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Most people have seen neon lights in restaurants, shops, or other locations. These traditional forms of illuminated art and commercial design has been around for over 100 years and are still quite popular with individuals and businesses. The world needs new designs and product options, however, and LED neon signs offer an exceptional alternative to heavy, expensive, and potentially hazardous neon from years gone by. Understand the possibilities of safe neon made with LED bulbs before you make your next purchase for home wall accents, commercial signage, or party decorations.

Virtually Unlimited Sizes, Styles, and Design Options

Options not readily obvious to shoppers include choices beyond the customization page. No matter what type of effect you want to create with neon wall art or signage, you can get the right solution for your needs or tastes.

Color – Enjoy more than colored lights when you choose LED neon signs. Although you can see many different products with pre-chosen colors, it is possible to make your own selection when you purchase them. Two options exist. First, you can have white tubes with colored lights in purple, pink, cyan, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, or either cool or warm white tones. Or you can choose any color tube so you can enjoy and artistic design even when you turn off the light.

Text Styles – The customization page on our website shows you a selection of font faces to choose words and phrases from. These include modern text, handwritten fonts, and beautiful script. Echo neon takes things even further. If you have a special type of writing, a signature, or a different font you want used, we have the design expertise and manufacturing power to create a bespoke text-based sign for you.

Sizes – The minimum height of LED neon lettering stands at approximately three inches tall. We have the capability to create any size you need for your specific wall space or display. The flexibility in sizing is one of the most beneficial aspects of these manufactured signs. Every person can truly get what works for them.

Graphic Design – Our predesigned products span a dozen categories from minimalistic style to man cave designs. You are sure to find something you love on one of our catalog pages. However, if you want a singular design for your home or business, we have the skills to make it happen. The customize page allows for neon displays of words and phrases. Do you want words and a logo or a combination of different designs put together? We can make that happen.

Unique Features – Some may find all of these options sufficient for creating the perfect neon wall art. However, we offer even more functionality that propels our products even higher. These add-ons include splashproof treatment, a remote dimmer switch, switchable color if you cannot choose just one, and dynamic color cycling feature that creates a unique rainbow glow.

Functional Benefits of LED Neon Signs

Now that you understand all the amazing style and form options of these neon signs and novelty lighting art pieces, begin to imagine all the different functions they can perform for your home, party, or business. One great thing about having so many options is that you can claim multiple designs for every need.

At Home – Decorate a wall with unique art that will catch attention from family and friends. At the same time, add a soft glow of light to any room. This can help brighten up a corner not otherwise covered by your lamps, improve safety in hallways or stairwells so people do not trip, boost security by making it harder for criminals to sneak around, and provide illumination for anyone uncomfortable in the dark. Kids will love their very own personalized neon sign as a nightlight if you use the dimmer switch function.

Party Decorations – Make a huge impact at your next social gathering or special event with a glowing sign that proclaims the reason for the party. Order pretty script of a happy couple’s names for an engagement party. Choose a design that shows off a birthday boy or girl’s favorite hobby or pastime. Add light up balloons, flowers, snowflakes, or hearts to make an otherwise boring venue look extra special.

Business Signage – Neon has been used to welcome customers and clients into retail shops, restaurants, clubs, and other businesses for decades. Now you can enjoy even more precise and personalized signs when you order a custom neon product here. Use one for your Open sign, another to highlight a sales counter or condiment station, and still more to set the mood and delight the senses of everyone who steps through your doors.

As much as eco-friendly operation, affordable prices, and great customer service matter, the most important factors in choosing your custom LED neon sign include style and impact. You want to introduce a colorful glow that grabs attention and makes a great first impression on everyone who sees it. Whether you need party decor for a wedding, birthday, or retirement bash, want to add a spark of style to your home, or plan to make a lucrative impact at your business, form and function combine to equal success. If you cannot find the perfect premade design for your needs on all the Echo Neon category pages, contact us to discuss customization options today.

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