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Do it yourself (DIY) is a common social media trend in various industries and settings. DIYs for home care products, DIYs for clothing options and repairs, DIY for fixing a garden. If you can DIY everything, why not DIY your own neon lights?

Neon lights are a must-have in every home; they provide high visibility and increase the attractiveness of every space. These lights are common and can be easily purchased in any store. However, you may prefer to DIY your light for any reason. Find out how to get this done below!

Why Should You DIY Your Neon Lights?

You can get ready-made neon lights directly from manufacturers or at retail stores. Then why should you choose to make your own neon light? There are many reasons why you can choose to DIY your neon signs. Let’s discuss some of these below.

Creative Freedom

If you are creative, you tend to derive satisfaction from creating functional pieces rather than buying them. DIY neon signs are one of the ways you can get that satisfying feeling when you make one sign from scratch. Each time you see this sign on your wall, it brings you a sense of fulfillment.

Aside from satisfaction, making your neon signs yourself means you create as you want without following any creative rules. You can design with varying shapes or with a combination of colours. You have the freedom to create as you will.

Saves Costs

Making a neon sign by yourself is a way to save costs. This is the idea behind most DIY projects; it is an easier and cheaper option to get things done. Getting a neon sign made by professionals would cost quite a sum. But with a DIY neon sign, you may not spend half as much as you would if you had to buy one.

Unique Designs

Everyone likes to have something that no one else has in their space. Clothes, wall art, bags, and even neon lights! Imagine creating a piece that you are sure looks nothing like the regular neon signs; it is one of the best feelings.

You can create custom neon sign designs that are specific to your taste. This is one of the reasons why making your own neon sign is a wonderful idea. If you have a mental picture of how you want your neon sign, get your materials ready, and be ready to create.

Improves Your Mood

DIY projects are great at making people feel energised and happy. Making your own signs which will be helpful to light up your space, can take your mood to a new level. Studies have shown that working on creative projects can help increase dopamine levels, a hormone that boosts happiness.

Hence, it’s time to hop on a DIY project if you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed. And what better one than providing beautiful lights for your space?

An Avenue For Bonding

Are you looking for an avenue to spend bonding time with friends or family? Why not connect with your close circle over a DIY neon sign project? This is an excellent idea as the work gets done faster with more hands on deck. It is also a great avenue for everyone to learn some new skills.

The best way to make a neon sign with some friends and family is to assign a task to everyone. This is to ensure that no one is left behind. Get all your materials in one place and be ready to create great memories.

How To DIY Your Neon Sign?

There are two options for making personalized neon signs. The first option is to design your sign yourself and send your designs to professionals to complete the process. Secondly, you can make your own neon signs and have them look professionally done. Follow the steps below on how to make neon signs. 

Before you begin your process of making a neon sign, make sure that you have all of the materials ready. These include:

  • Acrylic sheet
  • Pencil or any drawing object
  • Saw
  • Soldering iron
  • Wires for connection
  • Clips
  • Screws
  • LED neon flex light
  • Hot glue gun
  • Tube cutters


  1. The first thing to do is to draft your design. Do this with a pencil and a piece of paper, and make sure it is the exact shape you want. The design should also be in the same proportion as you would like the finished piece.
  2. Next, place your acrylic mount against the paper where the draft was made. Cut out the acrylic sheet to the precise shape of the design using a saw. This will form an outline of your design
  3. You will then add clips to your outline. These clips will help hold the LED neon in place. Drill holes in the acrylic sheet with a drilling machine and use screws to keep them over the acrylic.
  4. It is time to place your LED neon flex light (this can be any colour that you desire). Trace the design with this LED light, and ensure you do not miss any curves. You can use a tube cutter to cut the LED neon strips into your desired shape.
  5. Solder the LED neon strips with a soldering iron and connect wires through drilled holes. The wires should be passed to the back such that it is not visible from the front of the sign.
  6. Your sign is ready for use! Drill the wall where it is to be placed and screw your sign into the wall.

Where Can You Use Your DIY Neon Signs?

Neon lights are perfect for every location and event. Hence, you can use your DIY neon signs in every setting—your workplace, bedroom, party, or other celebratory events. Here are some ideas of where to hang your custom-made neon signs

  •  In your bedroom:

Imagine waking up each morning to your beautiful neon sign creation. What better way to set up the mood for the day than that? You can place your neon sign in your bedroom to remind you of your creativity and skill level.

  •  A gift idea:

Who says you have to enjoy a gorgeous creation all by yourself? You can share your creative signs with others as a gift. It is a more memorable gift as it was handmade by you. Everyone loves a thoughtful handmade gift. You can give it to your friend who just moved into a new home or a family member that just got married.

  • Outside your home:

Show forth your beauty to the world! You can also hang your neon signs outside your buildings, and they can provide illumination when it gets dark. It is also a great way to beautify the outside of your home. You can use the sign on your porch, garden, or backyard.


Neon lights top the charts as one of the most efficient decorative light sources. You can purchase a neon sign from any lighting store. However, if you are particular about the costs and uniqueness of your designs, you can DIY your neon lights by following the steps in this article.

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