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One thing that many business owners must properly put in place when setting up their business spaces is the lighting. The light source in a business location is important as it helps determine how customers see your space. Your choice of lighting can also make or mar the outlook of your workplace.

In deciding the perfect lighting, many business owners compare two common light sources—Neon signs and LED signs. While these signs have similarities, one of which includes being attractive sources of light, they have clear differences. This guide will explain in detail and help you make your choice for your business space.

What Are Neon Signs?

When you hear neon lights, I bet the first thing that comes to mind is brightly coloured advert signs. However, more than this, what are neon signs? And how can you harness them for your business?

Neon signs are bent, flexible bulbs of light that contain inert gases like neon, argon, or krypton. They are efficient light sources that can produce a variety of colours. Due to their flexibility, neon signs can be made into different shapes, letters, or images.

Neon signs are commonly used for individual and business purposes because they have a long lifespan. So, they can be used for years. Although they cost quite a sum, they are worth every penny spent.

What Are LED Signs?

One of the most common competitors of neon signs are LED signs. While both light sources have similar characteristics, their major difference is their operation. While Neon signs generate light with a reaction between gases, LED neon signs rely on a “Light Emitting Diode.” This light source uses a semiconductor called aluminium-gallium-arsenide to generate light.

Like Neon signs, LED signs can be bent and shaped into desired forms. They are energy efficient; hence, people purchase them for personal use based on this characteristic. While this is a great light source, maintenance can be costly if something goes wrong with any of its parts.

How To Choose the Best Light Source?

Both Neon and LED signs are great options for your lighting needs. However, to decide which is best for your spaces, you have to consider certain factors. Due to their differing operation and raw materials, one light source may be better suited for your space than the other.

One major factor that should lead you in your decision-making is the function. To choose the best option for neon and LED signs, you must first determine the function of the light source. For instance, a neon sign will be a better option if you need a light source with varying color options.

Some other factors you should consider are budget, maintenance, safety, brightness level, and energy efficiency.


Pricing is an important factor in deciding the best light for your space. If you have a budget, your choice of lighting should be within that budget; this will help ensure you do not overspend. Neon light signs are known to be affordable and less pricey. Hence, they are a great option for all budget types.


Great light sources typically require little to no maintenance. This means you can have your signs on for as long as you want without the stress of finding a specialist to help change some parts. Then, to enjoy your signs, choose the option that means less maintenance. Hence, fewer expenses.


Another important factor to consider when deciding on a light source is how safe the light is. Doing this will help to mitigate the risk of accidents at your business or workspace. There were complaints about traditional neon signs in the past because they were made of glass, so they could easily shatter. This made them dangerous for use around children or in industries. Safe signs are shatter-proof, produce little or no heat, and are non-toxic.

Design Options

People tend to go for signages that provide them with options. This factor is one of the key things you should consider before picking a light source. Neon signs provide users with various design options in terms of different shapes, sizes, colours, and patterns. Neon signs have more than seven colours to choose from; hence, finding a sign suitable for your individual or business needs is easier.

You may also have specific details that you would love to include in your light. Neon signs are the best choice for specifications like this. You can create custom neon signs with the ideas you have in mind. Hence, follow your heart and bring your designs to life with neon signs.

Brightness Level

Based on the function you require your light source for, you should also consider the brightness level before choosing a sign. For instance, if you need lighting to aid movement in your workspaces or business, the light source must be bright enough to allow people to navigate the spaces. However, if you only need the light for decorative purposes, you do not require bright lights. You can also choose lights that you can adjust based on the purpose.

LED lights are bright and are sometimes harsh on the eyes, while neon lights give a soft, warm, and friendly glow.

The Best Light Source For Your Business Spaces

Neon signs and LED signs have their strengths and weaknesses. The best way to take advantage of both signs is to use LED Neon signs. LED neon signs are safer, more affordable, and better light sources than traditional neon and other signs.

You can use these LED neon signs for various functions. For example, LED aesthetic neon signs can help transform your office space from ordinary into a bright work of art. You can use these signs for several other things in your business or office space. Some ideas are mentioned below.

  • Informative signs: You can use LED neon signs to convey messages to customers. For example, where to sit, fire exits, various departments in an institution, and other informational uses.
  • Advertising signs: LED neon signs are also great for advertising due to their bright and beautiful design. They can serve this purpose either outside or inside your business space. For example, you can create your business logo with these signs and place them indoors.
  • LED Neon signs can also turn dark interior areas into bright spaces. This will aid visibility and improve the work function of all workers in the space.

Final Thoughts

Although neon and LED signs are the most common light sources in many industries, they have different abilities. Neon signs are useful in places that need a soft and beautiful glow of light, while LED lights are preferred by business owners that need to save power.

However, it is possible to have a great light source that is easy on the eyes and also energy efficient. By using LED neon lights. You can have an attractive and functional light source.

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