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Children of all ages love to decorate their bedroom with their own signature style. While you pick out paint colors, furniture, accent pieces, wall art, and more, do not forget to include LED neon signs in your decorating scheme. These fully customizable graphic or word-based signs bring a lot of excitement and wonder to boys and girls. The most important things about decorating a kid’s bedroom are to make it match their interests, favorite colors, and topics while keeping everything 100% safe and comfortable. LED light signs can do all those things and more without stretching your budget or increasing your monthly utility bills.

Every Kid Loves to See Their Name in Style

One of the coolest things to do with LED neon signs is to create your kid’s name and hang it on the wall of their bedroom. This truly gives them a sense of pride and ownership over their private space in the home. This is important for their confidence and emotional development and makes a really neat decoration too. If you have two or more children who share of room, it can also create a division of space so that each one feels like they have control over their own side.

When you make the decision to create a name sign out of safe PVC tubes and cool LED lights, explore all the customization options for font, size, color, and special effects. Maybe your daughter would like her name in a pretty script with glowing mint-green letters. Perhaps your son would prefer a strong serif font in bright yellow. Consider adding a dimmer switch or color cycling option so they can control the style and light in their room from a convenient remote control or phone app.

Choose LED Neon Signs that Match Their Favorite Things

While you do not have to stick with the “Neon Signs for Kids” category on our e-commerce shop, it does contain many things that children and teens of all ages would love to show off in their bedrooms. The options range from cute animals like puppies, cats, and unicorns, to classic toy styles like paper airplanes and party balloons. More detailed options like Michelangelo’s David, a royal crown, the Earth, and a Love and Light rainbow sign may suit older kids. The options for cool neon signs throughout the entire shop are virtually endless.

What do your kids like most of all? If you want to decorate their bedroom with scenes from the great outdoors, consider a mountain range, camping sign, or California coast. After they prefer modern city style? A Soho sign, skyline, or skateboard may work better. Choose from LED light signs that show off everything from yoga poses to the solar system to anime to the trendiest words like “mood” and “chill.”

Help Kids Have the Coolest Room in Town With Custom Neon Lights

What does a kid’s bedroom say about them? Decorating a kid’s room is a unique opportunity to let their personality shine through. Get creative with the space and design a space that best suits your child or teen. Kids want to show off their bedroom to their friends. It is the one room in the house where everything is private and personal and where they had control over the decision-making process. It reflects who they are instead of who the family is as a whole. Some children want their room to look just like it does in magazines and on television. No matter what their own personal tastes, they can find the perfect accent piece with custom neon lights.

Parents love these because they are perfectly safe and incredibly efficient. Unlike traditional neon or standard lamps, these products have an incredibly small risk of breaking in a way that can injure anyone. They are fashioned from sturdy PVC tubing. Each one is attached to a laser-cut acrylic backing for more stability and to make it easier to hang it up on the wall. All you need to do is plug it into a wall socket and enjoy the colorful glow. Best of all, the long-lasting LED bulbs will not burn out or create heat that could cause burns if kids accidentally touch them.

Does Your Kid Use a Nightlight? Cool Neon Signs Make it Safe and Fun

While some research says that darkness is best for a healthy night’s sleep, some kids are not comfortable with the lack of light. A nightlight is an excellent way to keep them feeling safe and minimize fears after bedtime. It may seem practical to use cool neon signs as nightlights because they are quite bright and colorful. However, if you add a dimmer switch to the plug, it gives your kids a great opportunity to adjust the lighting for their comfort levels. Put it low enough and it will certainly not disrupt their sleep patterns at all. Yet, if they wake up feeling anxious, they have enough light from their favorite design to make them feel comfortable once again. Plus, no more stubbed toes on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

LED neon signs offer a huge array of benefits when it comes to decorating a kid’s bedroom. Whether your children share of the room or each has their individual space, letting them pick out a unique neon light from the Echo Neon Studio’s collection gives them pride of place and a positive feeling of ownership over their bedroom. This is especially true if you choose unique customization options together and make a name sign in their favorite font and color. Parents do not have to sacrifice efficiency, affordability, or safety when it comes to picking out neon with the coolest styles. Options made from PVC with LED bulbs that will last for years are the answer to creating the coolest kid’s rooms around.

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