Neon Signs Vs. LED Signs—Choosing the best light for your Business

@Echo Neon | March 22nd, 2023 | 10 minutes read

One thing that many business owners must properly put in place when setting up their business spaces is the lighting. The light source in a business location is important as it helps determine how customers see your space. Your choice of lighting can also make or mar the outlook of your workplace.

In deciding the perfect lighting, many business owners compare two common light sources—Neon signs and LED signs. While these signs have similarities, one of which includes being attractive sources of light, they have clear differences. This guide will explain in detail and help you make your choice for your business space.

What Are Neon Signs?

When you hear neon lights, I bet the first thing that comes to mind is brightly coloured advert signs. However, more than this, what are neon signs? And how can you harness them for your business?

Neon signs are bent, flexible bulbs of light that contain inert gases like neon, argon, or krypton. They are efficient light sources that can produce a variety of colours. Due to their flexibility, neon signs can be made into different shapes, letters, or images.

Neon signs are commonly used for individual and business purposes because they have a long lifespan. So, they can be used for years. Although they cost quite a sum, they are worth every penny spent.

What Are LED Signs?

One of the most common competitors of neon signs are LED signs. While both light sources have similar characteristics, their major difference is their operation. While Neon signs generate light with a reaction between gases, LED neon signs rely on a “Light Emitting Diode.” This light source uses a semiconductor called aluminium-gallium-arsenide to generate light.

Like Neon signs, LED signs can be bent and shaped into desired forms. They are energy efficient; hence, people purchase them for personal use based on this characteristic. While this is a great light source, maintenance can be costly if something goes wrong with any of its parts.

How To Choose the Best Light Source?

Both Neon and LED signs are great options for your lighting needs. However, to decide which is best for your spaces, you have to consider certain factors. Due to their differing operation and raw materials, one light source may be better suited for your space than the other.

One major factor that should lead you in your decision-making is the function. To choose the best option for neon and LED signs, you must first determine the function of the light source. For instance, a neon sign will be a better option if you need a light source with varying color options.

Some other factors you should consider are budget, maintenance, safety, brightness level, and energy efficiency.


Pricing is an important factor in deciding the best light for your space. If you have a budget, your choice of lighting should be within that budget; this will help ensure you do not overspend. Neon light signs are known to be affordable and less pricey. Hence, they are a great option for all budget types.


Great light sources typically require little to no maintenance. This means you can have your signs on for as long as you want without the stress of finding a specialist to help change some parts. Then, to enjoy your signs, choose the option that means less maintenance. Hence, fewer expenses.


Another important factor to consider when deciding on a light source is how safe the light is. Doing this will help to mitigate the risk of accidents at your business or workspace. There were complaints about traditional neon signs in the past because they were made of glass, so they could easily shatter. This made them dangerous for use around children or in industries. Safe signs are shatter-proof, produce little or no heat, and are non-toxic.

Design Options

People tend to go for signages that provide them with options. This factor is one of the key things you should consider before picking a light source. Neon signs provide users with various design options in terms of different shapes, sizes, colours, and patterns. Neon signs have more than seven colours to choose from; hence, finding a sign suitable for your individual or business needs is easier.

You may also have specific details that you would love to include in your light. Neon signs are the best choice for specifications like this. You can create custom neon signs with the ideas you have in mind. Hence, follow your heart and bring your designs to life with neon signs.

Brightness Level

Based on the function you require your light source for, you should also consider the brightness level before choosing a sign. For instance, if you need lighting to aid movement in your workspaces or business, the light source must be bright enough to allow people to navigate the spaces. However, if you only need the light for decorative purposes, you do not require bright lights. You can also choose lights that you can adjust based on the purpose.

LED lights are bright and are sometimes harsh on the eyes, while neon lights give a soft, warm, and friendly glow.

The Best Light Source For Your Business Spaces

Neon signs and LED signs have their strengths and weaknesses. The best way to take advantage of both signs is to use LED Neon signs. LED neon signs are safer, more affordable, and better light sources than traditional neon and other signs.

You can use these LED neon signs for various functions. For example, LED aesthetic neon signs can help transform your office space from ordinary into a bright work of art. You can use these signs for several other things in your business or office space. Some ideas are mentioned below.

  • Informative signs: You can use LED neon signs to convey messages to customers. For example, where to sit, fire exits, various departments in an institution, and other informational uses.
  • Advertising signs: LED neon signs are also great for advertising due to their bright and beautiful design. They can serve this purpose either outside or inside your business space. For example, you can create your business logo with these signs and place them indoors.
  • LED Neon signs can also turn dark interior areas into bright spaces. This will aid visibility and improve the work function of all workers in the space.

Final Thoughts

Although neon and LED signs are the most common light sources in many industries, they have different abilities. Neon signs are useful in places that need a soft and beautiful glow of light, while LED lights are preferred by business owners that need to save power.

However, it is possible to have a great light source that is easy on the eyes and also energy efficient. By using LED neon lights. You can have an attractive and functional light source.

Use Neon Signs to Brighten Your Home—Top Decoration Ideas

@Echo Neon | March 16th, 2023 | 10 minutes read

Have you been searching for ways to make your home look more fancy and unique? Neon signs are one of the wonders of interior decorations. They have advanced from mere light sources to a creative advantage that every home requires.

Neon signs allow you to appreciate your space even more as they transform dull and plain rooms into lively, fun, and adventurous spaces. With different designs, shapes, and colours, neon signs allow you to express your creativity in your home.

You can follow the trend by using these signs in various parts of your home—including your bathroom and dining room. Read on to discover several ways to use neon signs to brighten your home!

Why You Should Consider Neon Signs for Your Home

Aside from being an option for decorations, there are several other reasons why you should consider getting neon signs for your home. Below are five reasons.

  1. Add a bit of colour:

Dull rooms or spaces tend to affect people’s mood and productivity levels. It is well known that colours help make people feel better and gear them to be productive. Neon signs are colourful light sources. Hence, they can help turn your home into bright spaces that are great for your mood. You can check out several neon sign colour options and decide which fits your room best.

  1. Match the vibe:

Neon signs are versatile and can be used in many spaces. In the past, people majorly used neon signs outdoors for advertisement purposes. However, neon signs are now commonly used in homes and other indoor spaces, and they still look great!

That is, neon signs are decorative pieces that can match the vibe of whatever space you place them in. If you would like your room to look artistic, neon signs work. Neon signs also work if you want a décor that allows you to be expressive. Whatever outlook you want for your home, neon signs can match the vibe.

  1. Visibility purposes:

As light sources, neon signs are bright and bold. This is a great advantage for home spaces with limited sunlight exposure. Neon signs can help brighten dark areas in your homes to assist with easy navigation and improved visibility.

  1. Energy efficiency:

There has been a global switch from traditional light sources to energy-efficient lighting. Energy-efficient lights use a minimal amount of electricity to generate light. This is a great benefit for homeowners as you can light up your home with less money compared to traditional lighting.

Neon signs are energy-efficient light sources. Hence, you can have bright and well-lit spaces in your home without worrying about your electricity bill.

  1. A burst of creative energy:

You should use neon signs if you love trying out new things and switching up your home to make it more creative. Neon signs are flexible, coming in several colours, shapes, and sizes. Due to this, you can come up with various creative ideas for your rooms, and neon signs will help you bring them to life.

You can make anything with neon signs—your name, favourite quotes, catchphrases, or a shape you love. Hence, you only need to think of something you want for your home and make them with neon signs!

How to Use Neon Signs for Your Home Décor

There are thousands of ideas on how to use neon signs for your home. It depends on your taste, personality, and preference. Neon signs are useful in all your home spaces, like the kitchen, bathroom, backyard, or front porch. Here are some excellent ideas to go with these spaces!

Living Room

A living room is usually visitors’ first contact with many homes. The look of your Livingroom can help people decide your personality types. Hence, it is vital to keep the Livingroom cozy for visitors. You can use home décor neon signs in your Livingroom to add colour and give a nice appeal to visitors. Here are some of the ways to go about it.

  • Choose colourful neon signs to match your Livingroom’s neutral look.
  • Place a neon sign on the wall that speaks to your visitors. An example is a quote that expresses a view that you have.
  • In the Livingroom, you can hang neon signs on trees and other home decoration items.


Your bedroom is your personal space where you can express your creativity as you desire. Neon signs for room can help you explore several creative options in your space. You can go as creative as using several neon lights for the bedroom to give a burst of colour. Here’s how to do it.

  • Place a neon sign on the wall above your bed space.
  • Hang neon signs of your favourite music lyrics and quotes on your bedroom walls.
  • Add a unique pop to your room with bright neon sign colours.


If you are thinking of adding a twist to your home décor, then don’t leave out your bathroom! You can give your bathroom a more modern and chic look by hanging neon wall signs on the walls of your bathroom.

Neon lights in the bathroom will help create a unique look and feel for your bathroom, making your self-care routines more satisfying. Imagine yourself having a bubble bath under the soft glow of neon lights.

  • Choose soft colours for your bathroom walls.
  • Place the neon sign at an angle that allows you to see well into the mirror for your daily routines like makeup application.
  • The reflections of neon signs in your bathroom, especially when placed opposite a mirror, can help give a dreamy look. This is usually great for video content and pictures in the bathroom.

Kitchen/Dining room

Your kitchen or dining area can enjoy a touch of neon lights too. Spice up your kitchen and dining space with some neon signs. While this may sound quite odd, the result is usually satisfying and unique.

  • Use food images for your kitchen and dining room neon signs.
  • You can use other food-related neon signs like quotes from a renowned chef or a chef hat. 
  • Simple colours and designs work perfectly well with kitchen/dining spaces. Use calm colours like white or grey for your neon signs.

Nursery/Kids’ Room

The nursery or your kid’s room is another place where neon lights for room can serve their purpose. They are a great idea because of their soft glow and the beautiful effects they have. Children love colours and lights; hence, let their spaces reflect that.

  • Place a neon sign above your child’s bed.
  • Write your child’s name with a neon sign. This can also be your child’s favourite singer.
  • You can hang neon signs as a night light for your kids that do not like the dark.

Front Porch

Many people love to spend their evenings on the front porch of their homes. Neon signs can help make your time more enjoyable by providing a light source that is not too bright to distract your meditation. Yet, this light source provides enough illumination and adds beauty to your porch.

  • Use neon lights to attenuate certain features around your porch, like a plant stand.
  • Line up your stairway with neon signs to provide illumination and beauty.
  • Use neutral colours to give a soothing effect during nighttime.


Neon signs have become more popular over the years. This is because they serve as a medium for self-expression and creativity. The remarkable features of neon signs make them one of the best home décor options for many homeowners. You can use neon signs for your bedrooms, kitchen, Livingroom, and front porch. Enjoy the best lighting with neon signs for home.

white and red Kwas neon sign on the wall

Do Neon Signs Make Good Gifts/Presents?

@Echo Neon | March 9th, 2023 | 10 minutes read

Neon signs are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their in-trend designs and eye-catching colors but can you give out a neon sign as a gift? If so, when can you gift out LED neon signs and where can you get the best neon signs to give out as gifts?

This post reveals reasons why LED neon signs are the perfect gift item and the best time of the year to give out LED neon signs as gifts. So, let’s dive in. 

Why Choose LED Neon Signs As Gifts?

Here are reasons to choose an LED neon sign as a gift for your friends and family:

1. Neon Signs Are User-Friendly

LED neon signs are the perfect gift item because they are user-friendly and have low maintenance and running costs. 

The LED signs come with a built-in dimmer and remote control that allows you to switch between different colors and display modes with just the push of a button. You also get a complete installation kit and the backboard of the signs is drilled with holes for easy installation and hanging.  

LED neon signs also don’t generate heat or make noises like traditional neon signs that make “humming” noises. LED neon signs are designed with low-energy LED bulbs that consume six times less energy than your average lightbulb so the sign wouldn’t spike electric bills either. 

Whoever you give a LED neon sign to would love it since they can just sit back and enjoy the beautiful glow and display that the sign brings to their space without worrying about maintenance or running costs. 

2. LED Neon Signs Are Beautiful

Another reason to gift out a LED neon sign is that it is aesthetically pleasing. LED neon signs are very beautiful and attractive which is one of the reasons they are so common today. Whether the aesthetic neon sign is used indoors, outdoors, in the home, office, or business place, it will beautify the space with its unique display of colors and trendy design. 

3. Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Love Neon Signs

If you want to gift an entrepreneur friend or business owner, you should gift them a LED neon sign that represents their business or brand. This is a great way to show support for their business and they would surely love it. 

You can even get the neon sign custom-made to display the person’s business logo or brand name. This will set their business apart from others that offer similar services and they can hang their gift outside their store to attract customers. You can customize a LED neon sign for your friend’s business at Echo Neon. Our team of experts is readily available to assist you from the design stage to delivery.

4. LED Neon Signs Are Ultra-Durable and Safe

LED neon signs would make a perfect gift item because they are durable and safe. The signs are designed from sturdy and eco-friendly materials like high-grade PVC, LED bulbs, and acrylic backboards that make them last longer than regular neon signs. 

So, if you give someone a LED neon sign, you are giving them a decor item that will stand the test of time and, everytime they see the sign, they remember who gave it to them.

5. LED Neon Signs Are Not Gender or Age Specific

LED neon signs are for anybody and everybody. This is another reason why they are a great gift item. Whether you want to gift a kid, adult, man, or woman, you’ll find a LED sign that will be perfect for the occasion. 

You can shop from the widest collection of neon signs to pick the perfect gift for your loved one. Love neon signs, cute neon signs, kid neon signs, sports neon signs, cool neon signs, and lots more are available for you to choose from. 

6. LED Neon Signs Aren’t Expensive

Contrary to popular opinion, LED neon signs aren’t expensive products. While some rare signs can cost well over $500, you can still get beautiful neon signs that will make perfect gifts for less than $300 at Echo Neon. We even have LED neon signs that cost less than $150 like this Christmas neon sign that would make a great Christmas present or this romantic neon sign that would make a perfect valentine’s present. 

7. Neon Signs Aren’t Common As Gifts

Yes, you read that right! LED neon signs aren’t a common gift item and this just adds more value to the sign when it is given as a gift. Since the recipient is sure not to get such a present from anybody else, your gift will be the best they receive on their special day. So, shop now!

When Can You Give Out A Neon Sign As A Gift?

You can give out a neon sign as a gift on different occasions. The list includes Christmas parties, New Year, Thanksgiving, birthdays, business and brand openings, housewarming parties, weddings and anniversaries, reunions, and lots more. The best part is there is a neon sign for every occasion at Echo Neon so all you have to do is shop from the category of the occasion. 

To make the neon sign a perfect gift, you can customize it for the occasion. For instance, if you want to give out a neon sign as a gift for your friend’s wedding, you can customize the names of the newly-weds in a beautiful cursive font and have it lit with the most beautiful colors. This gift would be loved by the couple and would be an ideal decor item even after the wedding. 

Likewise, if you want to give out a neon sign as a gift for your friend’s birthday party, you can have their name or new age customized as a LED neon sign so it’s a perfect fit for the occasion. 

Final Words

In summary, LED neon signs would make the perfect gift item for any event. This is because they are affordable, user-friendly, beautiful, and they last for several years without any sign of damage. You can either shop from an existing collection or have a LED neon sign custom-made for you. So, shop now and get the best gift for that special someone. 

business neon sign

How Neon Sign Improves Your Brand Awareness

@Echo Neon | January 28th, 2023 | 10 minutes read

Neon signs are a striking addition to any room and stand out among the many other imaginative ways to decorate. Whether running a restaurant, retail store, or office, you’re always looking for new methods to boost your brand, spread your message, and boost your revenue.

It would help if you had fresh, contemporary ideas for enhancing the aesthetics of your commercial space so that it reflects your brand in a world where nearly every industry is oversaturated. One of the crucial parts of any business, strong branding helps you stand out from the competition and establishes your identity.

Your workstation must reflect who you are when developing and maintaining your brand. The interior of your building plays a crucial role in establishing your identity, and neon signs are one way to create a striking visual impact. Neon signage for businesses might be the ideal choice for visually improving your brand.

Why Businesses Should Use Neon Signs

Neon signs are unique works of art that you can put in your workplace to create a glowing image or quote. They are handcrafted and produced to order. They can be seen as a nostalgic option for your interior design, but they also have a contemporary feel.

Neon signs for businesses may be a method to inspire employees, stand out from the competition, and make your workplace more lively by using a variety of colors. Any business can take advantage of the power of a neon sign in their commercial area, whether a bank or a beauty salon. What impact may it therefore have?

Place Your Neon Logo and Tagline on the Show

You can design a neon sign that features your brand or business name in lights. Additionally, this is a fantastic concept for a design if your firm has a motto or quote that it lives by. Having your logo visible helps to establish your branding and makes it easier for staff and customers to comprehend and recall. We are naturally highly visual organisms, and we respond more strongly to bright, shiny objects than others. Your employees may not be as motivated as they could be if your environment is boring.

It can be very effective to put your neon logo or tagline up in the window, on the wall, or at the door to help customers understand what makes your business unique.

Create Memory

Your consumers are sure to remember a distinctive interior with an eye-catching neon sign, which means your business will be at the top of their minds when they need your services.

This is crucial for a brand. The goal of building a brand is to become something people remember and can think of when they need it. Additionally, since clients will think of you first, it can help you stand out from your rivals.

Successful Advertising

You may promote your company with a neon sign that features your branding. A neon sign at your workplace might make you appear far more friendly to customers than placing your sign in the window of your restaurant or retail store.

Neon signage can positively affect people’s impressions of you and serve as an advertisement that draws customers in. This kind of advertisement cannot be duplicated using modern technology.

Therefore, the next time you’re looking for a way to improve your branding, think about creating your neon sign!

What Role Do Neon Signs Play in Brand Recognition?

One of the essential factors in creating a great brand is recognition. For customers to pick your company and products over the competition, they must be simple to recognize. The usage of signs is one method to increase brand recognition.

There are numerous signs, including billboards, vehicle graphics, and external storefront signs. No of the kind, they all have the same goal: to catch potential clients’ attention and leave a lasting impression.

One advantage of employing signage to advertise your company is that a big audience can notice them. A strategically positioned storefront sign can catch the eye of onlookers, whereas a billboard can regularly reach hundreds or even thousands of people. Vehicle graphics are also useful because they are visible to a large audience when moving about town.

Signs can assist in defining your brand’s identity in addition to being seen by a broad audience. Your logo, typeface, and color scheme should all be used consistently to create a unified look that is simple to recognize. If your business is competing in a crowded market where it may be simple to get lost in the noise, this is extremely crucial.

By fostering a sense of professionalism, signs can also help increase brand identification. A professionally made and kept sign can convey the impression that your company is well-run, dependable, and trustworthy. Customers frequently search for organizations they can trust to execute the job well; thus, this is particularly crucial for service-based enterprises.

In general, signage is an effective method of increasing brand recognition. Investing in high-quality signs may pay off greatly, whether you are a small business just getting started or an established organization trying to boost your exposure. Therefore, consider including signage in your marketing mix to increase brand recognition.

How Do Signs Aid in Marketing for Businesses?

To promote a business, Neon signs can assist in the following:

  1. Getting noticed: Signs can serve as a visual representation of the company and draw in potential clients.
  2.  Information provision: Signs can convey vital details about the company, like its address, operating hours, and the goods and services it offers.
  3. Increasing branding: Signs can support a company’s branding efforts and help to establish a unified corporate identity.
  4. Increasing credibility: A sign that exudes professionalism can offer the company an air of legitimacy.
  5. Driving traffic: Signs can point customers in the direction of a business, boosting foot traffic and the possibility of purchases.
  6. Increasing visibility: In a congested market, signs can make the firm stand out and attract more clients.
  7. Positivity: A professionally designed sign can enhance the company’s reputation and leave a favorable impression on potential clients.


Customers and potential clients should be able to recognize your business and tell you apart from your rivals when they glance at your sign. An excellent sign and logo will frequently unintentionally reinforce the client’s principles and beliefs by highlighting how your business stands out from the competitors. Consider the stylistic components of your sign (attractive colors, distinct lines, etc.) that might (and should) arouse a sense of positivity in your customers. In the end, your sign should positively distinguish you from other firms in your clients’ thoughts and inspire them to consider you the next time they require your good or service. Whatever kind of company you run, a top-notch bespoke neon logo sign may help you identify your brand, attract more clients, and raise your brand awareness.

In summary, neon signs are an effective marketing strategy. They are a successful approach to standing out in a crowded market thanks to their vivid, eye-catching colors and distinctive design.

Utilizing logo neon signs for your brand has indisputable long-term advantages, despite possibly requiring a higher initial cost.

They not only support the development of your brand’s identity and improve its exposure, but they also evoke feelings of nostalgia and authenticity in consumers, which can entice them and keep them coming back.

Consider including neon logo signs in your marketing strategy to improve brand awareness and leave a lasting impact on your target market. 

View our product category for suggestions on how a neon sign can enhance your business image and marketing initiatives, and pick the sign that best suits your needs as a company. 

custom neon sign home bar

Home Bar Decor Ideas - Top 10 Trends

@Echo Neon | December 21st, 2022 | 10 minutes read

A home bar is an excellent addition to any home. They are a safe space to relax, entertain guests, and have fun with your friends and family without leaving the comfort of your house. Home bars are also an essential part of your home decor since the appearance of your home bar can impact the interior decor of your home.
In this post, we reveal the top 10 trendiest home bar decor ideas to transform your bar into an attractive feature of your home. 

Here is a list of the top ten home bar decor ideas for you to choose from:

1. Home Bar Neon Signs

Home bar neon signs can elevate your bar to rival some of the best pubs out there. Neon bar signs for homes are designed from recyclable and high-grade materials like PVC and acrylic backboards. These materials are precisely cut using contour and laser-cutting technology to give you a sleek decor item that will transform your home bar. 

The design of the sign is lit using low-energy light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs guaranteed to last for over 60,000 hours. The best part about home bar neon signs is that you have a ton of options to choose from. If you wish, experts can create a text or image-based custom home bar neon sign for you based on your uploaded design. This is a great way to personalize your bar and transform the space into a nice hangout spot with friends and family. 

2. LED Lamps

Are you looking for a subtle yet stylish decor idea to class up your home bar? Look no further than LED neon lamps. LED lamps are a perfect combination of creativity, style, and durability. 

The lamps are carefully handcrafted with glass and LED bulbs. The LED bulb is enclosed in a transparent glass frame and then placed on a metallic or wooden base. This gives the lamp enough durability to withstand daily use and a reflective LED display that will make your home bar classy. 

The LED lamps can be placed on the counter, shelf, or wine rack. The glow of the lamp will bounce off the wine bottles to create the most attractive light display you’ll see in any bar. LED lamps are a must-have for every home bar.

3. Wine Glass Hanger

Every home bar deserves the classy touch of a wine glass hanger. Wine glass hangers are modern additions to any home bar. The hanger can be constructed with metal, wood, aluminum, plastic, or a combination of two or more of these materials. 

The purpose of the wine glass hanger is to keep your wine glasses safe but the hanger can do more than that. When properly installed, a wine glass hanger gives your home bar an extra touch of class that will surely wow your guests. 

The hanger can be nailed to the wall or installed next to the wine rack. You can also polish the wine glass hanger to give you an ultra-reflective and shiny surface. 

4. Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights have become the new trend in home decor. The modern and stylish construction of ceiling lights make them an excellent decor idea for any home bar. You can go for cool lighting with colors like blue and green or go for daring colors like yellow and orange. Regardless of the theme or style of your home bar, you can always find a ceiling light to complement it.

5. Polished Furniture

Decorate your home bar with polished furniture like wooden stools and drink counters. Polished furniture has been used to decorate home bars for years and they are still in-trend thanks to their shiny surface, simple design, and durable frame. 

Polished furniture is constructed from high-grade wood and then finished using reflective coats like polyurethane, varnish, and lacquer. The result is an ultra-reflective surface that will beautify your home bar. When combined with cool LED or ceiling lights, the polished surface will cause the light to bounce off its surface resulting in an eye-catching display of reflective light rays.

Polished furniture is also bar-friendly and designed to withstand the daily wear and tear associated with a home bar. The reflective sheen on the furniture is water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about drink spills or mold growth. Polished furniture is easy to maintain and guaranteed to style up your home bar.   

6. Wall Art

Are you a collector or an art enthusiast? Why not make your home bar aesthetically appealing with a piece of wall art. The wall art display can be from any era, culture, or civilization. Books, cultural artifacts, vintage wine bottles, wall mats, antiques, paintings, and photo frames are amazing examples of wall art that will take your home bar to the next level.

Wall art works best when hung on a plain wall and they are a great way to make a statement and add texture to your space. 

7. Pendant Lights and Chandeliers

Pendant lights and chandeliers are uncommon which is why they would make a great addition to your home bar. People appreciate objects when they’re rarely seen and a chandelier hanging in a home bar is a rare decor item that will make your bar the envy of many. 

The cursive construction and unique glow of pendant lights and chandeliers make them a stylish addition to any bar. When lit, the lights will reflect off the wine rack, wine glasses, and polished wood to give you a soothing ambiance to enjoy your favorite drinks with some of your favorite people. 

Whether you are looking to beautify your home bar for your upcoming party or you want to give your home bar a trendy lift, pendant lights and chandeliers have got you covered.

8. Bartending Tools

Complete your home bar with a set of bartending tools. Corkscrews, coasters, bar spoons, cocktail shakers, bottle openers, ice kits, and cocktail pourers are some of the must-have bartending tools to have in your home bar. These tools will give your home bar the look and feel of a professional bar. Aside from beautifying your home bar, these tools will also come in handy when you need them so it’s a win-win situation.

9. Home Bar Fridge

Drinks are always better served cold and with a home bar fridge, you can enjoy all the cold drinks you want anytime. You can now invest in home bar fridges with impressive features like ice makers, dispensers, adjustable shelving, interior lighting, and side doors. You can even go the extra step and install a snack bar or vending machine close to your home bar. 

10. Create Some Entertainment

An entertainment set can make all the difference for your home bar especially if you’ll be having guests over frequently. A sound system, TV, and game set will decorate your home bar and give your guests something to enjoy while sipping a glass of their best drinks. 

If you have a large space to work with, you can install bar games in your home bar. A pool table, foosball table, poker set, dart board, ping-pong table, dice set, or shuffleboard will make an excellent addition to any home bar. 

Final Words

In summary, your home bar should be a reflection of your personality and a nice spot to kick back and relax. The decor ideas in this post can help you transform your home bar from a boring drink storage to a cool hangout spot for you, your friends, and family to enjoy. So, get started and create your dream home bar today!

party neon sign decor

Glowing Neon Light Party For the life of the Party

@Echo Neon | December 14th, 2022 | 10 minutes read

The bright neon light, decorations, and attire of a “neon party” glow brilliantly in the presence of black ultraviolet lights, providing a visually arresting display for the partygoers. An alternative name for a neon party is a glow-in-the-dark Party. Although the two concepts are often interchangeable, the term “neon party” originated from the observation that fluorescent paints produced a more noticeable effect under black lights. A neon or glow-in-the-dark party without black lights is possible, but the visual impact will be significantly weaker. Adults, as well as children and teenagers, love a good neon-themed party. A glow-in-the-dark party is an eye-popping celebration, typically involving a wide variety of bright, neon-colored toys, decorations, costumes, and face paint. Use neon colours that glow brightly to maximise the visual impact of UV black lights.


UV black lights, created to make white and neon colours fluoresce, are commonly used for this purpose (glow). At glow-in-the-dark parties, glow neon sticks and other flashing lights are also common.

Which Uv Black Lights Are the Most Effective for Neon Parties?

The most crucial component of your neon party will be UV black lights; the best option is LED black lights. In a little box, you’ll find four long-length LED black light strips that are both powerful and energy efficient. These strips were made with neon parties in mind and will allow you to hang a single black light on each wall, bathing the event in ultraviolet light. This makes sure the neon colours shine brightly in every direction. Echoneon glow Lights/signs are perfect for any neon party, including birthdays, Halloween parties, stag/bachelorette parties, and wedding receptions.


As the name suggests, glow-in-the-dark parties are best held in dimly lit areas so that the glow party signs and lights can be seen. Atmospheric darkness and the late hours of the night are ideal for glow-in-the-dark celebrations. Glow-in-the-dark parties can be held throughout the day by covering the windows of an indoor room in black plastic. A glowing neon sign is a fantastic option for smaller kids who don’t typically stay up late. Even if the Party is going to take place at night, it’s best if it’s in a completely dark room, preferably one with no windows. Glow-in-the-dark parties can be held in the great outdoors, so long as there is no glare from nearby buildings or streetlights. Checking the lunar calendar for a night with a less bright moon can also be helpful.


What Should I Do for a Neon Party Décor?

It’s all about the dazzling colours that glow under UV black lights when it comes to neon party decorations. The more brightly coloured neon or fluorescent goods are there; the more striking the party scene will appear beneath the black lights.


In order to assist you in the process of decorating for your neon party, we have included some guidelines below:


  • Install UV black lights all around the neon party zone. If you’re looking for maximum impact, go with the glowing neon lights.


  • There must be a disco dance floor at every neon celebration. Read up on the best methods for making a disco dance floor that glows in the dark.


  • Create eye-catching posters for the Party by embellishing plain paper with various colours and neon paints or highlighter pens. The vivid colours will stand out against a black background.


  • Fluorescent paper goods, such as neon bunting, neon ornamental forms, happy birthday and other party phrase banners, can be hung from the ceiling and walls to set the festive mood.


  • Set the stage with a massive neon wall hanging. Your neon party room will benefit greatly from this addition to the visual effects.


  • Hang bunches of glow-in-the-dark LED balloons from the ceiling or scatter UV-reactive fluorescent balloons over the room.


  • Cups and plates that react to UV light can be purchased, or you can decorate regular dishes with dots made from neon stickers or bracelets made from glow sticks.


  • Napkins and silverware should be brilliant neon colours, and the table and chairs should be covered in equally eye-catching fabric.


  • Make a neon make-up and paint table where guests may use invisible ink pens and paints to express their party spirit.


  • Distribute a wide variety of light-up party favours, such as glow glasses, necklaces, hats, neon wigs, and rings, to your visitors.


Neon Glow-In-The-Dark Party Essentials

Neon glow-in-the-dark events are trending, whether for a party or a birthday celebration. You’ll need the proper equipment to turn your décor, clothing, and beverages into glowing neon sign marvels.


So, let us assist you in organising your next neon glow-in-the-dark party. Keep reading to learn about the fundamental requirements and typical hazards.


  • The Proper Pitch Black

Throwing a neon glow-in-the-dark party isn’t complete without black lights, highlighting and illuminating all the neon decorations and favours. However, it’s important to pick the correct bulb for the job.


Black lights that only seem to be purple incandescent bulbs should be avoided. A certain way to ruin any party, these bulbs filter out all wavelengths of light except violet and ultraviolet (UV) without really producing any UV at all.


These bulbs are inexpensive, but they cast a shadow across the room, making it impossible to see anything beyond them.


Invest in at least one high-calibre black light. These fluorescent-style long tubes are specially designed to transmit only UV light. You can’t see ultraviolet light because it falls outside the visible spectrum. But in truth, most people can see into the UV spectrum, and these lamps leak a small amount of visible light, so you and your visitors won’t fumble around in total darkness.


LED black lights are a more budget-friendly option but frequently require batteries. Therefore, if you plan on employing this kind of black light, you need always be prepared with fresh or spare batteries.


  • Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are a great way to brighten the Party and have extra fun. Here are a few suggestions to get your guests thinking:


  1. used as ornamental items
  2. Please put them in ice trays and punch bowls to keep things cool.
  3. Use them as glow stick chandeliers and suspend them from the ceiling.
  4. Create lights with glow sticks.


  • Luminous Beverages

Adding to the festive spirit of your Party by making the refreshments glow is a great idea. You may do this in one of two ways: serve drinks that emit a fluorescent glow in the dark, utilize plates and glasses that shine under black light, or contain LEDs.


To do this, you can use tonic water or ice that contains an LED. Tonic water has a blue UV glow because of the quinine in it. So, if you want your meal to glow, dip it in tonic water.


  • Glow-in-the-Dark Face and Body Paint

Everything white will shine blue under a black light, including your clothes, teeth, and eyes. Body paint, make-up, nail polish, and glow-in-the-dark temporary tattoos in fluorescent colours will liven up any party.


If you cannot locate any, try creating your glow-in-the-dark string lights! Use petroleum jelly to create a blue light and do this.



We’re confident you’re eager to start organising your glow-in-the-dark Party now. But keep in mind that the setting is crucial.

Neon parties are best held at night and in regions with little to no natural light. You can still host a daytime neon party despite this.


If you want your UV black lights to have the most impact during your neon party, hosting them indoors is preferable. Living rooms, garages, and sheds are all great options. However, a neon celebration in the open air is doable. Remember that the UV black light effect on the neon colours will be lost if there is too much-reflected light from the moon or street lights.

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How To Use LED Neon Signs In The Leisure Industry

@Echo Neon | December 2nd, 2022 | 10 minutes read

The vibrant glow, cursive font, and lively display of LED neon signs make them a perfect fit for the leisure industry. Whether you want to decorate your space, attract customers, or give your leisure business an exciting uplift, LED neon signs have got you covered. 

This post reveals the top 7 ways and places to use LED neon signs in the leisure industry. Let’s dive in.

How To Use LED Neon Signs In The Leisure Industry – Top 7 Places

Here are the top 7 places to use a leisure neon sign in the leisure and entertainment world:

1. Game Houses and Arcades

LED neon signs are more than welcome in game houses and arcades. The animating glow, cool colors, and frisky designs of leisure neon signs are loved by video and arcade game enthusiasts. 

Whether inside the game house or at the entrance of your arcade, a LED neon sign could be that elusive decor item that takes your space to the next level. 

LED neon signs are safe to use in public and crowded spaces because they are made from recyclable materials like high-grade PVC and acrylic backboards. Also, the signs don’t generate heat or make noise so you have nothing to worry about. Check out this amazing collection of cool neon signs fit to use in an arcade.

2. Cinemas and Theaters

Cinemas and movie theaters are ideal places to use leisure neon signs. You can use a LED neon sign to pass information and indicate where the viewing rooms are. You can also use neon signs to light up the lobby area, concession stand, and waiting areas thanks to their cool cursive fonts and an RGB dynamic color switch with over 150 color effects. 

LED neon signs can complement any theme in your cinema and bring visual excitement to the walls. Check out this collection of Anime neon signs for your cinema. If you wish, you can have a neon sign custom-built for you. It could be a neon sign inspired by the name of your cinema or from a popular movie. 

3. Gyms and Sport Complexes

Leisure neon signs can be used in gyms, sports complexes, and recreation centers to add graphic details to the environment. You can hang text-based neon signs with positive messages on the wall of your gym to keep people going. 

You can also use sport-based neon signs to complement the theme in playing courts like this basketball hoop neon sign perfect for an indoor basketball court. If you wish, you can request the neon sign to be made with our splash-proof feature so it is water-resistant and fit for exterior spaces. 

4. Clubs and Hangout Spots

If there is anywhere to use a neon sign in the leisure industry, it’s in the club. Night clubs, bars, pubs, and public hangout spots are great places to hang a leisure neon sign. The cool glow and design of the neon sign will illuminate the space and create a terrific backdrop and lighting for your photos and videos. 

Adding a leisure neon sign to your club and hangout spots will create a visual decoration that will match the music and vibe of the place. You can hang the sign on the roof, entrance, or interior of the clubhouse to give guests an amazing atmosphere that will keep the party going all night. 

The best part about leisure neon signs is that they are created from different colors and have different designs so you can always find a neon sign for just about any type of party. Whether you want a Christmas tree neon sign for your Xmas party or a Halloween neon sign for your spooky night party, you’ll find a neon sign that will keep your guests entertained. 

5. Amusement Parks

Leisure neon signs are perfect for amusement parks, resorts, and funfairs. The rides, games, and indoor activities would look more fun and inviting if a vibrant neon sign is hung on the wall. 

You can use a superhero-inspired neon sign like this Deadpool neon sign or a movie-inspired neon sign like this Friends neon sign to thrill the guests and create excitement.

6. Spas

People go to spas to relax and get diverse skincare treatments and you can use a leisure neon sign to make your spa look and feel more soothing. The impressive range of neon colors means you can always find a neon sign to match the interior decor of your spa regardless of your taste. Since LED neon signs don’t generate heat or cause noisy disturbances, there is no risk to customers or your spa. You can go for this TikTok neon sign or browse from a wide collection of minimalistic neon signs fit to use in any saloon, spa, or relaxation spot. 

7. Pubs and Bars

Neon signs are also great additions to pubs, liquor stores, and bars. The LED glow of the neon signs have a nice way of bouncing off wine bottles and glasses to create the most beautiful and eye-catching light display in the bar. 

You can also use neon signs to decorate the entertainment section of your bar by hanging them around the pool table or foosball table. A neon sign can complement the music in your bar and create a visual attraction for guests. Check out this collection of stylish cafe and bar neon signs

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are common questions about using LED neon signs in the leisure industry:

Are LED Neon Signs Safe For Public Spaces?

LED neon signs are safe for public spaces, recreation areas, and crowded spots since the signs don’t contain any toxic gas or generate heat. Also, LED neon signs are handcrafted using flex plastic tubes and wooden boards. As such, there is no risk to public safety when you use a leisure neon sign. 

How Much Does A Leisure Neon Sign Cost?

Leisure neon signs often cost between $200 and $1000 but you can enjoy cheap prices, discounts, and slashed sales at Echo neon. They have some of the cheapest leisure neon signs in their collection for you to choose from and if you don’t like any of the signs displayed, you can request one to be custom-made based on your requirements. 

Final Words

In summary, LED neon signs are a fit for just about any leisure business due to their playful display and cool colors. If you want to beautify your leisure space and make it more inviting to customers, neon signs are the answer. You can even request a custom-made neon sign be created from your design if you want a personalized or unique feel. 

Neon signs can help your leisure brand stand out, especially at night. So, buy a leisure neon sign today and transform your leisure space!

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Game Room Décor: Helpful Tips to Keep Your Space Functional

@Echo Neon | November 11th, 2022 | 10 minutes read

People from all age groups play video games. For some, it’s a great way to pass the time and have fun, while for others, it is an escape from reality. A group of gamers can hide out in a game room for hours and have great gaming sessions while creating lifelong memories. But what are these fun gaming sessions without a well-equipped game room?

Your game room setup is an important factor for an enjoyable gaming session. The lighting, the wall designs, and the seating arrangements of your space can add a personal touch to your space, which helps improve your gaming sessions by helping you stay mentally fired up. Read on as we discuss great tips to help make your game room look better!

Important Tips for your Game Room Setup

1.Consider the space available.

Your idea of a game room décor hinges on your available space. Hence, you must factor in your space before making plans. You should also know that you do not need a large space for a great man cave, as you can make do with what is available. It also doesn’t have to be an actual room; a small section of the living room can do

       2.Use the best audio system.

Another big part of your gaming room décor is the sound. Consider getting surround sound speakers with RGB lighting to make your gaming sessions more exciting and immersive. Gaming headphones are crucial to competitive online games. Still, speakers with cool lighting patterns (some actively respond to in-game visuals, while some respond to sound effects) make the whole experience worth looking forward to! More points for you if you’re a Content Creator, as viewers are attracted to setups like that.

       3.Use the best sitting arrangement.

Functionality and comfort are key factors for a game room setup and must be considered when getting a Gaming chair and arranging the same. However, if placed properly with other furniture in this space, it’s a huge plus to create a cosy, comfortable, and coherent feel of the setup. Playing with a group of friends often will also dictate how well you have your chairs placed, where everyone has a clear view of the monitor or TV without the space looking cramped. 

       4.Keep the Temperature Optimal.

Another important factor for your game room is the temperature. Temperature is important to keep you comfortable, as extreme temperatures can make you sweaty or too cold to play your games properly. Also, the optimal temperature is important to keep your gadgets functional. During intense gaming sessions, your gadgets or appliances may start to overheat; a cool temperature will help to manage a situation like that properly. 

       5.Keep the arrangements tidy and organized.

A messy gaming space would mean problematic gaming sessions. Ensure all furniture and equipment are well placed and well organized to reduce the risk of crashing into objects when you try to move around during breaks between your gaming sessions. Make sure that all needed appliances and gadgets are also easily accessible. You can have a great game room setup even with a small gaming space. One way to deal with space problems is to use furnitur5e with enough shelves to easily arrange gadgets and other small objects to prevent clustering the floor. 

       6.Invest in wall décor. 

The walls of your game room are an essential part of your game room décor. They allow enough space for creativity. If you have a particular idea or inspiration for your room, the best way to put it out is with your wall designs. Your preferences and interests also show in your choice of wall designs. There are several ways to get creative with your wall décor, including wall art, wallpapers, and neon game signs

Neon signs are not only easy to install but also cool and would easily stand out to complement your space. There are several options for game room neon signs, but you could also get custom designs depending on your preferences. Your neon game sign can be a logo of your favourite game, an inscription, or a common gaming statement, or it could be as simple as a letter—all of these are great ideas for your wall. You can also choose from a series of colour options; be sure to pick the best colour that matches your wall and other wall art. 

       7.Use the best possible lights.

Every gamer worth his salt can attest to the importance of great lighting for gaming sessions. Optics should not be taken for granted. You want to avoid too much light as it might be blinding; you also do not want too little so you can see objects around you. Hence, here are some useful tips for your game room lighting. 

  • Block out natural light: You surely do not want to get blinded by rays of light coming from your window while gaming. You also want your lighting to allow you to see your screen. It would be best to use dark or black-out drapes over your windows to keep the lights out. 
  • Use ambient lighting: Ambient lighting helps to keep you immersed in your gaming session. Ambient lights help improve visibility and add depth and warmth to your game room so you can sit for long hours and enjoy your gaming sessions. Examples of ambient light sources are laser projectors, LEDs, and strips. Your general setup would also determine the type of light source to be used. 
  • Get creative with your light source: while the importance of lighting is visibility, it can be more than just about that. You can also create beautiful scenery by taking advantage of your light sources. Use neon signs, lamps, and LED strips to create a welcoming and comfortable environment. 

You can use these light sources as decorative elements also. For example, use a game neon sign at a corner of the room to create a light source and wall art. This neon sign can be the shape of a console or a gaming logo, be sure to be creative about it. 

  • Make sure that your choice of lighting aligns with the room’s theme. Consider using LED lamps or string lights if you want a soft feel for your game room. It will be different if you want a dark theme for your room. Also, ensure that things don’t get too bright or too gloomy in the room. 



Gamers find an escape from the stress and genuineness of the real world in their gaming sessions. Many people play video games to find adventurous options or to live in fantasy. This is the goal of many online games. However, a bad game room décor might make this difficult to achieve. Imagine being in a world of your own, and suddenly a ray of light disrupts your gaming session; it would be difficult to get over it. Hence, your game room must be properly set up to allow you to enjoy your gaming sessions. 

Functionality, comfort, and lighting are important features you must consider when setting up your space, as they all contribute to an amazing and immersive gaming session.

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LED Decorative Lights: Improve Your Lighting System

@Echo Neon | October 19th, 2022 | 10 minutes read

Unique electronic lighting devices include LEDs. They have a long lifespan, use little energy, and generate little heat. Since they don’t contain lead or mercury, they are considered safer because they aren’t made from delicate materials like glass tubes. When compared to incandescent or halogen bulbs with the same brightness, LED bulbs use about 90% less energy. When electricity is transformed into light, the former is more energy-efficient and measured in lumens.

You can use decorative lighting on your balcony or patio during the warm summer months, and it will look just as good during the winter holidays when paired with festive lighting. Whether indoors or out, decorative lighting can improve the look of a space year-round. At Echoneon, we have ornamental lighting to suit any aesthetic preference.


Various Types of LED lights For Decorative Purposes


Neon LED Lights

Browse a variety of LED neon lights that save energy. We can assist you whether you’re seeking the best approach to add some much-needed functional lighting to your home or business task areas or want to add a splash of lighting throughout your house. Install LED neon lights right now for practical lighting solutions where you need them most.


Thanks to our extensive range, you can select and install the best-fitting, money-saving LED lighting alternatives specifically for your lighting project from solid LED neon tube lights to signs and Edison bulbs,  Additionally, all of our signs are certified for outdoor use and come with water-resistant bespoke neon signs perfect for promoting contemporary businesses.


Browse our enormous selection of LED neon lights right away for chic choices. You can use long-life energy-efficient lighting to illuminate your house or place of business in the way you see fit while providing 15 to 25 years of optimal performance and cost-effective energy use.

Investigate colour possibilities to create stunning LED lighting effects that actualize your design concepts. We carry a wide choice of LED neon lighting, including neutral white, cool white, and warm white, as well as red, blue, orange, and green.

Uncertain about where to start? Browse the web now for ideas, and visit our site for additional details on subjects including length, water resistance, and how to use LED neon lights to enhance any space’s beauty.


LED Edison Light Fixtures

LED lights weren’t always offered in the same fittings as conventional bulbs in the past. Everything about this has changed. Now that they come in a range of fittings to suit your needs, LEDs can save energy for everyone. And installing them frequently doesn’t even require the assistance of an electrician. Here is an idea to help you determine whether LED technology is available for the bulb fitting you need.


  • The vast majority of Edison light bulbs available use E27 bases. Additionally known as “Edison Screw” or “ES” bulbs. The United Kingdom enjoys its popularity the most. It is simple to replace them with a new bulb because they have the same 27mm diameter as a typical halogen or incandescent E27.


  • The E14 screw is mechanically identical to the E27 screw, except that it is 14 millimetres in diameter, making it ideal for use in compact fixtures such as chandeliers and appliances.


LED Tube Lamp

To put it simply, a light-emitting diode (LED) lamp or LED light bulb is an electric light that generates light utilising LEDs (LEDs). Light-emitting diode (LED) tube lamp are much more energy-efficient than their incandescent and fluorescent counterparts. The best commercially available LED lights have efficiency levels of 200 lumens per watt (Lm/W). Industrial LED lights last significantly longer than incandescent ones.


Using the mains power supply to light an LED lamp necessitates using an electronic LED driver circuit, which introduces losses that reduce the lamp’s overall efficiency below that of the LED chips it employs. For the driver circuit to function with lamp dimmers, it may be necessary to provide specific features. Depending on the technology of the lights, the current waveform typically involves distortion.

Both everyday and specialised lighting applications now make use of LED lamps. LEDs that only emit one colour of light don’t waste energy on filters when only that colour is needed.


Because It’s the Season, Here Are Ways to Employ Festive Led Lights.

Christmas is, without a doubt, the most enchanted season. If you’ve ever strolled around your city during the holiday season, you’ve probably noticed how both homes and businesses are lighted up, which provides a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. All you must do is get your hands on some LED lights if you want to bring that enchanted atmosphere into your home all year. Here are five ideas for decorating your house with LED lights, so it always looks festive!


  • Miniature Lights

Investing in a string of fairy lights is one of the simplest methods to use LED lights for house décor. Fairy lights, which come in various forms, dimensions, and hues, instantly transform any setting into something fanciful. They are the most flexible decorative LED lights for house interiors since they are made of tiny LED bulbs on a wire. You can drape them with your drapes, hang them from the ceiling, or use them to frame your window or mirror. They will add a magical touch to your interiors. You can readour blog to learn more about mood lighting’s ability to set the proper mood.


  • LED Strips

When used properly, colourful and ornamental LED lights may give your interiors a cool, modern appeal. You may install LED light strips in areas where conventional bulbs wouldn’t often fit, such as within cabinets or under drawers, because they are thin and flexible. Your imagination is the only restriction on how you can use LED lights to decorate your home. Choose red, green, yellow, or white LED light strips for this Christmas and experiment with holiday-themed forms like reindeer, candy canes, Christmas trees, stars, etc. Your light strip only has to be bent to be fixed in place. This might be the focal point on a wall in any room of your choosing.


  • Lighting in Colour

Wide variations in colour temperatures are available for LED lights. You may come up with some gorgeousLED lighting ideas for your home by utilising the colour temperature of your LED fixtures. For instance, the concept becomes powerful when coloured lighting and negative space are combined. Position your coloured decorative LED lights behind a cutout of the desired shape to produce some amazing effects. By varying the relative intensities of these three fundamental colours, You can adjust the blue, red, and green diodes in some colourful LED lights to any colour you like. Remember that you shouldn’t use non-dimmable bulbs with dimmer switches.


  • Silhouettes and Spotlights

Do you want to flaunt your Christmas tree or the brilliant star hanging from your balcony? All you need are a few spotlights or recessed lights. Depending on where they are situated, their soft, diffused light can produce fascinating silhouettes and shadows. You may create a warm and cosy atmosphere at home with some red and green LED lights by using them sparingly and simply illuminating your house’s corners. Consider placing a LED neon tube lamp at the edge of your mantle to bring warmth to your interiors or a large concentration of yellow spotlight LED lighting in one corner of your living room.


Festive lighting during the holidays complements decorative lighting on a balcony or patio during the summer. There’s a wide variety of colours and designs to pick from, so you’re bound to find something that works in your house.

Whether creating a wintry scene in the living room or adorning a bannister with fairy lights, decorations are always welcome. Our Online store is filled to the brim with modern, energy-efficient LED lighting options that will look great in your house should you switch from your current lighting setup.

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LED Neon Tube Sign Decor Styles

@Echo Neon | October 7th, 2022 | 10 minutes read

LED Neon Tube lights are a fantastic lighting trend making the rounds on YouTube and social media. Whether you’re looking for your favorite quote as a neon sign or a simple design to match your decor, there’s an LED neon light for your style. From script to images to neon LED tube lights, there’s no limit to the style options you can find. 


With so many styles out there to choose from, you might have trouble figuring out what kind of neon signs will work for your interior design. To help you figure out what LED neon tube styles work for you, we’ve compiled a list of some styles. Keep reading to see which LED neon styles make the most sense with your decor.


LED Neon tube lights are most famous for their script designs. Whether cursive, blocky, or bubbly fonts, you’re sure to find the right font and quote for your style. 


Pick your favorite song, movie, or literary quote in neon and hang it in your living room or home office. Whether you’re looking for something classy, funny, or romantic, there’s numerous signs and quotes to choose from. 


Perhaps you’re looking for something to celebrate the love between you and your spouse. You could get a sign declaring “Just Married” for newlywed couples, or simply “Better Together” for a simple-but-powerful statement about your relationship.


If you need a sign to fit a smaller segment of wall, you can opt for a one-word sign to match the feeling of your space. For a bright room, you could get a sign declaring the word “Summer,” or “Spontaneous.” With script options, there’s numerous different LED neon signs you can apply to your interior design. 

LED Neon Tube Floor Lamp

If you’re looking for something more paired-down, consider this neon tube floor lamp. This lamp can fit into any decor style from minimalist to industrial to modern and more. This versatile and classy lamp will add interest to any room while literally and figuratively brightening the space. 


You can place this lamp in a corner, against a desk or shelf, or in a windowsill. These spots will add a stylish and eclectic air to your interior design. Neon LED tubes are also easy to move and set up, so you won’t need to hang the tube up in order to enjoy its style. That being said, if you’d like to mount it on your wall, it comes with the equipment necessary to do so.


These neon LED tube lights also come in many colors, so you can match it with virtually any color scheme you need. So no matter what aesthetic you’re reaching for, an LED neon tube floor lamp will fit your needs. 

Image Designs

If you’re not looking for words, consider an image. This artistic expression offers limitless possibilities, from abstract designs to flowers to animals. You can find the perfect design for your interests or decor choices. 


If you want something elegant and minimalist, you can choose a simple abstract design. Alternatively, you could select a paired-down representation of something related to the room you’re in. A simple image of bread, for example, would work great in the kitchen.


To continue the idea of theming, there’s numerous other options for matching your LED neon tube sign to your decor. For example, if you have a lot of furniture with curved edges, consider an image featuring a lot of curved lines. This will help you keep a consistent feel throughout your space. 


Similarly, you can tie your sign’s design into the prints around your room. If your furniture features a lot of geometric designs, choose a similarly geometric design. If your art prints feature numerous birds, then consider getting a neon sign featuring birds. 


If you’d rather choose something based on your favorite things—like favorite flowers, favorite animals, et cetera—then there’s still numerous neon sign styles to choose from. If you enjoy growing and caring for plants, there’s many plant-based designs to choose from. 

Pop Culture Designs

If you’re looking for a way to show off your interests, then look no further than LED neon. Whether you want a sports team’s logo, an image from your favorite video game, or the logo of your favorite brand, there’s an LED neon tube sign for your needs.


This is also a great option for kids and teenagers, if you need ideas for your child’s bedroom or playroom. Gifting them a neon sign centered on their interests is a great way to show them you care, and they’re sure to be impressed with the cool design.


If you don’t want to be so obvious with your interests, you can find a neon sign with a more subtle reference or in-joke from your favorite piece of media. These more subtle references will go a long way to showing off your interests to those who are in the know, while keeping it classy for those who aren’t. 

Custom LED Neon Signs

If you’re looking for something very specific, and are willing to go the extra mile to get exactly what you want, customization is a fantastic option. Customization is also surprisingly affordable whether you want a specific meaningful image, or a particular quote in a particular font.


Customization also ensures your LED neon sign will be totally unique and perfectly match your decor, style, and personality. You also don’t have to worry about finding the right wall space for your sign—since you can customize your sign’s size to fit whatever space necessary. Once you know where you want to hang your neon sign, you can take measurements to ensure it’ll fit the space perfectly.


Figuring out what style of neon LED tube lights you need is the hardest part of the design process. After making a decision, it’s only a matter of finding what you need. Once you’ve decided what sort of LED neon tube sign you’re looking for—whether premade or custom—visit Echo Neon to find the perfect one for you.