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Climate considerations and environmental challenges lead more people than ever before to choose eco-friendly products at home and for their businesses. LED neon signs provide exceptional style and illumination while helping you adopt a greener lifestyle. As people try harder to use less electricity and to shy away from disposable or short-term products, it helps to understand the facts about the things you purchase. If you are in the market for shop signs, home decor, or party day accents, read on to learn how LED illuminated novelty wall art makes sense.

LED Bulbs Offer Exceptional Efficiency

The lighting market includes many different types of LED bulbs these days. In fact, in some places, older incandescent bulbs are no longer sold. In the comparison between light emitting diodes and traditional neon, LEDs, way out on top when it comes to energy savings and longevity. Both of these things factor into the efficiency quotient that helps you decide how to light up your business, home, or next special event.

First, you need less voltage to power and LED neon sign than a traditional one. Many large-scale glass neon lights need specialized electrical hookups in order to function well. Our LED bulb-powered ones do not. This makes it incredibly easy to simply plug in and enjoy the colorful glow. From an eco-friendly angle, this also means that you do not have to install additional wiring or special outlets in your home or shop. Prevent waste from construction upgrades and new utilities to keep costs down and maintain a greener life.

Secondly, LED bulbs operate using a lot less energy than any other type used in decorative signage. The difference can be anywhere from 20 to 50% depending on the specifications of the custom design and its overall size. Not only do you get the peace of mind from using less energy to turn on your business signs or home decor accents, but it will not affect your utility bills as much. Going green saves you a considerable amount of money in the long run. This is especially important for a brick-and-mortar company that must factor all overhead costs into their profit margin.

Thirdly, neon signs made with LED bulbs have a much longer operational lifespan than traditional neon. The old-fashioned glass versions usually glow for about 10,000 hours before they start to flicker, buzz, and fail. On the other hand, LED options give you 60,000 hours of steady, continuous light and color before it is time to replace them. Besides longevity, no one wants to live or work near a flickering or noisy light either. This means less waste going into the landfills or being otherwise dealt with overall. Abandoning a disposable lifestyle and investing in items that will last a very long time is a great way to minimize your carbon footprint and support a healthy environment.

No Toxic Materials = No Disposal Issues

Even though your LED neon sign will last years with no dimming, flickering, or annoying noises, every good thing comes to an end eventually. Many home and business owners worry about disposal safety of the products they purchase. After all, the world’s garbage ends up affecting the environment in a very big way. If you are dedicated to going green and living a more environmentally conscious lifestyle, it makes sense to take eventual disposal into account.

Traditional neon signs involve disposal issues because they can contain potentially toxic gases and precious metals that should not simply end up in a landfill. For example, neon bulbs contain a few hundred milligrams of mercury each. LED neon lights do not contain any hazardous materials at all. Of course, the electrical components and plastic used in the manufacturing does not break down easily. However, it is impossible to make neon tube lighting out of 100% biodegradable materials at this time. You must make smart choices from the existing options on the market, which makes the newer fashioned models better.

The environmental benefits of choosing efficient LED neon novelty lighting or signage outshine the old-fashioned options. These advantages start with material selection and go all the way through the last minutes of operation years down the road. Whether your business wants to market itself as a green brand or your family cares about living an eco-friendlier existence, these products provide the perfect opportunity to do so without compromising amazing lighting and style.

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