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Good light is crucial for a successful event. You can make your special occasion more memorable with a great light setup. It creates a welcoming environment for the guests in a venue. Dull lighting can ruin your venue completely. Also, it provides brightness for different activities in a venue. Light is essential when it comes to decoration. Also, you can highlight the specific areas of your venue using suitable lights. Good light is necessary for occasions like business events, weddings, birthdays, parties, baby showers, festivals, etc.

A neon sign is an electric sign made from luminous glass tubes containing rarefied neon or other gases. French engineer Georges Claude demonstrated a new neon sign in a modern form in December 1910 at the Paris Motor Show. Earlier, businesses like bars and hotels started using these neon lights. You can find these in Times Square and Las Vegas. But now, people also use neon lights for their homes and events. In addition, you can find modern LED signs for venue decoration. In this article, you can check the details of LED neons for making events memorable:

LED Event Neon Lights

Premade and custom LED neons are perfect for indoor and outdoor events. These are the best neon lights, as they are enough to make any occasion memorable. You can add lights and colours to a venue with these neons. People can use LED neons to decorate the interiors of the venue. It will draw attention to where you want your guests to focus. Also, LED neons create the best environment in a venue. This is best for outdoor use as it can bear harsh weather conditions. In addition, there are neon lights that are shock resistant and water-resistant.

You can also customize a LED neon sign as per your choice. For example, you can create a custom neon sign of your company logo in warm white. People can search for a range of bright LED neons for weddings, parties, birthdays, festivals, etc. You will get LED neons at an affordable price. Many online neon sign sellers provide these neons at reasonable prices. Also, LED venue neon lights are compatible with remote control. So, purchase an attractive LED neon light for your venue decoration.

Creating Custom Neon Signs For Events

You can customize a LED neon sign for venue decoration. People can use their creativity to design custom neon lights. They get the freedom to pick any font, colour, and size for your lights. Custom neon lights help to add a personal touch to events. It displays pictures and words in light. A custom light-up name is best for venue space. If you cant find a perfect premade sign, you can go for a custom neon sign for a venue.

Here, you will get the freedom to design your neon sign. You can use the customization tool of an online neon store to make a custom neon sign. This tool allows people to select any font, colour, size, and acrylic backing style for a custom sign. Also, you can make more changes by talking with an online neon store team. You can add the custom neon sign to your cart after it is ready. You will get different payment options when you go to purchase them. Also, online neon stores deliver custom signs at the customers’ doorsteps.

Ideas For LED Event Neon Signs

Below, you can check ideas for LED neon lights for different events:


You can use a LED neon sign in a party venue. This will create a welcoming environment for the guests. These are the best party signs: beer neon sign, alcohol you later neon sign, stay a while neon sign, save water drink champagne, etc.

new neon sign for Weddings

LED neon lights are best to make a wedding memorable. You can use this lighting near the DJ area, dance floor, photo booth, bar area, entry, etc. These are the best wedding neon signs: just married neon sign, happily ever after neon sign, heart neon sign, til death neon sign, garden neon signs, etc.


LED neon lights are perfect for a birthday celebration. You can also gift a neon sign on someone’s birthday. These are the best birthday neon signs: cake neon sign, happy birthday neon sign, lets party neon sign, gift neon sign, good vibes only neon sign, etc.

Baby Showers and warm white neon lights

A LED neon sign is best for the decoration of the baby shower. It is perfect for showing the excitement of a new baby. These are the best signs for a baby shower: oh baby neon sign, hey baby neon sign, it’s a Boy neon sign, and it’s a Girl neon sign.

Benefits Of LED Event Neon Signs

Below, you can check the benefits of LED signs:

LED signs are easy to install in venues. This lighting has pre-drilled holes on its acrylic backboard for easy wall mounting or hanging. Also, it is not heavy like traditional signs, so you can install them anywhere you want.

A LED sign is safe to use as it does not have a fragile glass or toxic gases. Therefore, it is better than traditional glass neons. This lighting also does not generate much heat or noise. So, you can use LED signs in events without any tension.

People can afford LED signs for decoration. This lighting is not expensive as the traditional neons. Also, you do not have to spend extra money on its maintenance and electricity bills.

LED signs are energy efficient to use in venues. This lighting charges less electricity to light up a venue. Also, it is not dangerous for the atmosphere as it is eco-friendly.

Neons are perfect for any special occasion. Brands and business features can hang them to create great marketing opportunities. Echo Neon lights are great for all purposes, whether shop displays, bedroom decor, office lights, or creative room decor. You can request custom lights in any colour, from red and green to teal and purple. In addition, Echo Neon sell signs that can be mounted easily. They have the added security of being made with plastic and powered with LED, putting your safety first. Head to their site to create a sign according to your preferences, then add it to the basket. Check out their excellent reviews and bring your event to life with an Echo Neon sign.

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