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When it comes to wedding planning, choosing the right type of lighting for your venue is not something you want to overlook. Most venues will have their own lighting designs that illuminate the room itself and important locations within it. For example, they may have a spotlight for where the bridal party table goes or special wall lighting behind the bar or DJ stands. If you want to make your wedding reception truly memorable, do not leave everything in the hands of the venue organizers. Custom neon lights can add a high degree of brilliance and style to the most memorable day of your life.

Lighting will set the tone for your wedding, whether it is casual or elegant. Believe it or not, neon light signs can provide both of these aesthetics. They are not only fun and funky. They can look quite classy, too. When it comes to choosing wedding lighting, find a balance between traditional and modern lighting. Of course, the custom neon lights you choose are mostly focused on the personal style of the happy couple and the type of party they want to throw. With the rise in popularity of non-traditional wedding decorations, neon lights have been popping up more and more in ceremony and reception décor. Some couples even plan their entire color palette around the color of their neon light. It can be a wonderfully romantic way to set off a daytime or evening event with a custom neon sign.

Names and Dates Always Work for Weddings

The people getting married are the most important ones at any wedding celebration. It makes sense to use their names or the new joined last name as part of the decorations scheme. With the right custom neon lights, you can make your wedding reception more romantic. Neon light signs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be custom-made with your choice of colors and fonts, so they fit perfectly with your wedding theme. One of the most romantic styles involves a flowing script font in white or soft white tones. Perhaps your couple refers in bright blue. No matter what, they will carry an emotional resonance that is deeply personal and intimate to each couple. Besides creating a wonderful decoration for a non-church wedding ceremony and reception afterward, these custom-made pieces of wall art can be taken home afterward to use on a bedroom wall or anywhere else the couple wants to display their happy memory.

Words and Phrases of a Forever Love

The amazing flexibility of custom neon lights allows you to create any words or phrases that reflect the deep meaning and emotion of the special day when two people will be bound together in matrimony. No matter what the personal tastes of the bride and groom, romance and love are the primary reasons for the event. Why not choose text-based neon light signs to share the message with family and friends?

Everyone understands that weddings are full of love, joy, and happiness. Although these three words would make great neon wall art, there are other options to consider. These favorite words and phrases will show off the deeply loving bond so well.

A Lifetime of Happiness

  • Together Forever
  • Just Married
  • Our Love Story
  • Happily Ever After
  • The Love of My Life
  • The Adventure Begins
  • Fairytales Are Real

Classic Symbols of Romance and Marriage

Besides names, words, and phrases in your choice of fonts and colors, consider classic love symbols that everyone can understand. Everyone is familiar with traditional designs like hearts, flowers, and interlocking wedding rings. These are the things everyone associates with romance and marriage. Echo Neon Studios has an entire wedding section for you to browse. Although it includes some words and phrases to get across the romantic meeting of your special day, it also offers unique graphics perfect for the occasion.

The pink frame neon and the wedding altar sign are two wonderful examples of how you can use safe and affordable neon to accent your reception decorating scheme. These would both make excellent frames around a large photo of the happy couple. They provide a great way to draw guests over to look at engagement photos, professional portraits, or candid shots of the two people showing their love for posterity. Other options include a royal crown, intricate white tile, a gleaming cross suitable for Christian religious ceremonies, and a unique tiled heart sign that repeats the idea of love over and over again.

Graphic Designs Unique to the Theme or Couple

The glowing lights of customized neon in a romantic theme are the perfect way to set the mood for this once-in-a-lifetime event. Traditional symbolism, names, and phrases can definitely add a special look and feel to the reception. However, they may not be as useful as other neon light signs after the party is over. If you want the couple to be able to use the decor in their home, it makes more sense to choose graphic designs based on the couple’s interests and personal style. When it comes to wedding receptions, there’s no such thing as one size fits all. Whether the happy couple wants to be married with all the traditional trappings of a church, bouquet of roses, long white dress, and champagne toasts or they choose a unique destination or funky-themed event, they should get to enjoy their day however it works for them. Neon light signs are most romantic when they reflect the people being celebrated at the marriage ceremony and reception. That could mean hanging anything from a skateboard to a palm tree, to a stylized image of a solar system on the wall. No matter what, the custom neon made from safe PVC, long-lasting LED bulbs, and special attention to detail will mean the most romantic things for the couple. Every time they look at their glowing wall art years in the future, they can remember all the excitement and love of the day their adventure together again.

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