of electrical power. However, the truth is that LED neon signs are energy efficient. That is, they operate with little energy consumption. 

LED neon signs do not raise your electricity bill compared to traditional neon lights. This feature makes them an economical choice for lighting up your space. 

Trendy Uses of LED Neon Lighting

As previously mentioned, aside from using LED neon lights for outdoor advertisements, there are other trendy ways to use these lights. We will discuss some common uses of this light source indoors and outdoors. 

Home Décor

One of the best investments you can make is to use LED neon lighting in your home. Walking into a well-lit, beautifully designed room is one of the most amazing feelings. Great home décor helps you feel more at home and relaxed in your space. 

You can use this neon light in your bedroom, living room, dining area, dark areas, or hallways. There are different colours, so you can pick the one that fits your space best. 

Social Media

LED neon signs extend even beyond physical use; these lights are as popular in virtual spaces. You may have scrolled through social media platforms and noticed the use of LED neon signs. They are mostly used as logos for online publicity or as a backdrop for social media content creators. 

Hence, if you are a dedicated social media user, this is a sign to join the trend. 

Business/office use

Do you feel your office is missing a final piece to make it look finished? Then your office needs a LED neon light as it can help add the final touch to your office space. This lighting can also help improve concentration and thus boost productivity in your workplace. 

Many businesses use these neon lights to increase the visibility of their brands and attract more customers. This is done by placing these signs in strategic places where they can be easily noticed. 


LED neon lights are also commonly used at parties and other events. Examples of such are birthday events, wedding ceremonies, and Christmas events. Because these lights are colourful, they can add to the decorative items used at these events. They can also be used to communicate important information at these parties. 

Leisure spots

Neon signs cast a soft glow on the environment where they are used. Since these lights are not harsh on the eyes, they are best used in leisure places like the spa, libraries, or yoga studios. These leisure locations are places where people relax, and these LED neon lights help make relaxation even easier. Imagine the peace and tranquillity you feel when soft light rays surround you. LED neon signs can make this possible.

Bathroom/personal spaces

The bathroom and self-care spaces are also fast becoming corners for beautiful LED neon signs. Many people use these lights in their personal spaces to motivate themselves and make their spaces look beautiful. You can walk into your bathroom and have a great cleansing time because your bathroom looks good!

Final Thoughts

LED neon lighting has become quite popular recently because they are affordable, easy to use, and energy efficient. There are many false thoughts about how these neon lights operate, so this guide answers some pertaining neon light questions. 

You can incorporate this LED neon lighting into your day-to-day activities by following the trend and using them for indoor and outdoor spaces. LED neon lighting is the new style, join the train and use aesthetic neon signs to make your spaces beautiful. 

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