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The simple answer to the question of where you can hang LED neon signs is, “Anywhere!” If you plan to purchase one of these amazingly unique items, however, you may need more information about how it actually works and whether the piece will suit your plans. The last thing anyone wants is to receive the delivery of their custom sign and then find out that it will not work as intended. This guide will walk you through not only the options for neon wall art display but also step-by-step instructions to hang one of the Echo Neon pieces up in your home, business, or special event location.

Went your custom LED neon light arrives and you unpack it, you may feel very eager to hang it up in the chosen space. These tips will help you do it correctly the first time with minimal damage to your wall and no chance of your due decoration falling down or getting damaged.

Pick the Best Spot and Measure Everything

Before you even order your custom LED neon, you probably have a great idea about where you want to hang it. Perhaps you want a stylish piece of artwork to go over your couch in your sitting room or a meaningful phrase on a bedroom wall. If you plan to use the sign for your business, choose a spot with enough space to make a great impact. The same goes for party decorations. Remember that different venues may have specific rules about how you can hang things on their walls, windows, or pillars. Check with them at first to make sure you can put things where you want them.

The old adage, “Measure twice, cut once” also pertains to attaching nails or hooks to your wall. Measure the height and width of the wall space or window that will eventually hold the neon light. Also ensure the location is close enough to an outlet so you can plug it in and enjoy the brilliant color and glow.

Contour Backing and Hanging Kits Help

Every Echo Neon design made from sturdy PVC tubing gets help from thin acrylic backing laser cut to the exact shape of the piece. This makes hanging it up so much easier. During the ordering process, you have the option to choose the color or lack thereof of this material. Transparent acrylic will make the neon tubes show up beautifully. A color or UV printed pattern adds an extra touch of style behind white or colored tubes. You can remove this if you want, but it does offer multiple benefits.

Besides the sturdier backing that supports the overall piece, the acrylic also offers hanging holes or tabs to make display easier. Hook these over whatever type of hardware you attached to the wall for hanging purposes.

Follow These Tips to Hang Your LED Neon Sign

The tools and hardware needed depend on the surface you want to hang your LED wall art on. For example, you probably do not want to drill a hole in a brick wall, and you cannot pick a screw in a window. Some options are obvious while others need a bit more consideration.

1 – Find the wall studs for the sturdiest display option. While PVC tubes and LED lights are lightweight, hanging them from playing drywall or wallboard is not the best idea. If you do not have any suitable studs where you want to display your sign, use drywall anchors for extra support. Use nails or screws that fit the holes in the acrylic backing.

2 – Consider hanging your LED neon sign from a rope, wire, or decorative cord instead of directly on the wall itself. You like this idea, install the screw, nail, or hook at the horizontal midpoint above where the sign will rest. Use a strong rope or wire and sufficient knots to keep your colorful accent piece safe and secure.

3 – Displaying custom neon in a window is a bit trickier. Use extra strong double-sided tape or adhesive hooks to hang the sign on. This also works well with a hook installed on the wall above the window and a sturdy cord or wire hanging down.

Remember that these bright novelty lighting designs also suit shelves, the tops of dressers, and cabinets as well. If the size and shape of the design you order does not hold itself up sufficiently, consider adding a sturdier backing. Because LED lights do not heat up, you can attach them a piece of wood, foamboard, plastic, or any other material that suits your needs and decorating style.

No matter where you display your new neon sign, remember that it must be close enough to an electrical outlet for the attached cord to reach. To prevent the weight of the cord from tilting the design, consider attaching it to the wall or other surface with a bit of tape.

These hanging and display tips will help you present the design you choose in the best way possible. Echo Neon offers light weight and sturdy products manufactured with the highest degree of quality assurance, you do not have to worry about breakage or deterioration if you take sufficient care when hanging them up. All you need is a measuring tape, nails or screws, rope or wire, and a few simple tools to add a gorgeous glowing accent piece to your home, party venue, or business location.

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